Friday, April 3, 2015

Emotional Abuse

"...reading your emails, going through your internet browser history - you describe all this as though it is commonplace, as though it is normal. It isn't, Megan. It is not normal to invade someone's privacy to that degree. It's what is often seen as a form of emotional abuse."

This dialogue is from a book "The Girl on The Train" that I'm just about to finish. (It's gripping!). Do you find anything striking in it. I did. It left me thinking. I was introduced to a new term. "Emotional Abuse". Really.

Few years back, I'd seen a telefilm in which a husband asks his son to accompany his mother wherever she goes. When they return, the husband would casually and affectionately ask questions like "Where they'd gone?" or "Whom they'd met?" when the wife was not around. This is bad, and definitely spying and the husband doesn't trust his wife. I thought.

Some people tend to feel that what's wrong if I check? Do you have anything to hide? If not, then why do you feel uncomfortable? Check mine, I don't mind.

What do you think? Is it really a form of emotional abuse? How would you feel if your partner checks your call details and emails (Checking internet browsing history is too much!). Would it make any difference if he/she does it secretly or openly (I mean casually, in front of you)? What if he doesn't mind if you check his calls and mails?

Did you find it striking while reading the book?


  1. It definitely is an emotional abuse, looked another way it is distrust by your partner (in the aspect you've mentioned).
    But yes, i am open to scrutiny since i don't have anything to hide.

  2. Checking the details is emotional abuse or or unfaithfulness.Mutual reading if casually done there is nothing.