Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Favourite picks

Three must read novels (according to me)

Swami by Sharatchandra (original in Bangla and modified in Hindi by Mannu Bhandari) -

We had a small library in our home and though children were not allowed to read novels yet I managed to read this novel when I was in 7th or 8th std. I don’t remember exactly what I felt then but I reread the novel when I was in college. I immensely liked it. So much that I can read it again. According to me it is a must read novel. A sweet and realistic portrayal of innocent love, marriage, family and relationships.

(I so want to watch the movie “Swami”, adaptation of this novel but couldn’t. Have you seen that?)

Aalam Panah by Rafia Manjurul Ameen :

When I was in school, quite often I heard my classmates talking about a serial called “Farmaan” which was the adaptation of the novel Aalampanah, but don’t know why I never watched that. After few years I got a chance to read the novel and I was completely mesmerized. I think it’s the best love story I’ve ever read. After 1 or 2 years I saw the serial “Farmaan” (repeat telecast on doordarshan) so enthusiastically but regretted immensely.  When you read any story you imagine some pictures of characters in your mind according to your thoughts and I did so while reading the novel but, I couldn’t relate the characters of serial with my imagination.  

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier:

This is the best mystery novel I've ever read. This classic novel is very gripping, thrilling and entertaining. 

So these were my favourites. Which is your favourite novel? I would like to know. May be I’ve missed them.


  1. Hi Tarang, Where can i get the novel ALAMPANAAH from? I am fervently searching for this novel.Please help. I shall ever be indebted to you.

  2. Where can i get the novel ALAMPANAAH from??

    1. please share ur email id..I'm looking for this novel too

  3. Hi Varsha, as you say you’re searching fervently and still haven’t got it, then I’m not sure. Maybe you can try in some good libraries or place an order in a good bookstore of your town. Thanks :)

  4. Thanks Tarang! May be i shall have to try in Delhi or Hyderabad as it is not available either in Kanpur or in Lucknow.Regards

  5. Thanks tarang! may be i shall have to try in Delhi or Hyderabad as the novel is not available in Kanpur and Lucknow. Regards

  6. Hi Tarang,
    I spoke to the biggest distibutor of hindi books in Hyderabad, after my efforts to get the Book in Mumbai failed. The distributor wants to know the name of the publishing house from where ALAMPANAH was published. Would you be kind enough to let me know the name of the publishing house. Regards,

  7. Yeh!I still remember that I didn't want to read swami but you told me to read it. I started reading with no interest and today I can say its one of the most interesting novel I have ever read. Thanks to forcing me to do that however, its your your habit specially with me. Ha ha ha..

  8. @ Nilabh: Ha ha ha...You're welcome! Very good book indeed:)

    @ Varsha: I guess it's Naseem Anhonvi Publications, Lucknow.