Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life at a smile

With the growing woes in life
You may get riled
Life is beautiful,
Try to see the greener side.
Look! Life blooms at a smile.

You may be in bitter conflict
With your kith and kin.
Step forward with open arms,
In relationships you may win.
Look! Life sings at a smile.

You may be heart broken in your love life
Emotions pierced your heart like a knife.
Try to forget the bygones
There’s always a new dawn.
Look! Life shines at a smile.

Submitted to: Sunday Scribblings



jaerose said...

Two great posts this week Tarang - loved the photo that went with this one..Jae :)

Tarang said...

Thanks a lot Jae! I'm glad you liked it.

Lilibeth said...

I love love love this. The poem itself smiles at me and shines! The picture is priceless!

Jingle said...

life shines at a smile..

love your take.

Have A Shining DAY!

Tarang said...

Thank you so much Lilibeth & Jingle!:)

Kim Nelson said...

Life does shine at a smile. Attitude makes such a difference in our lives. here is my shine piece;

Meryl said...

I actually think smiles make us shine. There is NOTHING like a smile!

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