Friday, December 24, 2010

True Happiness

                              Image prompt@: Thursday Tales

Tanya entered a book shop to buy some picture and story books for her daughter. She could not suppress her urge to browse through some novels, though she had plenty of them on her bookshelf. Suddenly, her glance drifted towards a diner where a cute looking girl was washing half eaten and dirty utensils. She was wearing a ragged frock. Suddenly, her eyes met hers. Tanya smiled but the girl felt embarrassed and took her eyes off. The shop owner was shouting at her, and she started rubbing the utensils vigorously.  Some utensils looked larger than her. There was something in her eyes that Tanya became emotional. Her heart felt pity for that girl. She paid and departed from there.  As she entered her house, her daughter Rhea was sketching some pictures in her drawing book, sitting on the dinning table. She was wearing her new yellow dress. She chuckled to see her mother.

“Mama, see my drawing is nice na? There is a drawing competition in my school. ” Rhea enthusiastically showed her drawing book.

“Yeah, sweetie. It’s very nice.” Tanya kissed her forehead. “And see what I’ve bought for you?” She handed her books, she bought for her daughter.

“Wow! Thanks mom, you’re the best.” Rhea kissed her mother and got busy in her new colorful books.

The cute face of the girl in the diner flashed in her mind. Some children are not fortunate enough to have this kind of comfort and joy.

"What’s could be the necessity of her parent that they forced their daughter to wash dirty utensils in that diner? This is the age of reading and playing not working as a maid servant. Can child labor be stopped ever? What can she do for that girl?"   Too many thoughts volleyed in Tanya’s mind.            

She collected some old clothes, pictures & rhymes books of Rhea and a packet of cookies and decided to give them to the girl. She imagined the face of that girl, lit with instant happiness to have these things. Tanya’s heart relaxed. True happiness lies in making others happy. Really!


  1. very sweet. an issue i feel strongly about..(but just so every who's reading knows, child labour is already illegal in our country.)

  2. I love it how you ended it!

  3. Wonderful thoughts of helping another, unfortunately these things, like child labour do happen, illegal or not... Love that you are standing up to it by writing and educating others about it.

  4. Tanya truly has a giver's heart. I love the cheerful ending.