Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Receive the message
From the postcard of mistakes
Don’t fear, learn from them

Making mistakes in life is expected, more or less...small or big. Mistake seems a negative term but we can get some positivity from it by learning from our mistakes. They yield experience. And we learn from our experiences, gained from our mistakes as they teach us and make us more proficient. Actually learning is a progressive process which can be accomplished successfully with the help of mistakes.

If there is no fall how could we learn to rise?  The desire to rise again, after every fall, evokes multiple feelings like determination, courage, hope and confidence. They make us understand the difference of right and wrong. They instill conscience.

Pooja’s husband was on his business tour and there he needed some documents urgently. He told her to scan the papers and send that to his e-mail Id. Pooja was not confident about the procedure of scanning so; he instructed her over the phone. She tried to perform the task, understanding the urgency, but as she was novice in that field she made a mistake and a paper jammed in the scanner.

When Pooja tried to release that paper, she got a torn piece in her hand and rest of the page left trapped in it. Her husband was calling again and again as he was waiting for the mail. She was in great panic. Suddenly power cut occured . It is absurd but she really felt relieved on outage. She immediately called her husband, told him about power cut and headed for the internet café (though before her departure, the electricity had retrieved but that was of no use and she could not muster courage to tell him about the mess she’d created).

 She had all the facilities at home and she was wandering and paying for her work done. She was feeling so stupid. Anyway, the work was done but what about that destroyed paper?

She got back and tried again. She clicked help and got the option where it showed that how to clear paper jams. She succeeded to follow the instructions, and she did it. She was delighted. At least the printer and scanner were safe. But she was still worried about that crushed paper. She kept that carefully.

When her husband returned, she told him everything. Fortunately, that paper was not so important. Now, whenever Pooja scan any document she always remembers that incident. What if that paper was important? But that incident made her learn something new.

Fear of making mistakes can keep you away from learning and growing. So, avoid the fear of failure. You never know your mistakes can lead you to the path of success. And it will definitely teach you something new. It will definitely hone your skill. It will give you confidence and experience. So, try to extract positivity from your mistakes as it can help you never making that mistake again. (But if you make same mistakes again and again then mistake is indeed a negative word for you and you need help L)

My Entry for Poetry Jam
                     Sensational Haiku


  1. We shouldn't be afraid of mistakes...rather we should learn from them...true words, and well conveyed :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing the story about the paper 'jam' at Poetry Jam. I can empathize with Pooja. Especially with her husband waiting as she tried to accomplish what was necessary. That compounds the stress. It is true, however, that this incident caused her to learn a new thing, something she would not have done otherwise! Good lesson in your words.

  3. well put!
    we make them all the time, might as well learn from them!

  4. Wonderful take on prompt 'postcard' ~ very unique ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  5. "Don't fear, learn from them." Excellent and so true.

  6. This happens....very well said. I am not tech savvy and I too panic when I am instructed to do something which I cannot understand.

  7. Love the haiku! So much wisdom in this article too. I've found that some of the greatest lessons I've learned have been from the mistakes I've made. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  8. Lovely haiku and beautiful explanation....We should not only learn from our mistakes, but from others mistakes also :) Great message!

  9. as always, you've delivered a great message....

  10. The haiku said it very well and I liked reading the explanation too. I really felt for Pooja and the scanner incident!!

  11. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them, isn't it.
    Nice story, I'm glad Pooja learned from hers :)

  12. The Write Up Is Very Much Inspirational, Motivational. Liked The Positive Approach of Pooja!

  13. @ Green Speck: Thanks!:)

    @ Mary: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it!:)

    @ Tara Tyler: Yes, you're right! Thanks:)

    @ Carol: Thank you! Namaste:)

    @ Janmorrill: Thanks a lot!:)

  14. @ Janaki: :) We generally hesitate to do something we are not confident about. Glad you liked this post. Thank you!:)

    @ Mary Mansfield: Thank you very much!:)

    @ Karen: Thanks!:)

    @ Valli: Thank you so much!:)

  15. @ Joanne: Thank you!:)

    @ Peggy: Thanks a lot!:)

    @ Daydreamertoo: Yes it is. Glad you liked it. Thank you!:)

    @ Creativity: Thank you so much!:)

  16. I like postcards from different parts of the world, including the mind...

  17. This haiku really makes you think...

  18. Clever story! It's only through mistakes that we really learn--

  19. @ Kendall: Thank you!:)

    @ Katy: :) Thanks!

    @ Jennifer: THanks!:)

    @ Sara: Thank you!:)

  20. This is a good reminder not to get scared off by mistakes but to focus on the lesson. i need this reminder, especially with machines. Thank you.

  21. Great message here about learning from your mistakes. Nice prose and haiku :)

  22. I love your message that every "mistake" is a potential for growth.

  23. @ Victoria: :) Thanks!

    @ Loredana: Thank you very much!:)

    @ Sherry Blue Sky: Thank you!:)

  24. Postcard of mistakes is better than a long letter of them! LOL

  25. Its true. Practice makes man perfect. Keep doing things until you do it perfectly.

  26. @ Sreeja: Thanks!:)

    @ Nilabh: Very well said. Thanks!:)


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