Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Smoke Is Rising. BM Day 10

Clicked these on my way to Gangotri

I watch the raindrops 
Sinking into the lush velvety grass
Swaying little flowers,
Thick mist that shrouds the mighty mountains

Heavy drops turn drizzles
Gentle breeze carries the whiff of nature
Takes the mist away, and the mighty mountain appears
Tall and powerful
Holding the vast sky
Embracing the twisted path safely in its arm
River flowing along furiously
Mounds of clouds
Breaking away, slowly
Look, the smoke is rising!


  1. I love watching nature play and you ave captured that so well in both your photos and words.

  2. very visual...we hope to go there this October..

  3. @ Old Egg: Glad you feel so. Thank you!

    @ Sumana: Please go. It's a beautiful place! Thanks.

    @ Rosemary: Thank you!

    @ Sanaa: Thanks a lot!

  4. Beautiful poem and photos..........I adore how the misty clouds drape themselves over mountains, lifting and disappearing as the morning progresses.

  5. Wow! Great "stuff" poetically perfect!
    Glad to meet you.

  6. Oh that whiff of nature is so intoxicating! Lovely poem!


  7. How you've taken an artists palette, filled it with words and painted a wonderful picture of nature's spirit. I like the photographs too, nice to see other parts of our world.

  8. I love the idea of the mighty mountain embracing the twisted path safely in its arms....such vivid imagery and so comforting :-)

  9. Luv how you teamed up the strong sturdy with the ethereal. Happy Sunday Tarang

    Much love...

  10. @ Sherry: I love it too :) thanks!

    @ R.K: Same here :) Glad you liked it. Thank you for stopping by.

    @ Donna: Yes, it is! Thanks :)

    @ Jasmin: Thank you! :)

  11. @ Julian: Wow! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! :)

    @ C.C: People travel on those twisted paths. Glad you liked it. Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Gillena: Glad you liked. Thank you! :)