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9 Things I Have learnt As A First-Time Author - Part 1

If you don't know me or visiting my blog for the first time, then I would like to tell you that I published my first book, We Will Meet Again...last year. It's a mature love story of Paridhi and Abhigyan, an eccentric couple in a love-hate relationship. We Will Meet Again is not just about falling in love, it's about believing in love and growing in a beautiful relationship. You may like it if you like relatable characters and convincing situations.

It was a tough and long journey, and a learning experience too. With my book, I have grown. My writing process has changed. My approach is different now.

So, here I am sharing - not preaching - just sharing my learning experience. If you are an aspiring writer, you may find it helpful. If you are a new writer (Like me), please share your learning experiences. And, if you are an experienced writer (And still reading this post), please share your advice - what works best for you.


SHOULD be very careful about your craft.

Being a debut author doesn't mean you can publish anything, and it would be excusable. Since you can self publish (any day), it does not mean you don't need to polish their work.

Think - think deeply how can you make your craft better.

SHOULD NOT take rejections personally and don't let your enthusiasm diminish. It's natural - rejection - for everything we try to do. Editors are not our enemies. If they reject our work, there must be some reason. We need to understand/find that reason, and work, work, work hard.

SHOULD write in a reader friendly voice

Your writing should be good. Clean, crisp and simple, not flowery. AVOID it. It doesn't work. Write in a manner that readers could connect with, and THIS connection is crucial.

SHOULD NOT save your best for later.

As a first-time author, your future (as a writer) is uncertain. Unlock your imagination, and put your best ideas into your first manuscript. Saving your ideas for your next book is not a good idea. New ideas float everywhere. Listen. Watch. Read. Observe. You will find many. Put your ultimate effort in making your first manuscript good. It's true that we, writers, write books, but eventually, a good book gives birth to a good writer.

SHOULD Try to break the cliche and build cliffhangers.

This is a little difficult especially if you are writing a romance (Like me!). I found it difficult, but I know it's not impossible even for romance. Think, think. It's not that difficult.
Conflict/cliffhangers and unpredictability are two important pillars of a good novel. Don't hesitate to experiment. It gives you a new vision. It offers new ideas. Sometimes, you need to write things that you think you shouldn't. Sometimes, your characters should do something you think they shouldn't.

There's no hard and fast rule for writing. Make your own rules. Again, there's no hard and fast rule for chapter length. Just make sure you end your chapters with a cliffhanger.

To be continued...

So, what do you think? What do you like/dislike in a book especially by first-time (Indian) authors? Please share your views.

Good Bye till We Meet Again. :)

9 Things I have Learnt As A First-Time Author - Part 2

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