Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On Making Choices: My Take on #MyChoice Video

Initially, I thought to let it go but I just couldn’t. The churning thoughts in my mind seemed disturbing. 

I strongly believe that you should do everything you want to do until, until it’s not irresponsible, unethical, and illegal. Like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara! And, everyone has the right to live happily and at peace. You must make a strong choice for your happy, sober and peaceful life. 

But, I think My Choice Video by Deepika Padukone in association with Vogue India is slightly overrated, going overboard. It reflects ‘I-Don’t-Care’ attitude. It may provoke a certain attitude that a person may do something unfair, irresponsible and unjustified and just get away shrugging, saying ‘it’s my choice’. 

It may reflect the thoughts of actresses featured in the video but I don't think it actually represents WOMEN because discipline, responsibility and loyalty are universal concepts. I wonder if the makers actually think likewise (on every single point made in the video) or just being ‘cool’, going on a whim. 

I mean, of course we are free to make our choices but we must make wise and most importantly responsible choices, not just for us but for our dear ones.

Is every single point made in this video valid for men? Like coming home and going out whenever they want to. Or having sex outside a committed relationship? Or not giving a damn what you do, what you wear (Just minding his own business, doing whatever he wants). Not thinking which kind of upbringing their children need. No, Then women would stand up and shout about carelessness, not giving proper time (That I have to do everything alone), betrayal, ignorance… 

Same bunch of people, who are making and supporting each and every point of the video urgently, would talk about thoughtfulness, relationships and parenting and what not.

We can’t apply same theory everywhere.

It is not a race. It’s about you. The one who makes choices. We need to be sensitive, responsible and wise while making choices. 'Just' getting a chance to do ‘anything’, wearing certain kinds clothes, going anywhere, any time; not being responsible enough to tell your parents, partner, or even to your children your whereabouts; and, breach of commitment is not freedom. And it’s definitely not empowerment. Right to choose a desired education and career, fulfilling your dreams, is freedom, and a path to empowerment. Getting or rather extracting an opportunity /space to do something concrete, substantial and positive is empowerment! Compelling, thoughtfully and reasonably, people to believe you and your decisions (and proving your decisions right) is empowerment! You (Both men & women) don't necessarily need to do things mentioned in the video to get empowered.


  1. I haven't watched the video yet. But have read enough to understand that this video was capable enough to divide people into groups. Not men and women, necessarily. Yet it has ensued the virtual war between weakened and empowered ones. And I am tired. I just want people to stop fighting just because some celebrity showed up at semi finals resulting into India's loss or some celebrity made some videos of choosing her choice. Why can't we just grasp the morals and let it go? Wondering....

    1. Yes, it is tiring (But I found the video n it's message, some points actually more annoying). Blaming Anushka Sharma for India's loss was stupid and unreasonable but this is different. Discussions and debates were inevitable. You should see it, I think.

      I thought to let it go, but I just couldn't shut up. It was disturbing to just think and not write. For grasping the morals from the video, I think it is clichéd! :)

  2. Agree with you thoughts Tarang... do read an article on the same video on my blog wen time permits! Cheers. Archana