Sunday, July 17, 2016

Book Review: Myself Meena, IAS. BM Day 3

"There are two types of pain in this world: physical pain that merely hurts, and an internal aching pain that changes you totally."

I really liked this opening line of the book, Myself Meena, IAS by Dakshita Das

Myself Meena, IAS is about Meena, a lively carefree girl, living (and trying to fulfill)  his father's aspirations and dreams. Dream of becoming an IAS officer. 

She is confused and unsure, and then comes Venkat as her mentor, later her love interest. 

Would she be able to catch those dreams? What about her own aspirations? What is the destination of her relationship with Venkat?

You need to read this book to know the answers.

The story-line of Myself Meena is linear. It seems a blend of personal thoughts of a confused and frustrated soul, and some incidents, that lack striking elements, rushing in a definite order. I understand her frustration though. What can you expect when your dreams and aspirations are not your own? 

The book surely gets better in the second half. But, I think it could have been presented in a more interesting way.

Writing is good. I quite liked the conversations between Meena and Venkat. Characters of Meena's parents are portrayed well. 

What irked me the most was 'frequent' Hindi dialogues (with English translations in the brackets). I don't understand the purpose. The book cover is not appealing, and somehow irksome. 

For me, it was an average read. It could be interesting or maybe inspiring for IAS aspirants and students. But, if you love fiction with a little bit of drama and twists and turns, this book is not for you.

I got a review copy from Rupa Publications for an honest review.


  1. average.. well good you said that I dont have to buy this one then :)

    I am the worst reader i tell you .. any excuse to not read :)


  2. This book is not for those readers who like drama, romance etc. And, this can be a fair excuse for you :)