Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pleasant and Presentable

Garnier Pure Active Neem

The hall is abuzz with clamour.

“What are you wearing? Choose a nice outfit. You have to look pretty.” Rhea notices Ritika, the mentor, shouting at a girl.

“May I have your attention please?” Ritika calls out and the hall instantly turns silent. “Okay. See, this show is of national level. The world is going to see you on the television. You are good singers, alright, but you must look pleasant and presentable. There is a thing called “X-Factor, you know that?” Ritika finishes confidently.

The hall again fills with murmurs. A sliver of dismay crosses Rhea’s face. She touches her face and feels many small, big, pointed, sticky ridges.  Her oily pimpled face. Nothing works. Her expectation sinks.

“How can I look pleasant with this clumsy face? Dusky complexion is not a problem but at least it should be clean and pimple-free. No pimples No marks.” Rhea thinks.

Someone calls her name and breaks the chain of her nervous thoughts. Now it’s her turn to perform. She feels a little low. She wishes Ritika hasn’t mentioned looks. At least not now.

After her performance that went well, she is sitting in a corner, listening to others. Now, it's time to announce the results. The announcer is calling out the names of selected contestants. There are so many good-looking and smart contestants chuckling around. Rhea hoists her bag and gets out of the hall. She is in the corridor when she hears her name. She halts with a jolt. "What about looking pleasant?" She thinks.

The announcer calls her name again. She rushes back to the hall. After the announcement is made; everyone heads towards the exit, talking about their success. Some contestants are  excitedly talking over their mobile phones. Rhea sinks in the reality. Finding herself among the selected contestants when she was not expecting at all makes her emotional. Two fat tears escape her eyes. No one is looking at her. Who would?

"What's wrong?" Someone says and she swirls back. Ritika is standing behind. Rhea dashes off her tears, feeling embarrassed.

"No, nothing."

"Then? Crying is your hobby?" Ritika asks tartly. "You are selected I guess?"

"Yes. Actually, I wasn't expecting my name." Rhea says.

"But you performed well. You have a nice voice."

"But you said something about looking pleasant and I..."

"Ah, that's right! Stage presence is really important, but we can't ignore the talent for that. And, you are talented."

Rhea says nothing. "I think you are worried about your pimples. They are..."

"Yes. Nothing works. Dunno what to do. I even got a series of facial done..."

"Facial? At this age?" Ritika frowns. "Okay, you don't worry about your pimples. You just focus on your singing. Leave your pimple worries on Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash.  It works. And, there is no rocket science. I hope you know the amazing benefits of neem. Don't you?" Ritiks says, smiling and leaves.

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