Monday, July 6, 2015

Rejections & Getting a Chance

A ray, illuminating 
Your zest, you may shine

I have a friend. A very special friend. She says I am her best friend. How sweet! I feel touched when she praises wholeheartedly everything I cook. She is just 12 (And a half) years old! And she is very thoughtful.

The other day I was cooking and as usual she was chatting with me. We were talking about opportunity.

"Everyone should get a chance. It encourages." She said out of a sudden. I paused for a moment, surprised at her wisdom. How insightful!

 Then she said how one of her classmates who was not a very good student, low in confidence improved when she became the monitor of the class.

"Yes, I agree!" I said finally.

It is true that rejection should be taken in a good spirit. In fact, I believe that "Rejection is a tool that sculpts your skill." It makes you concentrate on your mistakes and then you may learn to fix them.

But, yes, there should be a limitation. Sometimes, too many rejections dishearten. You start to doubt your ability. And a long series of rejections makes you feel that your efforts are useless. You lose your zest.

So, yes, everyone should get a chance. Everyone deserves an opportunity. It, as my friend said, encourages. Encourages to perform well. To prove her/himself. And once you get a chance, make sure you don't waste it. Be the best version of you. You cannot be sure about getting another chance.

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  1. A chance is always needed even if its a second one.

  2. Hmm you're right. A small dose of rejection can work wonders keeping one grounded while forcing us to push ourselves that bit more.

  3. Wow.. This is such a sweet and positive post Tarang. And you both are lucky to have each other. Loved reading it..


  4. I love this thoughtful conversation. I think we write because we love it. A rejection just means one person didnt resonate for whatever reason. I have never bothered much with submissions or rejections. For me, it is a great gift that some people visit my blog, read and comment. Sharing our work in this way holds many gifts, is very encouraging, and has done more for my writing than could have happened by any other route. Thanks for making me take this moment to remember again to be grateful for the gift of blogging and sharing our work in a supportive community.

  5. Beautiful wisdom in this post, the poem and the story :) Yes, one must find the ray of light to shine in!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  6. @ GL: You are right. :)

    @ Tulika: True! :)

    @ Geets: Thank you so much Geets! :)

    @ Sherry: Well said about rejection. You thinking is wise and such an attitude makes you happy! :)

    @ Vinay: Thank you so much Vinay! :)

  7. Absolutely...So important to take rejections in your stride and work harder...And not be disheartened..But it's easier said than done I guess...But something to be kept in mind..

  8. A very thought provoking article!

  9. @ Nabanita: Yes. Glad you got my point. Thanks :)

    @ Namrata: Thank you! :)

  10. Wonderful conversation. A friend of mine said... "You never fail, you readjust your measure of success." :-)

  11. Yes when we give people opportunities is showing that we believe that they are capable and able. great post

  12. @ RK Garon: :D. It seems a thought of convenience, but somehow, your friend is right.

    @ Visualize: That's true! Thank you! :)

  13. Loved this thoughtful post! A lot of people could look at life differently and undo their past mistakes if only they took that chance!

  14. @ Esha: You are right. Thanks! :)

    @ Rosemary: Thanks :)

    @ Sumana: Thank you! :)