Monday, July 18, 2016

Don't let your problems beat you. BM Day 4

© Written by Tarang Sinha

I was thinking about writing something else, but then I saw this image. A thought that I strongly believe in. Not because these words are inspiring but I have personally experienced it!

For non-Hindi readers it says "No problem is that powerful that we tend to believe. Have you ever heard that darkness of night has prevented the Sun from rising?"

I think we are stronger than we think we are. Sometimes, our strength is quiescent. But, it rises like a phoenix when the circumstances demand.

You might feel helpless this moment but when you find no one around you to help, you eventually find a way. Because, there is always a way. You just have to find that out.

We are lazy people. We like it when people help us. We love it when we get our work done by someone else. But, being dependent on someone is the worst thing, I believe. Nothing can beat the feeling of being independent.

But, life is difficult. Sometimes, you need a helping hand. It's a terrible feeling when people who help you in adversity make you feel insignificant. They may show it from their behaviour that they have done something for you (of course, there are some lovely people who help you wholeheartedly). They make you feel that you were incapable of handling your problems alone. People mostly fail to realize that if we have asked for their help it means that we trust them. We find them close enough to ask them a favour. It doesn't mean that we can't manage without them.

You are strong, and can tackle your problems without any help. Try yourself. Don't let your problems beat you. Beat them!

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  1. So good a quote. Seriously, the old saying i remember whenever i feel am amid problem,"Where there's a will, there's a way" and if there is a will, nobody can stop us to find a way out of it. Too good !

  2. putting things in plain manner, life is always difficult. But at times post like this come as respite to it.

    Nicely written.

  3. Life is amagic, let it happen, observe and do best !

  4. @ Shalini: You're right. Thanks! :)

    @ Utpal: Glad you feel so. Thank you!

    @ mpjethwa: True!

  5. inspiring quote and post, Tarang :) something to remember when the storm hits.

  6. Yes, sometimes a single quotation calms your disturbed mind. Thank you,Vinay!

  7. Thanks. I really needed this right now. Seriously.

  8. @ Roshan: Glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading.

  9. So true in many ways. If we ask for someone's help, it means that we trust them. Yes!

  10. You know that I've been in this situation and the opening quote is so much powerful. There were the struggle phase and slowly I am being able to get out of it. I've done what you wrote and it resonates with me... lazy and longing for that help that eludes me.

  11. Great quote and I loved reading, darkness can never prevent the sun from rising :) thanks for inspiring !