Monday, January 14, 2013

The Lost Girl: by Sangu Mandanna

Finished reading "The Lost Girl" by Sangu Mandanna. I received this book from the publisher "Random House" (Random Reads, official blog of RHI), for an unbiased review.

The lost girl is a Teen Fantasy Fiction, completely different from my expectation and imagination when I chose this book to read.

Eva is an echo, a creation made by weavers. Her life is not her own. She lives for Amarra, a girl her age whom she is supposed to replace, if she ever dies.

She is not yet prepared even after fifteen years of learning and copying everything about Amarra. But her time has come. Amarra dies in a car accident and now Eva has to leave her guardian and Sean, whom she admires deeply and live with Amarra's family and friends. She has to pretend that SHE is Amarra!

The lost girl is an interesting journey of Eva. Her difficulties and discomfort while treating Amarra's family and friends and Ray, Amarra's boyfriend, like her own. Her emotions towards Sean. And her unexpected battle of survival!

This book is very well written. Language is clean and crisp and the story managed to grip my attention though I'm not very interested in young adult fiction. Some situations are really engaging but I found the end a bit lengthy and I was eager to know the end just by flipping some last pages.

The author has crafted the characters well. I liked the character of Sean. He always managed to generate emotion despite being less expressive. I particularly liked the portion when Eva leaves and Sean comes to see her off and when he calls Eva on her birthday. Overall, for me it was a nice, different and interesting read!


  1. Sounds like a book worth reading :-)

  2. Lovely review... will add this one to my to-be-read list!

  3. Kinda different. I finished 'Coming Out' by Danielle Steel last night and it is going in my 'Worst Book Ever' list. Don't touch it, if you haven't read it before. I wonder how come that book is a bestseller.

  4. @ Valli: Thank you!:)

    @ Green Speck: Yes, it's nice one, especially if you like teen fantasy fiction...:)

    @ Me: Thanks! Would like to know your views:)

    @ Saru: Yes, it's different and I liked the neat writing style.
    Won't read "Coming Out". I'm not fond of Danielle Steel books. But her "Legacy" was really...really nice!:)