Sunday, November 18, 2012


© Written by Tarang Sinha

Tree of thoughts grips mind
Generates ideas and

Tree of misfortune
Traps life often, happiness
Struggles to evolve

Sometimes, even when we don’t do anything wrong, we realize that everything went wrong. We try to do something for good reasons but we get pathetic results. We try to rectify but it gets worse. Sometimes, I wonder why it happens. This is we call rotten luck perhaps. But it feels really…really bad.


  1. Happiness struggles, but can evolve from the pathetic results it's trapped in. Sometimes all happiness needs is a haiku.

  2. Exactly my thoughts Tarang...sometimes despite everything that we do we fall short of getting what we want and end up having nothing !

    As always, lovely Haiku!

  3. Yes, I so understand the feeling. Sometimes, we have to detach, step back and Be the Observer........hoping our best intentions come across. I especially like "happiness struggles to evolve".

  4. So true Tarang.. Love the last line.. 'Happiness STruggles to eveolve'.. it does..

  5. I loved the way you referenced tree as life ... wonderful haiku duo :-)

  6. There can be many trees that take root in our lives, but we always hope for good fruit to grow. Nicely written.

  7. C'est la vie, Tarang ! Hmmmm... First set of haiku in this series that uses the prompt to show trees in a despondent way.

  8. "Tree of thoughts" - fascinating interpretation paint an entire picture of how thoughts grow from seed, root and touch the sky.

  9. @ Libby: :) Thanks for your comment:)

    @ Me: Our thoughts seem to match quite often:) Thank you!:)

    @ Sherry Blue Sky: :) Thank You!:)

    @ Shivani Ahuja: Glad you liked it. Thank You!:)

  10. @ Green Speck: Thank You so much!:)

    @ The Write Girl: Well Said! Thanks a lot!:)

    @ Prema: C'est la vie? What does this mean?

    First set....? Well, Thanks for your comment:)

    @ Judith Westerfield: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this:)

  11. "Trees of misfortune, Traps life often, happiness struggle to evolve" how eloquent, how reflective of feelings that sting so hard

  12. True! It feels very very bad when we give 100% but don't get good results...

    Nice set of haiku Tarang! First one is very thoughtful!

  13. @ Meenakshi Malhotra: Thank you so much!:)

    @ Valli: Thank you! Glad you liked that:)

  14. do good and trust that the results will flow back. some day if not the same :)

  15. :) It's good to be hopeful...Thanks Nimue!:)

  16. Interesting use of duplication. Great poem!