Friday, November 16, 2012

Untruly Yours: by Smita Shetty

Yesterday I finished reading a new chick lit novel “Untruly Yours” by Smita Shetty. It was a free copy received by the author for an unbiased review. Thank you Smita!

“Untruly yours” tells the story of Natasha Iyer, mother of 11 years old son, wife of an over-engrossed doctor and daughter-in-law of a traditional woman, who doesn’t like her. She has everything in her life but feels lonely. She finds no spark in her marriage and expects some romance and excitement.

A call from her sister Tina, prompts her to visit India and meet her best friend Priti, suffering from a bad marriage, after long years. She visits India, against her husband’s wish, with a very handsome colleague Steve. In India, she gets to meet an old friend Veer who tries to woo her. On the other side Steve also expresses his liking towards her.

This emotional journey somehow compels her to make some tough decisions but eventually makes her realize some truths. To know more you’ll have to read the book.

“Untruly Yours” is Smita Shetty’s debut novel. As a first time author she has done an excellent job (regarding her writing skill).

The book has only 146 pages and I think it’s too quick and short for the “proper execution of the story” and eventually the story seems half-baked. Characters are identifiable but I found something missing in the definition and presentation of every character except Maya. I liked the character of Steve but he has nothing much to do with the story.

All the emotional encounters with Veer and Steve seemed abrupt and so was the ending.

Overall, “Untruly Yours” is an easy, nice and fast-paced read that you can finish it in one go. I really liked the humour. The most impressive thing was author’s writing style and I think her readers would like to read her next book for this (Of course tightly packed with a more interesting story). 

You can pick “Untruly Yours” for a light & quick read.


  1. So you recommend this as a Saturday night read?

    Light.. and enjoyable :)

  2. :) Yes, it's a light and quick read:)