Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Review: Mom In The City by Kausalya Saptharishi

Finished reading a lovely book "Mom In The City" by Kausalya Saptharishi (Random House India). The book has been categorized as the first "Mom-Lit" genre. Interesting! Isn't it?

I love reading contemporary women fiction laced with a light breezy romance! Mom in the city deals with a very common yet sensitive theme in a distinctly different way.

"Single Women/Mothers!"

I wonder why people protrude their eyes or raise their eyebrows when they see a single woman/mother, no matter which society we live in. Why do they often start judging them without realizing that such an attitude/approach may force a woman to tolerate an abusive/suffocating marriage.

I've written an article on this subject that has been published in Alive Magazine.

Anyways, Mom In The City revolves around Iravati Krishna, recently divorced single mother and her 2.5 years old adorable son Abhi.

When Iravati enrolls her son in a posh playschool Bumblebees, she realizes that her life is not going to be easy. She meets some well groomed high profile mothers who host grand birthday parties and holidays in exotic places all over the world. Most importantly, they all look so happily married that Ira feels ashamed of her divorced status and finds herself lying about it.

She is still trying to settle in a new place and environment with the gleeful company of her best friend Priya, when Vasu, her old friend and college time crush comes back in the picture. Finding herself in the marsh of her own lies, she asks Vasu to play her 'Fake' husband.

Will the dolled up mothers of Bumblebees ever find out the reality? What's the destination of Ira's and Abhi's blossoming relationship with Vasu? To know these answers, read this interesting read.

I found this book very enjoyable and insightful. I really liked Ira and I loved Abhi! The writing is beautiful, crisp and very descriptive and for the first time I liked a descriptive book. The narration is breezy that creates a real and vibrant imagery. The characters are brilliantly defined. I liked the light touch of humour! I liked the "Six Stages To Making Your Child Eat: Requesting - Pleading - Begging - Coaxing - Threatening - Shouting.

For me, it was a wonderful engrossing read that encloses a great insight. The book cover is very endearing.

I strongly recommend this book to women readers and I think it's a must read for mothers who like to read.
Loved the writing style of the author so, eagerly waiting for her next book!

I truly thank Book Adorers (You can follow them on twitter for interesting book updates) for sending me a review copy for an honest review. I'm glad I read this book!

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