Monday, June 12, 2017

The Curious Case Of Déjà Vu

Lord Ram refused blatantly to take Sita along when going for his 14 Years exile, but Sita was adamant, especially when she heard that Lakshman was accompanying him.

Out of reflex, she said, 'I go with you in every Ramayan, then why not in this Ramayan?'
She surprised herself. 'Every' Ramayan?

Was that a case of déjà vu, which means 'already seen' or 'been there before'?

Life is a vast cycle of occurrences. And mythically, History does repeat itself. Every moment we are living now has been lived before and it will be lived in future. Exactly the same. And, the cycle goes on. Isn't it spooky? I wonder if this is the reason of déjà vu.

It happens with me a lot. I still remember the first time (probably) I felt it in my childhood. I was sitting on the threshold of a door, my feet crossed in the corridor that stretched along and my eyes were on the sunny courtyard. And right then, my grandmother said something to me. I looked at her and she was smiling. This was the moment! I felt that it has happened before. Obviously, talking to my grandmother and her smile was not new, but that exact setting, our positions and the moment made me feel like that.

Also, while listening to any song, certain tune or lyric creates a sudden imagery, an unknown picture, place or setting in my mind, and then a flood of emotions hit me. Like I have seen that setting before. Like I had been to that place before. Like it is related to my life.

Is this anything psychological, something related to the (dis)functioning of our brain? Or something related to previous/next life?  Does this happen to you? Do you think I am insane?

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  1. Oh I know that feeling. Somedays the situation may be so very ordinary, but that feeling of it having happened before comes in a flash.

  2. Great stuff and congrats on being selected. Greetings!

  3. Lol, you are not insane. I believe it happens to all of us, at different points in our lives. Though I am unsure if it has anything to do with past life. Can never rule anything out though. The universe is one amazing mystery.

  4. I have experienced this phenomenon many times in my life and quite like you, though I do believe in the events of the circle of life repeating themselves, I often attribute it to the power of intuition. No, you aren't insane because I am not and am quite like you :)

  5. It has happened to me a few times as well. That feeling of having been there or experienced it before.

  6. It happens to me at least once a week! In fact, it happened to me today too. It's really a mystery as to why we feel deja vu. Maybe because we have seen a certain situation in a dream, and though we may not remember it while waking up, we still remember it deep inside our brains?

  7. I remember reading a scientific explanation to it. But holding on to the theory 'we have lived this life many times before' is more appealing.

  8. @ Shalet: Thanks. :)

    @ Tulika: Yes, extra-ordinary flashes in ordinary moments. :)

    @ Blogratti: Thank you. :)

    @ Shantala: 'The universe is one amazing mystery.' You are right. Psychological locha hai, shayad. :)

  9. @ The Era: Glad to know that. Thanks for visiting. :)

    @ Rachna: It feels good that everyone experiences this at times.

    @ Mithila: You have a point! Interestingly, I mostly remember my dreams, still remember that I had seen many many years ago. I like to interpret my dreams. Thanks for reading. :)

    @ Purba: Yes, surprising/intriguing things are more appealing. Thanks for visiting. :)