Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What If...? Blog Marathon Day 5

Those nagging voices
Echo in my mind
Anxiety churns, and screams
What if...?

What if your dreams, just fulfilled, 
Turn out to be an illusion?
What if the hope you have nurtured
Shatters into million pieces?
What if your plans go awry?

What if...?

I shudder and call my inner voice.
What if, it responses, 
Your dreams turn into a beautiful reality?
If not, then, a sense of contentment would prevail.
You have tried, at least...

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P.S: I have been featured on Poets United, a wonderful community for poets. You can read my interview HERE


  1. A very refreshing post !

  2. What if... a question we all struggle with for sure. Beautiful!

  3. Powerful poem that empowers the mind. The What If leads to self doubt that works against our free will!