Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bad acting and vulgar presentation of serious issue and relationships


Here I'm talking about "Rakhi ka (so called) Insaaf."  What is this?? Any intellectual person can understand that this program is an absolute drama (like Rakhi's other shows), but what this show is about? Rakhi is quite familiar with this kind of nautanki, but what happened to NDTV (whereas, according to me NDTV India is the most sensible, intellectual and decent news channel.)? Has this channel become idea deficient? Oh! Please maintain your decency.

The show started with the problem of a woman who wanted her son back and concluded by Nikaah of that woman with a married man whom she called her brother earlier. Now, the woman was not interested in her son. 

It was clearly visible that all the people of this show, including the Judge (?????) as well as audience were acting (poorly). People are using abusive languages and some episodes are not worth to be seen with family. One person has even committed suicide after huge insult on national television. Who is Rakhi Sawant to pass such an offensive remark on people? I wonder, this vulgarity still continues. No one in this show is maintaining decorum and dignity including Rakhi Sawant. This is an awful mockery and this show should be banned.

Huh! Please stop this absolute nonsense.

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