Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Breach of promise

Breach of promise
Hurts the
Innocent feelings
Agony brews
Inside a tentative heart
Wiping off
All the memories
Is not easy
The embers of emotion
Are still alight.

Fear of failure Causes
Breach of confidence
Misery creeps
Inside a tentative mind
Accepting defeat
Is dreadful
Ultimate effort
Is the only hope
The embers of trust
Are still alight.

For: 3WW


  1. Enjoyed this... they can stand on their own or flow as one.

  2. the agony of a heart torn between
    trusting and possibly a hidden truth.

  3. the agony of a heart that has become indecisive, perhaps thru. mixed signals or hidden truth.

  4. Well said, and well-written. Hope can certainly be born of earnest effort.

  5. Nicely. It's good to see the embers of trust are still alight!!

  6. that was so awesome...
    i was just trying to find out my favorite line byt then i'll end up posting the whole poem... what an emotional arrangement of words...

  7. I like the metaphor of emotions and trust as embers. Great work on the prompt.