Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Review: I Am Big So What!? by Shuchi Kalra

It was an instant yes when Finger Print Publishers offered a review copy of I Am Big So What!? by Shuchi Kalra for an honest review. I have read the author's first book Done With Men, which is a novella in e-book format, and enjoyed. I was definitely looking forward to her next, and well, I am not disappointed.

The book asks: "Is it only in India where people don't realize that starting a conversation with "Oh! You've put on weight!" is incredibly rude?"

I am not sure about "Only India" but in India, it's, sadly, true!

This book is about Roli Kapoor, a freelance graphic designer and her struggle with her stubborn obesity. It's about her desire for true love. Her yearning for acceptance. "Why can't people love and respect her the way she is?" is a big question hovering around her.

After a painful break up with Ronit, that came without any explanation, Roli is all set to meet the suitor no. 7 as she decides to go for an arranged marriage (While she secretly wants Ronit back in her life). This suitor no. 7, Kabir, looks familiar. When the reason of this inexplicable familiarity dawns upon Roli, she feels shattered, yet again. From now on, her life is going to change, forever. Why? Who's this Kabir? And, why his presence affects Roli so much? What about Ronit? Will she ever embrace the true love of her life?

To know all these answers, you will have to read this book, and you'll enjoy unfolding these answers.

Although, the book is about an obese girl, it's good that the book promotes healthy lifestyle. It's even better that it doesn't show any magical changes in Roli's weight. It makes it real for the truth is that weight loss is a tough and slow process.

The language is neat as expected but a little modish, which I am not fan of. Maybe, it is intentional, keeping the young generation in mind. The narration is entertaining as ever. But sometimes, I felt that it was more telling than showing. Even though I am not fond of descriptive writing style, I wish it had a little more detailing of emotions and surroundings.

The book is written in first person, and it seems that someone is talking to you, which gives a nice feeling.

Considering the theme, book cover is apt, but I, personally, don't like real models on the novel covers. I would have liked it more if the figure was faceless as a representation of every girl who is battling against weight issues. Also, I didn't like the blurb on the back cover for it doesn't give any idea of the story, or protagonist or even the genre. So, it can be confusing for those readers who follow the blurb before grabbing any book.

The author has sketched the characters skilfully and the best thing is that 'every' character plays a significant role in the story. Roli is adorable. Kabir is likeable. Situations are relatable and convincing. I especially liked the second half of the book for it's gripping, and fast paced. I love those insightful "Buddha Moments" that come twice in Roli's life, and enlighten her.

Overall, it was a nice, enjoyable and entertaining read! If you are looking for a light interesting read, go grab it!

I thank the publisher for a review copy for an honest review.


  1. Although the theme (love/marriage) makes it a little boring, the idea of using an obese/normal woman instead of the ever-beautiful girl looks interesting... As you have mentioned, I also dont like real models in cover... Nice review.. !

  2. @ Locomente: Hey! Character sketch is the biggest strength of this book. Glad you liked the review. Thank you!

  3. Oh yes, I agree. I don't like models, but only silhouettes of the characters on the cover. Nonetheless this sounds interesting and different from the normal rom-coms. Plus I haven't read anything by the author yet. So will surely mark it on Goodreads. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I loved your review. Sounds balanced and makes such valid points. An overweight protagonist is definitely intriguing. I've read the first one too and this seems like decent read. Might pick it up while travelling.

  5. @ Shantala: Yes, protagonist of this book makes the theme different. The author has an interesting writing style.

    @Tulika: Glad you liked the review. It's a nice read. Thanks!