Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can love happen twice?: by Ravinder Singh

Yesterday I finished “Can love happen twice?” It is the much awaited sequel to “I too had a love story”

The story starts with a romantic chat show on Valentine’s Day. Ravin and his three friends (Real life characters of “I too had a love story”) are invited as guests to talk about Ravin’s love story (Prolonged and uninteresting event). Everyone arrives but Ravin is nowhere. His friends inform that Ravin is in mental asylum and then they start to narrate the unpublished second novel of Ravin.

After Khushi's (Ravin’s first girlfriend from the novel “I too had a love story) death, and after writing his first bestselling novel, dedicated to Khushi, Ravin moves to Belgium to cope with his mental trauma. There he meets a girl Simar, who evokes love in his heart. After reading his first book, Simar also starts to feel deeply for him. Finally they are very much in love with each other.

What went wrong in this new relationship? Why Ravin is in mental asylum? This book tells all about this.

This book is a big disappointment for me. Unnecessary detailed description makes it boring. You’ll hardly find any interesting event or dialogue that keep the readers hooked. Some insignificant incidents are too much stretched that you can easily flip some pages without reading. I did so, and unfortunately, it did not affect the flow of story.

Moreover, there is a time-span problem. The author says that “Ravin lands on the metro rail (In Delhi, after returning from Belgium) for the first time which had recently started playing in the city.” In Delhi, Metro Rail had started in 2002-2004. In this book, Ravin is already the author of bestselling novel “I too had a love story” (Which released in 2009, so I guess this story is set in 2010). 



  1. Thanks for this, I had almost bought this book.

  2. I appreciate your book review you know why ~

    Because I read this book sometime in March. But could never bring myself to review it at all. :D

    Maybe after being encouraged by your post, will try my hand again!!

  3. I'm curious to know your views:)

  4. one best. example that sequels spoil the original books too..the first book when i read appeared so real..but now i feel its so fake...i wish i hadnt read the. secd one at all..but now i hv i ll pretend it doesnt exist

  5. I like the first;Touching story;
    Skipping the second;;
    Thanks for the review:)

  6. i too had a love story is a nice book,,i like to read it