Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Conversation with Kavita Devgan

Recently, I read "Don't Diet: 50 Habits of Thin People by Kavita Devgan, my first diet and fitness book. I quite liked reading it. It was informative, enlightening and interesting (NOT preachy). You can read my review Here (4 Reasons Don't Diet by Kavita Devgan Will Keep You Motivated for Weight Loss)

It is so good to connect with the author! Here, I am in Conversation with Kavita Devgan. Read on as she answers your diet and fitness queries.

Welcome to my blog. Please tell us something about you.

I am a writer and nutritionist, and weight management and prevention of ill-health is where my interest lies mainly. My columns, my practice and talks and my now my book (hopefully more soon) is how I express my ideas.

What prompted you to write Dont Diet…”?

Well, I was itching to share the practical lessons - of what works and what doesnt for weight loss that I had learnt during my years of practice and compulsive reading and writing about health - with a wider audience, and a book format seemed perfect for it. Thats why!

Your book Dont Diet lists 50 habits of thin people. What are the top/best two habits that will help you stay thin or lose weight?

Difficult to choose as I believe all help, but if I have to then Ill choose then Ill pick one from each section is the book: Mind: Retrain your brain (chapter 6); Food: Moderation works (chapter 12); Lifestyle: Make fitness fun (chapter 41).

Whats the biggest diet mistake people often make in their daily lives?

Skipping breakfast as that puts you on a back foot right from the beginning of the day. Eating breakfast is and should be non negotiable.

What is the biggest challenge of being a diet consultant?

Keeping the motivation level up and interest alive in those who wish to but dont have the patience to see a program through, specially in times of weight loss plateaus, which do happen regularly.

Having a flat tummy is the biggest concern when it comes to weight loss. Your best advice for reducing abdominal fat?

While food is an important aspect to control, but very often I see that that a persons weight is fine but the belly still bulges. In those cases culprit may be stress fat. When we are stressed cortisol (stress hormone), a powerful appetite trigger is released in the body; this leads to excess eating and thus fat deposits that gravitate to one area of the body - the waistline. So for the sake of your waist learn to calm down. It is very important not to have excess weight around your abdomen area as that fat can be most detrimental for health.

Water is elixir of good health. But how much is too much?

Oh yes without enough water you are bound to end up with a diseased, over weight body. let your body guide you about how much water it needs, but if you want a safe, average figure target a minimum of 8 glasses a day, about 2 litres. some people might need more depending on their activity levels, season (hot, humid), body weight etc.

Any myth/myth buster regarding calories?

Id rather we dont get obsessed with calorie counting, instead focus our energy and attention on our nutrient intake. If we eat mindfully, and stick to the basic principal of everything in moderation the calories will just take care of themselves.

Are you planning to write your next book? Would you like to share something about it?

Still toying with a few ideas, writing minus a plan actually these days lets see which idea takes shape first. Will keep you posted.

Its wonderful to have you here, on my blog, Kavita. Thanks, and I wish you all the very best!


  1. Loved the talk :) I have been wanting to go on a healthy diet for long. This interview inspired me. Perhaps, I should pick up that book.

  2. Read this book. will keep you motivated. Thanks for visiting. Best wishes...:)