Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finding Happiness...

We all want and chase happiness. But what is happiness? I think, happiness is a way of life. A positive way of life!

Some people are always unhappy, annoyed, or frustrated. Staying unhappy all the time doesn't do any good. It won't make you happy.You need to grab the little packets of happiness which life offers and you usually ignore.

I don't watch television much but I can watch "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Wake Up Sid every time I catch them running especially ZNMD. It makes me happy. It transports to a different world. It feels like life! Living your dreams. It fills me with liveliness.

It's a very small thing but makes me happy. So, find happiness and try to be happy! .

You can find happiness in:

Your children and in their innocent smile. In their lovely chatters.

Talking to your dear friend or someone who really cares for you.

In gardening. Watching your plants grow and bloom gives immense joy!

Discovering your hidden talent. Yes, you have it. Find it. Think what you like to do.

Health. Don't wait for others to take care of you. Take care of your health as health is happiness. You can never be happy if not healthy.

Some years back, I found a writer in me and now nothing can stop me. Recently, I dared to paint although I'm bad at this stage. But it very satisfying and somehow like meditation. Created a separate BLOG for my painting. So, you can start a blog and express your feeling without any inhibitions or apprehensions. Or paint, even if you're just a beginner.

Reading. Make a habit of reading. Reading some delightful stories is joyful!

Silence. Spare some time just for yourself. Life needs some space to breathe. Practice yoga. It's serene and satisfying. Or watch sunrise or sunset! Or go for a walk in peaceful hour. Greenery, gentle breeze, twittering birds. Ah! Just you and solitude...sometimes.

Learning. Learning is fun! See what do you want to learn.

Forgiving people for their little mistakes. Do not hold grudges for long. It makes your life stressful.

Doing something nice for your dear ones. Small acts of generosity and, then a smile/words of appreciation makes you feel better.

Life is full of ups and downs. It shows both rain and rainbow. Both tears and smiles. Life has it's own way and sometimes you can't change it. So, try to find happiness in little thing. Don't just choose to pick the shards of woes and misfortune. Sometimes, sadness is inevitable and normal. Try to overcome. If you try, you find tiny beads of happiness sprinkled here and there.

Am I preaching? Maybe. But it's true! Try it. Remember, whimpering never helps.


  1. How true. After all we get this life only once and donot know what happens after death. So, till that time lets take out the best from it:)

  2. Beautifully said and yes am nodding to each one of them esp BLOG <3

    1. :) Yes, writing a blog is the best way to express what you feel, think or imagine. It's so addictive...

  3. Very true Tarang, Happiness is all around us, we just have to start seeing it and feeling it... If at some point it is only sorrow all around us, it only intensifies happiness found soon after.