Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Book Review: A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

A Walk in the Rain…sounds nice. The covers are attractive. The blurb is interesting, and it has got some wonderful reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. So, when Writer's Melon (If You are an avid reader, you must follow this site) announced about the review copy, I signed up immediately. 

A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla (Don't know what to write about the publisher as this book has been published by 3-4 publishing houses) falls under romance/action/adventure genre. It tells the story of...many people, but mainly, it's about Surya aka Sunny, a recluse and Saloni, a prostitute.

Sunny is a forlorn (but not whimpering) boy still living in his unpleasant past, still thinking about his lost love - Sandy; Saloni has a troubled life, and she wants to earn a lot of money by any means. Destiny brings them together for a purpose, and then their lives change the track to start a new adventurous journey. The story involves romance, action, vengeance and too many characters.

The plot indeed seems promising, but for me, good plot doesn't work if it isn't well written and executed or has well developed characters. And, this is my biggest problem with this book.

The prologue (However not necessary for this story) is nice and I liked the title/concluding chapter (again, epilogue seems unnecessary), but the story between the prologue and the concluding chapter is scattered and stretched.

The writing is immature. Narration is weak and execution of the story is uncoordinated. You would seldom find any descriptions of surroundings or character's appearance. Characters just meet and talk. And, if you find any, it's mostly unnecessary. Like in the opening chapter, Surya just watches, and watches the rain. He ignores phone calls, and even his office as he watches how it's raining.

Talking about his office, I didn't get it when he is in the office and when he is in school. The story often goes into the past without any indication. One moment you are in the present, and then suddenly, you reading about the past. I did not like the frequent usage of "F" word in dialogues (sometimes, in every second dialogue). Poems (that have long lines/tough words) seem forced.

There are several editing glitches, proofreading/comma errors, and absurd sentences that ruin the reading experience. 

For example, asking, 'Why is your head so hot?' when someone is angry. Or sentences like ''Why does no one come to school today?' Imran fired at Sunny. 'Today is a school Holiday.''
Or sentences like --- 'Am I walking into a suicide?' Or 'How many more times, would I be indebted to her?' --- seemed a little odd.

If you are a new reader or if you are a young reader (who likes teenage stories), you may like this book. For me, it was a tiring read, and I am disappointed.

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