Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today I'll Begin...

Today I'll begin
A new chapter of my life
With recharged ardour

With recharged vigor
I dare to take a fresh start
Setbacks left behind

Setbacks left behind
Try hard to haul my courage
Stubborn hope stands firm

Stubborn hope stands firm
Smiling at blissful tale, that
Today I'll begin

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Book-Review: Nazaqat by Harsh Agarwal

Finished reading Nazaqat (Half Baked Beans Publishing House) by Harsh Agarwal (Writing with the pen name Sasha H Singhla. I wonder why?)

Nazaqat is an interesting story of Naazani Singh Shekhawat, a prostitute turned entrepreneur, who files a petition for the complete legalization of prostitution in India. She has been accused of the murder of her dear friend, Biplab.

How she lands in the profession of prostitution and becomes Naez to Nazaqat? Has she really murdered her own friend? If yes, then why? If no, then who is the actual murderer? She hires an upcoming author to narrate her story.

If you want to know the answers, read Nazaqat!

The story line is interesting and different, a nice blend of drama and murder mystery. I liked the basic writing style. Although, narration is beautiful, embellished with really nice and thoughtful and interesting one liners, I couldn't ignore some common grammatical errors (like despite of) and some disturbing writing glitches like 'Stinking Optimism' (In my opinion, Optimism can never stink) or 'Sipped in one go' etc.

If you can ignore this, it can be an engrossing read. The author has portrayed the character of Nazaqat really well. Beautiful narration creates a realistic imagery. The suspense is skillfully maintained though I find the end a bit hasty. The book cover is attractive and the title is intriguing.

Overall, for me it was a nice read!

I thank Mr. Harsh Agarwal for sending me the review copy for an honest review. You can buy the book HERE.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cultural Paradise

The world is full of vibrant colours and they make this world a beautiful place. But what if you're greatly associated with those vibrant colours and beauty yet they fail to add colours to your life?

Artists worship their art and they work hard to master their skill and put their ultimate effort to create a masterpiece. They attain immense satisfaction. People appreciate their work greatly. It indeed feels the artists with happiness and satisfaction. But does the mere appreciation fulfills your life?

I have started painting recently and realized it takes a lot of concentration and imagination and skill. I am a bad painter still simple words of appreciation inspire me. But I paint for my own pleasure and satisfaction because I simply like it you can say it's my hobby.

But what if art is a mode of living for some one?

 Artists of Raghurajpur, a cultural paradise in Puri (Odisha), earn their living from their art. They work hard day & night. Strain their eyes for minute work to create a beautiful peace of Art. They get appreciation and money too. But they deserve much more than they receive. They hide a dark story behind the beauty of their art.

There is always a mediator between them and their customers.  The customers who know the value of Art and are ready to give decent amount of money. But the artists feel cheated and defeated when a large portion of that handsome amount goes to the pocket of mediator.

Art lovers need to know these artists, working hard to add beauty to their life, to satisfy their art palate and should approach them directly so that the artists can earn what they deserve. They need a platform to showcase their work and to get nice opportunities. They indeed deserve recognition and their works must shine!

So Do Right. Some innovative approach would enhance their enthusiasm and would inspire them to make their life better.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Mr. Arwind Kejriwal disappointed me?

Few years back, when I saw a movie Nayak, I found it very dramatic and impractical but on 28th December 2013, when Mr. Arvind Kejriwal took the oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi, it seemed surreal and the movie Nayak reeled in my mind again.

Arwind Kejriwal undoubtedly created a huge impact. Anna Hazaare was indeed the real face of 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement but I think, Arwind Kejriwal arranged and managed that protest so skillfully that it turned into a revolution.

We all know about the Indian Emergency Period 1975-77. Many of us have not witnessed that historical event but I think Jan Lokpal Andolan somehow recreated that effect to some extent. It was a rage for change and I salute the people of India especially Delhi for their energy that made this revolution a huge success! The whole aura said that “Yes, the condition of our country is surely going to change. Yes, that time has finally arrived.”

I’ve really admired Mr. Kejriwal for his thoughts, zeal, determination that reflected a genuine sense of patriotism. 

People started analyzing and judging him as the CM as the expectation was giant. People forgot about the last government and expected magical change from the new CM. Other political parties did not lose any chance to pull him down which was inevitable. I really thought it was too early to judge him and he needed some time to do something substantial. The pace he took for making announcements seemed effectual.
But now, when I/Delhites look back, we surely feel a bit confounded and disappointed. He somehow shattered the expectations and hope of so many people.

I wonder why Mr. Arvind Kejriwal disappointed me. I’ve analyzed that:

He goes overboard while making statements thus losing the credibility of his own words.

He said he won’t join politics ever, he made his own party in 2012. We thought probably it was a right thing to do so we totally ignored the alteration of his words.

He said he’ll ‘never’ give/take support to/of any political party. He made the government with the support of Congress, the most corrupt political party, according to him. Again, we thought it was the right thing to do and he must get a chance to bring some change. We ignored.

He said he won’t take ‘Sarkari Bungalow’ but he took one. We ignored as it was totally justified for a CM of Delhi. But now, even after resigning, he did not vacate it. I felt bad.

He said, he won’t contest LS elections, now he is planning to contest against Mr. Narendra Modi, hoping to create the magic as he did with Ms. Sheila Dixit.

He said he won’t give LS tickets to the sitting MLAs but now, Ms. Rakhi Bidlan gets one.

He went overboard while making promises.

Now, I can’t ignore.

He has the tendency to leave things midway and reflects instability.

I think, his resignation as the CM was very disappointing and irresponsible.

There’s a saying “Busy without Business”. Some people have the tendency to look very busy while they don’t do anything substantial. His 49 days tenure reminds me of that saying.

I don’t think he has done a commendable job as a CM. you may ask ‘what do you expect in just 49 days?’ I would say ‘who asked him to leave things midway and resign?’

It’s not that you have thought or said something and it has to be done right then and there. You have to be patient and should struggle and Mr. kejriwal knows that very well then what was the hurry?


He just want to create uproar and instigates people to participate…always. People were always with him but a serious government doesn’t run by doing “Dharnas”. Being the CM of Delhi, his dharna and protest on Somnath Bharti’s case was again irresponsible and disgraceful. Action is always better than shouting!

He thinks ‘He is always right and everyone else is always wrong.’ His teammate and friend Mr. Kumar once said an idiom that ‘Jua khelna buri baat hain, main kheloon to aur baat hai’ it goes aptly with Mr. Kejriwal.

Moreover, the enthusiasm he shows regarding investigation against other political parties diminishes when it comes to his own party. He decides if they are wrong or right.

He makes false statements to glorify his deeds. 

He always accuses others, sometimes without any proof. Before joining politics, he had many documents as proof against corrupt politicians. Everything took a backseat when he got powers.

He sometimes uses disgraceful language, following the footsteps of many other political leaders.

He said Republic Day Ceremony a VIP tamasha and later found sitting there among the VIPs.

He believes in show off.

His outer appearance! Yes, it matters, especially when you’re at a supreme designation. That irritating muffler. That oversized jacket! Huh! He is an educated, well-known, well-to-do personality. Being an Aam Aadmi doesn’t mean you can’t look presentable and tidy.

His regular takiya-Kalam "Main bahut chhota aadmi hoon. Meri koi aukat nahin hai." is hammering!

I have no interest in politics but I felt that Mr. Kejriwal made the Indian politics interesting. I started to track the ongoing movements of Indian politics during Delhi elections. He seemed different. He exhibited tremendous truthfulness and hope. People of India and Delhi extended tremendous support. He got a golden opportunity to shine and help India shine but I feel he missed that opportunity.

Let’s see what happens in Lok Sabha Elections.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Dream Library!

Being an avid reader, I always dream of a library. In my childhood, I used to search my favorite novels, secretly, as we were not allowed to read novels then, from a mini library at home.

My husband says I have a mystic glint in my eyes whenever I enter a book store or even see loads of (my favourite) books. Really! Although these days online bookstores have changed the scenario, I love to get lost in a grand bookstore, browsing through the huge stacked shelves with ample of uninterrupted time!

Whenever I think of setting up a library, two things come in my mind. First, the design or format of the shelves. I like it to be stylish and modern with a traditional touch!

Second, it should be within my reach, while I'm reading. And I like reading lying cozily, savouring the kiss of lovely nature. So, what kind of library it could be? I wonder.

Recently, I came across a picture and my idea and imagination about a perfect library somehow found a destination. Have a look!

I find it serene and magical! And sometimes, I just want to get lost in this cozy yet bright place and read and write and think or just rest....totally undisturbed!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Book-Review: Sorry You're Not My Type by Sudeep Nagarkar

Finished reading "Sorry You're Not My Type" (Random House India) by Sudeep Nagarkar.

It says: All relationship should come with a precautionary warning 'Handle with care'! I totally agree with this thought!

The story tells about three totally different people who come together for the final audition of Rajhans College Music Band.

Vikrant, a serious dedicated type, who believes that Love happens only once and there's someone, somewhere exclusively for you. Anamika, a jovial lively girl who dares to stand up for her beliefs. And Yuvi, a die hard music lover and so called devoted lover.

This book is about friendship, chasing dreams, love and infatuation.

The author has defined the mood of the characters really well. The story line is nice, but this theme was not very interesting for me. The book cover is very attractive. This is my first book by the author. I found the writing style a little immature especially introduction of the characters. I felt I was reading an essay about that particular character.

I liked the Band name VAYU and lines dedicated to it which goes as,

Jo tumhaari neende udaaye
Kwaab hai sachcha wahi
Jo tumhaari neendon mein aaye
Kwaab wo sachcha nahin

I truly believe this!

Overall, I would say sorry it was not my type! But for youngsters, who like reading 'campus' stories about love and friendship, this book could be a nice interesting read!

I've received this book from the publisher for an honest review. Thanks Random reads!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Go Further To Get Closer!

Riya surveyed herself and approved gleefully. She looked stunning in a wine red gown. Her glowing face made her a shimmering beauty. How’d Varun react to see her? She thought smiled shyly.

Today time was crawling. She waited impatiently for Varun but there was no trace of him. The clock hands rolled by and she waited. And waited. Waited till it struck eleven. She called him but there was no answer. It was so usual of him.

Her zeal sank to the bedrock level. Excitement of celebrating this much awaited special night out together evaporated miserably. She yearned for those beautiful moments of togetherness they enjoyed just three years back. But these days they get no time for each other and Varun didn’t seem to even realize.

With heavy and angry heart she changed to her night gown and tried to muffle the screams of heart in the blaring television.

The doorbell chimed and Riya opened the door for Varun expecting an apologetic bear hug with a promise of love but he cast a briefest smile-less glance and threw his bag on the sofa. He took out a bottle from the fridge swigged the entire bottle.

After a while, Riya heard the sound of shower. Suppressing her anger, she went to the kitchen to make some pasta. When she returned with two colourful plates, Varun was already stuffed on the couch, watching highlights of a cricket match.

“He prefers recorded match than talking to me.” Riya thought irritably. 

She silently kept the plate on the table. He looked at her finally. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’ve had my dinner. You carry on.” He said nonchalantly and got back to the match.

His nonchalance fumed Riya. “So, we can’t have dinner together even at home.” She said sarcastically.

“Oh, please Riya. I had an important meeting.”

“And you very conveniently forgot out personal night out. You didn’t even call me.”

“I was working. I forgot. Big deal!” Varun shouted.

“No need to shout.” Riya tried to keep her voice as controlled as possible. “Even I work. But I always try to make our relationship better. But why don’t you understand it needs some quality time together like before. Do you have any idea how I felt today, waiting for you. Trying to get in touch like a maniac and you were…”

“Oh, stop it! I don’t want to get into an argument.”

“Even I don’t want to argue. I want to talk.”

“Don’t act like a nagging wife. I’m tired.” Varun got up. His face clearly reflected annoyance. “I'm going to Pune tomorrow for an important meeting. So, please understand and don't irritate me.” He headed towards the room and then banged the door behind him.

Of course, she was not his wife. Then what was she? Riya remembered how Varun tried to impress her when they were in London. They met in a common friend’s party and then they started talking over phone and meeting occasionally. After then, nothing could stop them. They didn't realize when love blossomed.

Riya had a nice job there but Varun wanted to return India. He wanted to start his own business and Riya didn’t want to lose the bliss of togetherness, so, they moved to Mumbai. Varun was not ready for marriage yet and Riya was so much in love that she decided to wait and started to live as live-in partners.

Riya didn’t feel like going to the bedroom. She flopped herself on the sofa as the memories reeled in her mind.

She opened her eyes to the brightly lit living room. She didn’t realized when she cried as she felt the dried tears on her face. Varun was gone! Without saying a bye or an apology. No affectionate kisses and words of assurance.....


Varun pressed the doorbell and waited. There was no answer. Generally, Riya answered in one bell. He pushed the button again. No answer. He looked at the watch. It was 11 o’clock. Riya was never this late. He took his keys to open the door. The entire house was plunged in the darkness.

Varun called Riya nervously. No answer. He immediately switched on the light and ran to the bedroom. Then bathroom. There was no trace of her. He tried to connect over the mobile phone but couldn’t. His heart was racing fast and suddenly he started to feel alone. He didn’t like the lifeless aura of the house.

He snuggled on the sofa. He didn’t want the television. He didn’t want the beer. Right now he just wanted Riya. Where was she? Suddenly, he spotted his name written on a folded paper kept on the table. He unfolded it and started to read:

“Going back to London. I think, our relationship needs a break to breathe. Maybe, a little distance can help us to get closer and if it couldn’t then maybe we are not meant to be close. Take Care. Riya.”

Varun got a solid jolt. How could she? It’s true that he stopped caring for Riya of late, thinking she would understand and be with him always as his strength. He spilled all his frustration on her without a post apology. But he is working hard to establish his business so that they could have a better future. Who would understand him if she won’t?

The letter slipped from his hand and he stood stunned.


Riya took the British Airways and waited it to take off, with a slight guilt in her heart. But guilt for what? Varun had been rude to her. he always did that and never apologized or even realized. Why he always think she should understand? She also had some feelings. Why didn’t he understand? But she should have at least talked to him. She should have at least said a goodbye. But it was too late. She was hurt. A voleey of thoughts whirled in her mind.

On the London airport, Annie was waving cheerfully and Steve was just smiling to see her newlywed wife. They reached home in a smooth ride of 30 minutes. The cloudy weather was soothing and serene but Riya's heart was raging with clamour.

Annie kept talking nonstop, sharing many affectionate glances with Steve. Riya felt really happy to know that Annie was pregnant.  They got married last year, after four years of togetherness. Riya couldn’t attend their marriage as Varun was busy as usual. 

Riya kept herself busy in seeing Annie’s wedding picture with a smile and avoided talking about Varun.

Next day, Steve planned an outing but Riya politely refused. Riya didn’t want to interrupt their joy and her loneliness. Surprisingly, Annie didn’t force.

After they left, Riya sat on the rest chair, muddling about Varun and their relationship. The doorbell tinkled, breaking her chain of thoughts. She exhaled an exasperated sigh, thinking why Annie returned so early.

She opened the door, trying to look cheerful. The person standing in front of her took her breath away. She skipped several beats and felt her eyes prick with emotion.

“Varun…” She managed to say anyhow.

He smiled. “How did you know I’m here?” She asked.

“How could you do this to me Riya? How can you go so far without saying a single word?” Varun held her shoulder, clearly looking relieved.

“I’m not your wife…remember?”

“Then be my wife Riya.”

Riya stood speechless, trying to fight back her tears. Varun held her face in his warm hands. “Will you be my life partner…forever? Marry me Riya. This distance made me realize how special and important you are for me.”

Riya’s heart filled with emotions. Varun continued. “I was following my destination, but I forgot you’re walking with me like my strength. I was confident that my hard work and dedication would banish the mist of hurdles but I forgot you’re my sunshine. In the glitter of success I forgot that the beauty of success shines with love and togetherness. I’m sorry.”

Tears refused to stay and Riya started crying. Words failed her and she snuggled in Varun’s warm embrace. It seemed that she finally found her lost treasure.

“Ahem…ahem…” Annie and Steve were standing at the door, smiling broadly. “So, if you guys are done, go out and have fun. We’ve booked a table for two.”

“You knew Varun was coming?” Riya asked Annie with protruded eyes, dashing off her happy tears.

“Of course!” Steve said and extended two tickets by BritishAirways. “Your tickets for tomorrow. Back to India uh?” Steve swished his hand in the air.

“And…” Varun took out an envelop from the pocket of his jacket. “This is our holiday package of Kerala, you so wanted to visit.” He was looking at Riya lovingly.

“Oho, so much planning. What if I refuse to go?” Riya said throwing a naughty smile.

“You can’t.” Annie said holding her hands. “You guys love each other so much that you can go anywhere to get close.”

A cheerful laughter resonated in the air.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book-Review: Unsettled by Neelima Vinod

Finished reading Unsettled, a novella in e-book format, by Neelima Vinod published by Indireads.

The book is about finding and redefining love with a paranormal touch. The story tells about a married couple, Divya and Raghav, whose relationship seems to be unsettled. Divya wants to save her marriage and meets Dr. Ray, a consultant, who asks them to visit a Hundred room haunted and abandoned mansion in quest of mythical 'Scrolls of Love' buried in it to reignite their fading love.

The mansion hides a mystic story about the relationship of Shankara, a poet and Thathri, a seductress. This portion of the story is deep and very well defined.

Actually two interesting stories flow simultaneously in Unsettled. The author has managed a skillful POV (Point of View) or Era warp.

 Being a novella, it was a quick read but sometimes the story fails to maintain the grip and loses the feel of secrecy. The narration is lucid and writing style of the author is indeed beautiful.

Overall, for me it was a quick and nice read!

Thanks Indireads for a review copy for an unbiased review.

Recharge your life with positive attitude and a warm shower!

With the growing afternoon, Smriti's heart fills with sadness. She finds silence serene but when the silence mingles with illness it becomes eerie. She looks at her one-year-old son, who is moaning tiredly in regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, red with fever.

As he slept, she cossets him affectionately. She puts him on the mattress, nestling him in the mound of soft pillows, and heads to the other room, where her elder son Ayush is coughing ferociously. She touches him to find he is still running fever even after several doses of medicines. Beside him, her husband Vinay is sleeping, unwell, tired with two sleepless nights. Claws of sadness and inexplicable loneliness clutch her. Sometimes series of troubles growls making life more difficult. But one thing Smriti has got as a blessing – A very caring and supportive husband…Vinay.

Suddenly, Vinay’s mobile phone blares. Smriti quickly grabs and answers, not wanting to disturb anyone.

“Hello.” She says in a low voice, returning to the other room.

“How’s Ayush now?” Maya, her sister-in-law asks, sounding concerned.

“Um…no…he is still sick. And now chhotu baby has fallen ill.”

“Oh, what the doctor says?”

“Prescribed some medicines and asked to continue.” Smriti said, feeling sad, worried, and tired at the same time. She doesn’t want to think how 'she' is feeling. Sometimes, she feels like vanishing somewhere.

“Okay, you take care. We are coming tomorrow.” Maya says and disconnects the call.

Smriti feels irritated. No, Maya is really nice and supportive and Smriti really liked to spend time with her but she doesn’t want any guests at this point of time. No matter what, you have to be attentive when someone arrives at your home. But then, she thought it would be good to have someone at home.

“Who was that?” Vinay interrupts her worried thoughts.

“Didi. She is coming tomorrow. How’re you feeling?”

“Better. I badly needed some sleep.” Vinay says and touches the sleeping baby gingerly. “I think fever is coming down.”

“Thank God!” Smriti gets up from the bed. “I’ll make you some tea.” Suddenly, a pile of utensil in the sink flashes in her mind. Oh, this maid has a perfect timing. Her headache becomes prominent.

“Oh, thanks! I so need that. But then you have some sleep. Don’t worry; I’ll look after the kids.” Vinay says softly and Smriti’s heart fills with gratitude. Then Vinay shrinks his nose, “What’s this smell?”

Smriti realizes that in this hodge-podge, she didn’t take bath for two days. Proper meals, nursing and caring consumed all her personal time.

“Oh, I’m stinking I guess. I badly need a hot shower.” Smriti says and heads for the bathroom. She switches on the Racold Water Heater and makes some tea meanwhile.

Sometimes, despair shatters the hope but it’s very important to collect it. Smriti thinks, trying to ease herself as she watches the water boil in the saucepan.

The warm shower seems therapeutic. Nice fragrance of soap and shampoo is relaxing. With the rising steam, Smriti finds her spirits rising. She realizes that “life is just like that. It gifts you some joyous moments to enjoy and on the other hand, it tests your courage by some difficult times. You just have to fight.

“Whenever your heart starts to sink into the marsh of despair, it’s very important to pull it hard immediately and recharge it with positive attitude and of course with a relaxing hot shower! There will be a bright tomorrow.”

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Book-Review: Sorting Out Sid by Yashodhara Lal

Finished reading Sorting Out Sid by Yashodhara Lal (Harper Collins India), author of bestselling novel 'Just Married, Please Excuse'. It's my first book by the author but after reading this book, I'm very much interested in reading her first book!

Sorting Out Sid is obviously about Sid (Siddharth Agarwal), an easygoing person and the youngest (36) VP of his company. After 15 years long togetherness with Mandira, who detests his female friends, his marriage is on the rocks and the couple, once deeply in love with each other, seems to have become estranged.

Apart from the growing tension at home, Sid @ Work has to tackle irritating boss and colleagues. His only solace is his best buddy Aditi.

In this mishmash, when Aditi introduces him to a smart, petite single mother Neha, Sid strangely expects some change, peace and happiness in his life.

Is Sid's life really going to change for good?  Who said it'd be easy Sorting Out Sid? Find out in this really interesting book!

After finishing the first chapter, I knew it won't be easy Sorting Out Sid.

The plot of this book is very common and simple but I believe that execution of the story, nice writing style and enjoyable incidents make a book interesting, and the author has very interesting writing style. The narration is very easy going that sometimes I felt I was talking to someone. I loved the humour and wit this book! Normal incident suddenly takes a funny twist and you'll find yourself smiling.

There is no drama. The story flows very lightly and naturally. I really liked the end. I loved the unique pattern of book cover! There are some small parts I found a little slow but overall, for me, it was a light, funny enjoyable read!

You can interact with the author on Twitter and read her interesting blog (Link above)!

This review is a part of Indiblogger Book Review Programme in association with Harper Collins India. I truly thank them for the review copy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Dove With Curls!

Breeze flutters the curls
Healthy, shiny volumes bounce
Enhance charisma!

You might have noticed the heroines of Black & White Hindi movies, playing with their curls. I use to do it often, of course when alone, to give my wavy hair nice curls.

Many years back, one of my aunts got her hair permed. When she came back from the parlour, I laughed to see her, thinking it looked as if any goat had chewed it ferociously. But back then it was something new and stylish.

Though, my hair is not curly, I’m glad that I have natural waves in my hair. I like the nice clusters of curls towards the tip while tying the pony or even braids. Sometimes, girls said “Nice steps!” even when I had a simple U-cut.

I have always preferred to keep my hair short. As a kid, I really enjoyed flaunting my front cuts, throwing them back with a shake. But as I grew up, I somehow became conscious and preferred to keep my hair clipped and tied, even if they were short or wet.

I wonder, why? As I love flowing hairs now, curls covering my face sometimes, like #DovePlay!

I like to play with my hairstyle. Whenever, I have a haircut, after sometime, I want them to grow. I use to make plaits, desperately trying to collect little crops. And when, they grow in few months I want a haircut, sometimes shortest possible. I want to try every haircut.

Oiling is very important for good hairs. Earlier, in my carefree days, I used to oil my hair every time I washed them. I used to urge my sister or aunts to oil and massage till I feel like dozing off. I just love it! But as the years elapsed, and many other responsibilities consumed care and free time, I miss it quite often.

Although, I haven’t used it yet, but Dove Elixir looks and sounds really nice. I ‘actually’ use Dove and I really like the effect.

I love a nice massage, wash & conditioned it, and feel the softness of my wavy hair when it is partially dry.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Don't worry, you'll be fine

When shadows of adversity rear it's head, spreading the darkness of sorrow, most of the people, who have laughed with you in sunny bright days, start keeping away. The feeling inside seems hollow and sometimes pain is so intense that even tears refuse to get involved. Right then, a true friend, who loves you with all your faults and who has shared all your spicy secrets, comes with a smiling face, just like a sunshine piercing the mist in a gloomy morning and says with a caring touch of assurance, "Don't worry, you'll be fine. I'm with you ...always!"

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