Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Book Review: Secretly Yours. BM Day 6

The cover and the blurb of Secretly Yours are so intriguing (plus it has got some wonderful reviews) that I immediately added it to my reading list. When Writers Melon wrote in for a review, there was no reason to think twice.

I have finished reading this book, and I am disappointed. Why? I'll tell you. Let me tell you about the book first.

Secretly Yours by Vikrant Khanna tells the story of Sahil and his completely disarrayed life. His grandma holds him responsible for his parents' death, and Sahil, bearing this agony, doesn't find any charm in life. In his charm-less life, and at seventeen, Sahil does stuff like drinking, smoking, flirting with various girls...Okay, he writes and teaches music too.

Then, comes Anya, a mysterious girl, who likes spending time with Sahil but is unsure about this relationship, while Sahil has already fallen in love with her. When he starts thinking that life is not that bad, a terrible accident leaves him in a coma. When he wakes up he discovers his striking newly developed ability. He can read minds!

What now? What goes in the minds of people around him? Are they hiding anything? You will have to read this book to know the answers.

Okay, sounds interesting? Let me make it more interesting for you.This book also deals with serious issues like Suicide, Rape etc. Seems promising?  It does, for sure! Then, what is the problem?

The problem is the treatment of the subject and the execution of the story. It is painfully slow. The author thinks we readers are not intelligent enough to grasp the gist, so he explains every little thing. 100 odd pages and nothing substantial happens. The events in the books are as disarrayed as Sahil's life. Writing is repetitive and at some points it annoys.

The blurb at the back cover is misleading. Mind-reading, the main theme of my interest has little to do with the story. There are several murders that go on and on without a single thing/clue that may hold your interest. The book fails to focus on any intriguing theme that has been stuffed in the story, and it drags unnecessarily.

It was disappointing to spot some editing glitches in the book that comes from a publishing house like Penguin Random House.

The book cover is very attractive.

Overall, for me it was a big disappointment (Because my expectation was high). You may try this book if you don't have anything to do or any other book to read. Or you may find it interesting if you like reading about schools, friendship, crushes etc.


  1. You can't judge a book by its cover :)

  2. True, and this book puts a stamp on this quotation!

  3. Hmm I had big expectations too.. glad I didn't pick it up..