Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book Review: Marriage Material by Sathnam Sanghera

Finished reading "Marriage Material" by Sathnam Sanghera. It is a tale of family, love, inter caste marriage and relationship with neighbours.

Taking inspiration from Arnold Bennett’s classic novel The Old Wives’ Tale, Marriage Material tells the story of three generations of a family through the prism of a Wolverhampton corner shop – itself a microcosm of the South Asian experience in the country: a symbol of independence and integration, but also of darker realities.

The story is about Arjan Banga, who is, somehow, forced to run the Bains Store at Victoria road in Wolverhampton, after the unexpected death of his father, and unfold the history of his aunt Surinder who had eloped many years back. In these jumble and confusion, he finds his relationship with his fiance Freya in a fix.

The book is written in two parallel narratives. One in first person that tells the story of the protagonist Arjan Banga through his point of view and the other is in third person, a story dwelling in the past, describing his family history.

Due to this eccentric point of views, I found the story a bit confusing.

The book is divided in several chapters telling two different and parallel stories. Some portions of the book is undoubtedly engrossing but some chapters are not that interesting. There are too many characters and names that interrupts the flow and makes the narration again confusing.

I really liked the detailing and touch of humour. The language is neat. The 'Surinder' portion, when the story dwells in the past, is interesting. Overall, for me it was an average read that left me with mixed feelings.

I got this copy from the publisher Random House India (Random Reads, official blog of the publisher) for an honest review.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Women and Marriage!

Society expects
Marriage should be her main goal
Not her excellence?

"Now I invite Mrs. Naina Agnihotri on stage to receive the 'Shining Star Award' for her excellence in the field of Social Service and Awareness.' The host announces.

A graceful woman, wearing a beautiful lemon yellow sari approaches the stage with a decent smile on her face. The audience applaud and several cameras flash instantly.

Naina runs an NGO which works for the welfare of unprivileged children and women.

She looks at the audience and joins her hands and then receives that prestigious award. After thank you speech, she says "I'm not Mrs. yet." She gets off the stage, smiling.

She is about to sit on her chair when she hears a woman whisper. "You know, she is 36 and still unmarried!"

Written for: Magpie Tales
                  Haiku Heights
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winter mornings

Crisp wind in winter mornings pricks
And then, slowly
Magnificent golden streaks of sunshine
Emerges, piercing the blanket of mist
Cossets the delicate dewdrops
Dancing on the exquisite petals
In its warm affectionate arms!

Written for: Three Word Wednesday

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti

Finished reading "The Almond Tree" by Michelle Cohen Corasanti. I'm so glad I read this book and for that I would like to thank Mr. Yawar Khan and Finger Print Publishing for giving me this opportunity!

I am an avid reader but I'm very selective about books. I've kept myself restricted to contemporary women/romance fiction, but recently some books made me realize that I should try different genre and The Almond Tree is one of them.

The Almond Tree  is the story of loss, pain, tolerance, perseverance and achievement. It tells the story of Ahmad, a Palestine, and his family. It's about their suffering during Israeli - Palestine clash. It's about his life journey from a seven years old to a sixty two years old. It's about his innocence and understanding. It's about a beautiful bond between a father and a son. It's about the frustration of a suffering brother. It's about love and friendship.

It's about reading a beautifully poignant story!

The Almond Tree is the debut novel of the author and I must congratulate her for the wonderful work! I'm very impressed with the research, for writing this story.

This book has the most heart wrenching start I've ever read! The author has managed to create a very real and poignant imagery through the beautiful and skillful narration. Each detail acts as an eye-opener.The situations and characters are very well defined. The execution of the story is so beautiful that you could feel the pain and find yourself flowing with that.

There are some inspirational one liners that I loved reading.

Overall, The Almond Tree was an amazing read. It's moving. It's interesting. And it's engrossing. I totally agree with The Huffington Post that "This novel will become one of the biggest bestsellers of the decade." And it should be. I'm eagerly waiting for the author's next book.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone who loves to read!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Revolutionaries: A short story for a contest!

When there's rock strong dare
When there's no fear
The life becomes enthusiastic game
And sometimes, that enthusiasm...
A Revolution!

25 June 1975 to 23 March 1977. The period of Emergency that created a great impact on Indian Politics. No matter we witnessed that period or not, we all know about that magnificent movement.

I've tried to write a short story "Revolutionaries" about four fun loving boys, set in this period to participate in a contest conducted by Notion Press. Read this story HERE and please for vote for me if you like it.

Thank you!:)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bright sunshine of joy!

Gleaming tears, just like
Dewdrops, evaporates with
Bright sunshine of joy!

My story "Dilemma" is going to appear in an anthology "Uff Ye Emotions 2" (releasing soon!).

Do you remember any such strong moment of awakening that cleared off your Dilemma? I invite you to share your thoughts HERE!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Whenever we talk about dreams, we tend to think about those dreams we see with our eyes open. Type dreams in the search section of my blog, you'll find so many posts! So, for a change, I thought to talk about the dreams that we see while sleeping.

There are so many dreams floating in my eyes, but I'm an absolute dreamer when I sleep. Let me sleep for 15 minutes and I'll tell you (Mostly) what I saw. I really enjoyed the interpretation of those dreams though I didn't believe in any of them. Also I sometimes see unknown but very clear faces in my dream and I wonder if these people really exist.

Many years back, a girl, whom I had known but I can not call her my friend, came to me and gave me two books (Wuthering Heights and Gunahon Kaa Devta (Very nice book) to read. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at the same time.

Some days back, I saw a dream in which that particular girl  has given me 'two' books!! When I told about my dream to a friend she said "You and your dreams." She sighed.

I thought it could be about a discussion about book with that girl. But it was amazing when this dream came true!

It is said that morning dreams generally come true. I don't believe in this myth but one morning, when I was at my aunt's place, I saw a weird dream. I saw an old woman, who was a far relative (My father's aunt's (Very close to us and we used to live at the same place) aunt), was lying unconscious and a blood soaked bandage was wrapped around her head.

When I woke up, it felt strange as I never interacted with that woman. Just saw her once in a function, sitting quietly in a corner.

When I returned home after two days, I was chatting with my cousin aunt (My father's cousin sister) who was like a friend. Suddenly I noticed something. Her house (adjacent to ours) was unusually silent.

"Where is dadi ma? The house seems quiet." I asked.

"Oh, she has gone to her native place. Nani has died na," she replied.

"Which nani?" I was confused as her nani was already dead.

"Oh maa's aunt. Do you remember her. You might have seen her when you visited there for a function."

I was shocked. "How did she die?" I asked.

"She fell from the terrace." She said.

And I was speechless!!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

People who deserve to be ignored

In a journey, sometimes blissful or troublesome, sometimes peaceful or sometimes challenging, sometimes exciting or just plain, called life, we meet some unselfish, compassionate, helpful and understanding people who touch our hearts and stay in our memories forever even if they are far or detached.

But there are some other people who also stay in our hearts but for other reasons. For their selfish, wicked, masked, arrogant etc. image. Such people don't deserve to be in your life or even memories. I think, you don't have to be rude. Just keeping a decent distance would be enough for your peace.

1. People who show that they are very helpful to you and they are trying their level best. Are they really?
    You can also keep fake friends in this category. Hundred enemies are cipher in front of a fake friend!

2. People, sometimes very close to you, pretend to be your well-wisher and show that they deeply care for you but actually mislead you indirectly. Enough for your shattered peace.

3. People who are too busy for you. Have you ever felt that you are the most easily available person for people but when you need them they are always busy? If someone actually cares for you, will try and manage time for you. Those who are too busy, don't deserve your attention.

4. Those who don't miss a single chance to bring you down, come to that in a sugar coated tone. Some people just can't tolerate to see anyone growing! Maybe due to sense of superiority complex or jealousy. Such people tend to injure your enthusiasm and discourage you. Don't listen to them. Staying away would be a good idea!

5. People who are nosy and tend to extract all the information from your life (And maybe spread to the world!). Dangerous people. Keep them miles away from you.

Be good and kind. It doesn't take much. 

You can't solve anyone's problem? No problem! At least don't create problems for them. That would be a great help!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Breath of fresh air and freedom!!


Beautiful journey
Connects with the thread of life
Instills new fervour

Life needs space to breathe
Breathe a fresh air of freedom
Devoid of worries

When I think about travelling, these thoughts come to my mind. I don't travel much. I'm not good at socializing. I prefer to stay at home.

Gradually, I have grown with this thought that  you should do everything you actually want to do, of course if those things are not illegal and unethical. You have got only one life and you have to fulfill all your wishes and dreams in this life only.

Recently, I saw a movie called "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. I found it reflecting my thought. I think it's one of the most contemporary, beautiful and modern films of Indian Cinema! The characters travel a lot, seeking their personal space, trying to banish their anxiety for some time. They connect. They overcome their inhibitions.They fulfill all their wishes. They teach that living your life to the fullest is the most beautiful things to do. Very very uplifting! Whenever I see this movie (Yes, I watch it every time I catch it running!) it seems like a breath of fresh air and freedom!!

 Sharing with Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 5

I would like to share that Uff Ye Emotions (An Anthology in which I'm one of the contributors) is going to release soon. I invite you to share your thoughts HERE on a very special and unconventional relationship (Other than romantic and close blood relation) that you nurture and cherish in your life. I would love to know your thoughts!

Book-Review: Dear Life by Alice Munro

Alice Munro is a BIG BIG name in the writing world! To get in touch with her you can follow her Facebook Page.

Dear life (I so liked the title!) is a collection of 14  stories with nice themes.

I don't need to say anything about the writing of the author; or about the beauty of  those lovely words but I felt they were a little old-fashioned and dark . Stories are very narrative. I felt that I was hearing a story from someone as they didn't give me any chance to unfold the story myself. And right there they didn't work for me.

Although the pace of the stories is good but I think the execution lacks fluidity. Sometimes, I felt that 'Are they really going anywhere?' Though they have nice and even touching themes, I found the structure of the stories very plain.

If you like reading classic stories, it could be a perfect read for you!

There is a beautiful touch of innocence in the narration and I really liked it! Feelings of the characters are beautifully sketched!!

My favourite stories in the book would be "To Reach Japan", "The Eye" and "Dear Life". (Actually, all the stories written in the first person are nice)

Overall, I would say (It may sound weird to you) it was an average read for me. But I would say that getting a chance to read Alice Munro is a matter of pride and an opportunity itself, and you should not miss the opportunity!

I'm thankful to Random House India! (Visit Random Reads, official blog of RHI) for giving me this opportunity!:)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Magical healer


Chuckle of a child
Those lovely conversations
Music to mom's ears

Sleepless nights torture
Embrace blissful slumber with 
Magical healer

(I strongly believe that Music is a magical healer. It acts as a tranquilizer for a disturbed mind, spinning with problems, pain and worries!) 

I would like to share that Uff Ye Emotions (An Anthology in which I'm one of the contributors) is going to release soon. I invite you to share your thoughts HERE on a very special and unconventional relationship (Other than romantic and close blood relation) that you nurture and cherish in your life. I would love to know your thoughts! Thank you!:)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Love for Books!!


Land of lovely words
Where interesting characters dwell,
Various emotions swirl
Touching your heart
And you find yourself flowing in that wave!!

Book! Ah! I love them (Just like you!) since my childhood, when we children were not allowed to read novel but I did that secretly!

Once, one of my uncles said "Give her an advertisement page and she'll read that too." I did that. I still do that. I read each and every word written on the phial of a medicine! I still love reading comics!

You can't find books everywhere you go but I kept seeking them and somehow found them at the place where I least expected them. People wondered how could I read a book in the light of a lantern, staying aloof.

There are many books that kept me awake till 2-3 am. People say I have a certain glint in my eyes while in a book store!

But there is a thing in me that keeps me wondering that "Am I really a voracious reader?"

The reason is very simple. I can't read ANY book. It's true that I can't do without books but they have to be of my choice
I have known some people who can read anything, any genre. Are they actually avid readers? Not me?

Recently, we had a discussion on Twitter and we reached at a conclusion that "Life is too short to waste on books that you find boring!" And I'm a strict believer of this.

In Hindi, I didn't like reading novels by  Premchand (I like his short stories though) My brother said "Don't tell this to anyone else!" I haven't read Godan Yet though I have tried several times.

I have at least 15 unfinished books. Even some very big names don't interest me. Like I don't like reading Danielle Steel. You may hate me for this, but I don't like reading classic novels. I gave up on Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights (I somehow feeling ashamed to admit this)!! I prefer reading contemporary fiction.

Yesterday I finished reading Dear Life by Alice Munro. Although, I'm glad and proud that I got a chance to read her. I so wanted to finish and like each and every story but I found many of them very plain and dark (Please wipe those innumerable exclamation marks off your face!Will write the review soon)

So, eventually, I'm still hung with a question unanswered "Do you think I'm an avid reader (That I love to call myself proudly) (Please don't say NO!! No, please be honest!:))

Reading  "The Almond Tree" currently (I have got this book for review) and my God! what a heart-wrenching start!!

Talking about books, I would like to share that Uff Ye Emotions (An Anthology in which I'm one of the contributors) is going to release soon. I invite you to share your thoughts HERE on a very special and unconventional relationship (Other than romantic and close blood relation) that you nurture and cherish in your life. I would love to know your thoughts!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

The yummy leftovers!

Sanaya is so busy playing game on her mobile that a yummy wholesome breakfast cannot attract her attention. Sarita, the maid, is making her braids. Mishty, Sarita’s daughter is dusting but her eyes are glued to that plate. It looks yummy. A plate full of sandwich and veg roll. A glass full of juice. A bowl of soup. She hasn’t even tasted them in her life. She shrinks her nose at the mere thought of those tasteless chapattis she is going to have after work.

The bus has arrived and starts blaring. Sanaya takes few bites and takes a sip of juice while Sarita puts a stuffed tiffin box in her bag. Mishty finds herself drooling.

Sanaya runs to catch the bus, leaving those delicacies. Mishty is hopeful for the leftovers.

“Sarita, make aaloo parantha for sahib.” Memsahib says. She she collects the leftovers and dumps then into the bin!

"When you worry about your weight, dislike any food and want to discard it or even discard, please remember, someone, somewhere is starving and struggling to get a single meal. Food is pious. Respect it!" 

Written for: Write Tribe Festival of words day 2
                     Theme Thursday

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jewels of memories


She takes out an old album from the closet. Smiling pictures of dear ones, in the album, are the best companion of her loneliness. They stir the reminiscences of happy days of togetherness. They evoke nostalgia and tears roll down her wrinkled cheeks.

Jewels of memories
Treasured in the safe of heart
Shine in solitude

Written for: Write Tribe Festival of words: Day 1

Monday, December 2, 2013

Colours of Rainbow

Splash the colours of
Rainbow, on canvas of dreams
Design them with hope

Written for: Haiku Heights
                  Poets United

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Image Source Morgue File 

Today is Monday. He gets up early and sits with the heaps of newspapers that he had collected yesterday as kabaadiwaala, to make paper envelopes. He has to deliver them today in the market. People say, there’s a ban on polythene bags.

It’s 9:30 am already. He gets ready and keeps the arranged paper envelops in a cotton bag. Then hoists his school bag on his back and heads for the market, hoping to be on time for his school.

There are some problems in life but he is grateful  at least he has got his right to education.

Written for: Write Tribe

'Uff Ye Emotions' (It's an anthology and I'm one of the contributors!) is going to release soon. You can Pre-Order your copy HERE or HERE or HERE

Monday, November 25, 2013

Book-Review: Ex by Novoneel Chakraborty

Finished reading "Ex" by Novoneel Chakraborty. This is my third book by the author.

Honestly speaking, I didn't find first few pages interesting. But as the story progressed it gripped my interest till the end.

Ex, with a tagline 'A twisted love story' is indeed a twisted love story! The story revolves around Neel, an aspiring author, who meets Nivrita, commissioning editor of a leading publishing house in Jaipur Literary Festival. She says she is Neel's 'Ex' but Neel doesn't remember a single thing about this girl.

Although, Neel is in a very stable relationship with Titiksha, her girlfriend and living-in partner, he finds himself strongly attracted towards Nivrita.

 Nivrita makes a tempting offer to Neel which he can't refuse. In this new journey with this mysterious girl Neel finds himself jumbled in some mysterious situations that gradually unfold some surprising and shocking reality about Nivrita, Titiksha and his own life.

Umm...the overall story is dramatic and many of you may find it unrealistic but the best part of this story is it's excellent execution that makes it a wonderful read. The author has managed to carry the suspense till the end very skillfully that you may want to finish it in just one go.

If I talk about negatives, then apart from few initial pages, that I found a bit dull and confusing, I didn't like the manuscript portion. Leafing through some pages, unfortunately, didn't make much difference. (In my case, it could be the font also. Yes, it disturbs me if the font is not nice. It's in courier font. I think it could have been done in italics). There are 2-3 printing mistakes.

Over all, it's an interesting blend of romance, suspense, murder and mystery. It's an interesting and engrossing read! I highly recommend this book to all the fiction lovers especially those who like reading romance and suspense.

I got this book from Random House India (Random Reads) for an unbiased review!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hurt Emotions

Lying lifelessly
In the pool of blood, they hurt
Many hearts...to bleed

Written for: Haiku Heights
                 Poets United
                     Haiku My Heart

'Uff Ye Emotions' (It's an anthology and I'm one of the contributors!) is going to release soon. You can Pre-Order your copy HERE or HERE or HERE

Be natural...Be immune

I remember, once in my childhood, I saw a mosquito sitting on the mosquito repellent,when it was on. It was weird and funny but then I realized that the mosquito had enough power to resist the effect become immune to that particular product.

Since my childhood, when I had been introduced to the word "Immunity", I had considered myself a person with strong immunity. The reason is simple. I don't fall ill generally. I don't remember myself seriously ill as a child (Touchwood!).

In simple words immunity is having power to fight infections and resist the unfavourable effects of environment.

I think health is happiness and peace resides in good health and for good health, immunity is the key! And we all want our children to be strong and healthy.

I was not fond of green vegetables in my childhood. My mom used to make rolls of cooked palak and stuff in my mouth. With crinkled face, I had to gulp it down. We also used to have Amla and sometimes Chirata soaked water and chyawanprash!. I enjoyed licking full scoop of Chyawanprash, especially in winters. I still remember that red and white pack of Dabur chyawanprash! 

Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic blend of natural ingredients, packed with nutrition. It's good for skin, hair, body growth and memory. It improves immune system and helps fighting against germs and unhygienic surrounding. 

I have seen some girls who hesitate to apply cosmetics or even some natural product on their face as they fear their skin will get rashes. Thankfully, I'm never worried about choosing the right soap or cosmetics. Actually, I don't use them much, as I run to my kitchen for my skin remedies. Kitchen is a wonderful haven of nutrients and natural remedies. However, even if I use any different soap/face wash or cosmetics, my skin accepts them well. Thus, I can say my skin has great immunity!

One of my cousins always suffered from headache or stomachache or nausea or dizziness and he used to keep medicine for every ailment and used to pop them when problem occurred. I try keep your children away from medicines for every minor ailment (Of course you should consult your doctor if any health problem persists longer). Nature is loaded with many vibrant colourful assets having medicinal values. I prefer to go natural. Taking too much medicines for every minor health problem reduces your immunity. Let your body fight for itself.

Nature is the best healer! Being natural can do wonders.

Some people/children tend to get affected by every little things. They don't have immunity to endure environmental changes. They get upset stomach, cold and cough after the minutest changes in their lifestyle. Allow your children to explore. Let them expose themselves to the changing environment/lifestyle/eating habits. Don't stick strictly to regulars only.

In India, obesity in children is a growing problem. Obesity invites several diseases and it has a direct effect on our immune system. Regular workouts or yoga, and brisk walk are some wise ideas to keep yourself fit. But mind it, stay in the limit when you exercise. While disciplined workouts make you fit and boost your immunity, overdoing vigorously can deplete it. Encourage your children for physical activities apart from their famous video game and cartoons.

Actually, immune system is very much related to our eating habits, nutrition and lifestyle. So have a wholesome and balanced  diet that includes lots of veggies, fruits, yogurt etc.  Be strict when your children just want to have fast food and chips. Make a green and natural environment in your home. Make a habit to drink a good amount of water everyday.

Our sleep has a great connection with our mental and physical fitness, so if our sleep is disturbed, it definitely affects the immune system. Make sure you and your family sleep nicely for at least 7-8 hours daily. Try to maintain the harmony of your home and live a stress free life.

Come on India, get a better lifestyle, go natural, stay fit and be IMMUNE!

This is my entry for Indiblogger an Immune India Contest

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar: The Final Stroke!

'15th November' is a very special date in Indian cricket as on this date Sachin Tendulkar played his last inning and on this very date, 24 years back, Sachin made his debut.

When Tendulkar arrived on the ground, to play the last match of his career, and the way the team members of West Indies and umpires greeted him warmly, made me nostalgic and a bit emotional.

That moment took me many years back....

When, one day, my friend told me that "There's a new cricketer 'Sachin Tendulkar' and he is awesome!"

When I saw his photo for the first time.

When, while returning from school, I saw a notebook hanging in a shop. There was a young boy standing in it with a bat and it read 'Sachin Tendulkar'. I went to have a close look, then, inexplicably bought it. It stayed with me for a long time, always, and saw me following, enjoying and cherishing everything about him.

When, like everyone, I fell in love with him!

When, everyone knew I was an ardent fan of Tendulkar.

When I saw him biting his nails and felt good that we both shared this habit and I shouldn't be scolded for that.

When I pasted a large poster of Tendulkar in my room even though I hate sticking celebrity posters on walls.

When, one fine Sunday, I heard everyone calling me fervently. Clueless and confused, I went to the room where everyone was gathered (Still calling me) in front of the television. A tall man was talking to a lean, meek young boy. The young boy was Sachin Tendulkar and the programme was "Cricket with Mohinder Amarnath".

When with my newly developed interest in cricket, I used to get up @ 3 a.m in the month of February to watch the 1992 cricket world cup and my uncle helped me understand the game.

When I felt nervous when Tendulkar was on strike, and silently prayed for his big score.

Sachin Tendulkar is a passion. He is a feeling. An Era! There is no replacement for Sachin.

Actually, my interest in cricket burgeoned with Sachin Tendulkar and it seems to diminish with his retirement. These days, I don't watch cricket much (Except Sachin's innings. Of course I watched every bit of his last inning!) but it's hard to believe that the master has finally said goodbye to international cricket and his incredible fan following.

But, I don't want to say goodbye to him. I don't want to miss him. I just want to stay in the trance that I got into....many years back!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

When 'our' dreams smiled



My eyes still sting with that pain
When they saw you going...mercilessly
My body still feels the last trembling touch
When mistrust tore us apart
I curse that storm
That swept my happiness away
I waited for you...to come back
You turned and stretched your arms wide
With tender affection
Alas! that was a sweet illusion
Time caressed the wound soothingly
But, embers of emotions
Still breathe in my heart
Yearn to embrace the moments of togetherness
One last time
When 'our' dreams smiled

Written For:  Write Tribe
                             Theme Thursday
                      Poetry Jam

Sharing the timeline poster of Uff Ye Emotions! It's an anthology and I'm one of contributors! Click HERE or HERE to Pre-Order your copy. Would like to know your views. Thank you!:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Book review: Happy Birthday by Meghna Pant

Finished reading "Happy Birthday" by Meghna Pant, one of my favourite authors. Happy Birthday is her second book and is a collection of 13 stories.

Actually, I'm not fond of short story collections but now after reading Happy Birthday (And as my short story is going to be featured in Uff Ye Emotions 2), I think if stories are identifiable and well written, one can enjoy them...really!

In this book, almost every story is poignant and beautifully written. My favourite stories are (Although all the stories are nice) Clip and Cane (Brilliant writing by the author!), Gecko on the Wall and The Gola Master (Touching!) and Hoopsters (Engaging!).

If well written and well executed, a simple story can be interesting. Happy Birthday, Shoulder Blades and The Message are the perfect example for that!

Friends is a poignant story but I found it a bit scattered. For me the ending of The Bailout was unexpected and slightly odd. Rest of the stories are nice. The only negative thing in this book, for me, was Dented and Painted Women. I didn't find it interesting.

The best thing about this book is it's writing style! Neat, Crisp and interestingly natural. You find yourself flowing with it! Happy Birthday is the first short story collection I finished like a novel and liked it a lot! Characters, setting and situations are so natural and identifiable that you feel yourself attached to them.

Overall, for me, it was a delightful read! I strongly recommend it to every fiction lover, irrespective of the genre. And yes, waiting for Meghna Pant's next book.

I received this book from the publisher Random House India (Random Reads) for an honest review.