Sunday, April 6, 2014


In a silent darkness of night, when slumber evades me, a tiny dream sprouts in my heart. Awed by that dazzling dream, I glide in the limitless sky of opportunities, with the wings of desires, festooned by zeal, dedication, grit, patience and hope, trying to track a path for me, that may lead me to my shining destination, where success resides majestically.

But I'm oblivious of hurdles.

Something pulls me, resisting my flight. I turn to see some mocking smiles, jeering my zeal. I ignore, as I make my way ahead.

It hurts but I choose to fend it off.

Again, I felt a jerk. Ah, failure and rejections. I flinch. Feel my dedication wobble.
But, 'I won't stop chasing my dreams' I decide.

After a toilsome flight, I’m attacked again. Misfortune glares mercilessly, challenging my patience. Tries hard to circumscribe my determination and hope. I scream in despair, inwardly. A thought of giving up strikes. Failure, rejections, misfortune smile together. Those mocking smiles turns into laughter.

But hope and patience are stubborn enough to be challenged. They rise like a phoenix! Recharge themselves with new zeal and devotion. I just can’t let my dream fade and shatter. All these virtues pay, I’ve heard. I’ll try and wait for my shining destination. It may embrace me in its loving arms and I’ll bask in the glory of success ….someday soon….

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  1. Hi Tarang,
    I appreciate your courage to withstand in hard times. Your thoughts are positive and that's really important to overcome. Be the same as you are :-)

    Many many Congratulations for being published in WE.

    My best wishes.

  2. Well written. Checked out the magazine and subscribed.