Monday, February 8, 2016

Life carries bigger conflicts than fictions

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Life may come in different forms for different people, but overall, it's a journey. Life, full of winding paths. Paths, that, sometimes, won't give you the liberty to relax. No matter how generous life seems, it won't offer you wings of fortune and convenience, to find your happiness. To chase your target. To follow your dreams. Sometimes, it becomes abrasive, oblivious to your churning emotions that you can't afford a tearful resentment. You need to turn into a warrior to fight your shares of troubles and agonies. You need the sword of power, courage and determination. And, set off, alone, for that vast, uncertain journey, balancing twists and turns. Life carries bigger conflicts than fictions.

The best thing is that, just like fictions, there's always a flicker of hope that this path, unstable may be, might lead you to your destination!

Notes from Life!:

Don't be Afraid: That you won't be able to manage alone. You can solve any problem.Try. There's always a way. You just have to find that out. Sometimes, helplessness help you to find that way!

Never Underestimate Yourself: You are actually stronger than you think. And, difficulties make you stronger.

Patience is the Key: Yes, to tackle any situation, you have to be patient. Some efforts yield late results. So, hang on, and have patience.

Self-Control: Anger, frustration and tendency to give up. You will experience all these when in difficult situation, but perseverance works best when in life turns unfair to you.



  1. Makes complete sense. It is so important to listen carefully and learn from life. Only then can you succeed.

  2. @Susan: Thanks!

    @Soumya: Very well said! And, these are extracted from experience. tried and tested! Thanks for reading, Soumya!

  3. Glad you think so, Tess. Thank you!

  4. When there is a problem,it definitely bears a solution.Only thing 'Try try till you succeed' without losing heart.A useful post.Nice.

  5. Very well said, Rudraprayaga! Thanks!

  6. YEs nevr under estimate yourself.. that is the KEY.. if we work hard and with all our heart nothing is impossible


  7. Problems are part of life. Facing them makes us stronger. Sensible post, Tarang!

  8. @Bikram: Well said! Thanks for reading.

    @Vinitha: True. Thank you!

  9. This post had such a calming effect on me...thank you!

    Life has to be enjoyed, not (only) through materialistic possessions though.

  10. True! Thank you for reading, Alok. Glad you like it.