Saturday, January 14, 2017

Book Review: Someone To Love by Ruchita Misra

There are some books that hook you so much that you don't care about social media updates. About your favourite movie that's been airing on the television. For me, Someone To Love was one such book. Gone are the days when I wouldn't budge without finishing the book I enjoyed. But, this a book that you would want to finish in one sitting.

I have read Ruchita Misra before - her debut book, The (In)Eligible Bachelor. I really liked the humour in her writing, but this book is a little serious and intense. Usually, authors get repetitive, but I am so pleased to see the growth in Ms. Misra's writing - both style and content-wise for this is very different from her first book, however, I haven't read her book two or three.

Someone To Love is a beautiful portrayal of love and childhood friendship.

This story is about Atharv and Koyal who are childhood friends and are inseparable. Even adulthood could not change their pure relationship until one fateful day, when something strange happens and their beautiful relationship turns ugly. Atharv, utterly confused, fumes with anger, pretends that he hates her, however, Koyal, short-tempered, does something that destroys her life.

Years later, when they are almost settled, they meet in an unexpected way, and their life gets jolted once again. Are they made for each other and don't even realize that? Or have they lost each other forever? What was the reason that distorted their friendship? You need to read the book, and if you like reading romance, if you like emotional tales, you won't be disappointed.

The book is very cleaverly crafted that makes the story unpredictable. 'Cleaverly' because the story is (vastly) inspired by a movie, but I realized this in the second half. And, even when I realized that,  I didn't lose my interest. The writing style, embellished with beautiful thoughts/quotes, is very interesting. The characterization and character development are skillful! I loved the character of Atharv.

The story has been told in multiple points of view (I am not fan of multiple PoV), but it doesn't make the read confusing. Except for Kimberly's POV, I thought every point of view was significant and added something important to the story.

If I have to point something negative in this book, it would be some editing errors as this book comes from a big brand like Harper Collins India. I didn't like the cover much. Also, I didn't get the epilogue. I thought it could have been done more interestingly.

Still, I would say that it was a lovely, engrossing read. Good writing/style, unpredictability, and the ability to grip - as a reader, these three things are important, and this book has all these ingredients of a good read!

Thank you so much, Writer's Melon for sending the review copy for an honest review.

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