Sunday, January 31, 2016

Book Review: It Will Always Be You by Megha Rao

Well, romance is one of my favourite genres and that's the main reason I chose this book to read. It Will Always Be You by Megha Rao (Penguin Metro Reads) is a love story of Aditya and...well, Aditya. No, it's not about gay couple. Both female and male protagonists have same names, Aditya! Why? I'm yet to figure it out!

Female Aditya is smart, outspoken and stands up for herself and her little brother. She has been kicked out of her house for no reason (At least there's no plausible explanation) and sent to male Aditya's (Tiger) house to pursue her studies.

Tiger is a rock star and quite likes the female attention he gets. But, guess what (female) Aditya doesn't care at all.

It starts with a quirky, hateful encounter. Aditya & Aditya, gradually calm down, and eventually start feeling for each other. But, there's something that's stopping them to confess their feeling to each other.

What's that? And, what's the destination of this hidden feelings? Want to know the answers? Then, read the book.

Even your favourite genre can't guarantee entertainment. Despite being a romance (from a popular brand) this book did not work for me. Even if it's a fiction, I demand some reason and logic. In this book, many things happen without a reason.

Writing is nice, but for me, it was a little childish. The situations/reasons are not concrete and convincing. Few things are repetitive and have been stretched for longer than necessary. Protagonists are interesting but they could have been portrayed in a better way.

Chapters seems disconnected, which disrupts the flow. And, most disappointing thing is that the writing/situations/characters don't evoke any emotion.

For me, it was not so interesting. But, it may entertain you if you like reading about rock stars, college going young people.

I received this book from the publisher for an unbiased review.


  1. Me neither. I think it's for young souls. I appreciate you doing an honest review.

  2. You're right. Yes, I can't help it (sometimes, feel bad about it knowing how hard it is to write and publish a book). Your appreciation makes me feel good. Thank you, Saru!

  3. I like your honest reviews. The plot itself speaks a lot about the book and rest I can gauge from your review.

    These days I feel many debut authors lack that knack of grabbing a reader's attention while there are many whom I know who write really well and yet are waiting to get published *sigh*

    P.S: Here after a while and loved the new look of the blog :D

  4. A big sigh! Glad you like the new look. I was a little hesitant while changing. Thank you!

  5. I'm reading an honest review after a very long time, apart from my own that is.

    I haven't heard of this book at all, but as I read your review I feel the plot has been in almost every hindi movie of the 90s. Don't you think?

    And a female named Aditya? Wow, what difference did it make to the book anyway?

    Here for the first time and loving it. Will be back soon.


  6. Hello Soumya,

    You're right! About keeping the names same, I'm yet to figure that out.

    Glad you liked my space. Thanks for visiting!