Sunday, July 19, 2015

He Won't Eat! He Is The Busiest Person Of Your House

Recently, I got a call from my childhood friend (Our friendship is 23 years old).

"He doesn't eat, anything! What should I do? Does your son eat well?" She asked referring to her two-year-old.

"It's a phase. Don't worry, it will pass." I said.

It was funny as just few weeks ago I had called her whining about the same problem.

Toddlers are full of unlimited energy (I wonder where they get it from!). As our child grows up, we start bothering and comparing.

"When he is going to sit? Or when he is going to walk or talk?  X has started when she was just y months old". We often do that. But, the biggest challenge of raising a toddler is to tackle his/her finicky eating habits. Isn't it?

I shared my worries with my paediatrician (Sir Ganga Ram Hospital), he smiled and said, "He won't eat. You know, now he is the busiest person of your house. You may sit doing nothing but he is always busy."

I think, the most important mantra for positive parenting is PATIENCE! Same goes with feeding your toddler.

Based on my personal experience, here I am sharing...
5 reasons your toddler is not eating:


He/She is exploring the new world: As your child grows up, he starts discovering new activities. Several things around him interest him immensely that he won't care about food. But, you know that your little bundle of energy needs nutrition. So, you need to have patience and wait. Let him play, and try after few minutes. He will eat.

He is not hungry: When your child grows up a little, he develops a habit of eating from every plate or everything we munch. These mid-meal snacks make him full. Or sometimes as a mother we bother too much about our child's meals. For a mother, her child is always hungry but he is not. So, relax, and try after sometime.

He is thirsty: Sometimes, toddlers eat well and suddenly refuse to eat. Maybe, he is thirsty. It happens when I feed my son (G). Give him some water to drink. He will eat merrily after that.

You have introduced new foods: When I fed my son banana smoothie for the first time, he simply puked. He refused to eat straight away when I introduced apple puree (I used to grate the apple to make puree. Boiling it is not a good idea).

I consulted my paediatrician, and said "'G' doesn't like banana smoothie and apple."

"Don't say he doesn't like it before you have tried enough. Try and feed him the same food ten times. If he refuses to eat after ten efforts, then you can say that he doesn't like it."

My paediatrician was right. I tried and my son started to like them.

Your food or feeding style is boring: This is the most important point. Toddlers love newness, uniqueness and innovation.

Sometimes you need to break rules to make things interesting. Keep changing the food items. Introduce new and interesting meals in an interesting way. Give your food some interesting shapes. Involve your little ones in meal preparation.

This is a quick and simple preparation that I made today. You can, of course do a lot!

Creativity is not limited to writing and art, you see. Raising a happy child is an art.

Sometimes, introducing new foods works fine. There was a time when my son won't eat the regular meals so I thought to try something new. I made Atta (Wheat flour) - Halwa (I make it in pure ghee and added some grated almonds). He loved it!

Sometimes, regular feeds become boring to him. Repeat the meal after a week or so. He/she will like eat again.

Do not force if he doesn't want to eat. Don't bribe (If you do ever, keep your promise. Never break his trust!).. Add some fun. Enact, engage, even make funny faces, sing...oh, toddler make us do funny things!

Avoid running after him. When 'G' refuses to eat everything I try to feed him, and runs all around, I make him sit on his high chair and let him eat by himself. As expected, he creates mess. But it is okay because he finishes his meal! It's a learning experience for him.

Let your child enjoy his/her meal. You can clean up later.

'Toddlers don't like milk!' It's very common. But you are smarter, aren't you? Nutritionists say that it is not advisable to sit with a glass of milk every time you think your child is hungry. It is boring also. Break the milk intake into different varieties. Give him yogurt, fruit yogurt, cheese or paneer. 

You must ensure that your toddler enjoy your company, and your ideas.  Spend quality time with him/her. Be a buddy. Playful interaction can do wonders for children. It can be wonderful learning experience too.

Leaving you with a wonderful poem: (Author unknown)
I tried to teach my child with books
He gave me only puzzled looks
I tried to teach my child with words
They passed him by, often unheard
Despairingly, I turned aside,
“How shall I teach this child?” I cried.
Into my hand, he put the key
“Come,” he said, “Play with me!”

Just like this Kelloggs Ad. I really like it!

This is my entry for Kellog's Chocos Ke Saath Khuljai Bachpan contest. Conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by Kellogg's India.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Review: Mistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora

Bhaavna Arora's debut novel "Deliberate Sinner" was a national bestseller. I heard a lot about it but couldn't read that. When I received a mail from Book Adorers regarding book review of Mistress of Honour, I thought to give it a shot.

Mistress of Honour (Penguin Books India) is different in it's own way. This book is basically about wars and the peacekeepers of our Nation (Interestingly, I am watching Border when I write this). The book is embellished with two love stories set in different era.

Potnis, a devoted captain in the Indian Army, falls deeply in love with Pansy, a beautiful strong woman as he meets her during Operation Blue Star. They create their own world, filled with love and longing. Years later, their lovely daughter Rihana finds love in Advik, a charmer, from a broken family, and an Indian Air Force Pilot. Their love has some complications that changes their lives completely.

The story talks about love. Love for your Country. Love for your family. Love for someone very special. And a special love for friends.

The book is inspired from real life-stories and seems very well-researched. Characters are defined very well. I liked the character of Shamsher Singh who brings smile quite often. It feels good to see two strong female characters although Indian Armed Forces, the real protagonist of the book, overpowers.

Writing is good. Clean and crisp. I really liked a few quotes like: "Being too early or too late for something means there is a chance you may never get what you want. You need to wait for the right moment."

Or : "The more you say, the more likely you are to say something wrong."

The only thing bothered me that most of the time it seems that the story is being told by the author rather than unveiling the incidents itself.

The book makes you feel proud of Indian Defence System. The end is poignant. I generally don't like prologue and Epilogue much but they are very well written, and I liked it. Overall, for me, it was a nice read! I think it would make a wonderful read for those who love war-stories, and love stories.

Although the story is intense it makes a quick read!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Rejections & Getting a Chance

A ray, illuminating 
Your zest, you may shine

I have a friend. A very special friend. She says I am her best friend. How sweet! I feel touched when she praises wholeheartedly everything I cook. She is just 12 (And a half) years old! And she is very thoughtful.

The other day I was cooking and as usual she was chatting with me. We were talking about opportunity.

"Everyone should get a chance. It encourages." She said out of a sudden. I paused for a moment, surprised at her wisdom. How insightful!

 Then she said how one of her classmates who was not a very good student, low in confidence improved when she became the monitor of the class.

"Yes, I agree!" I said finally.

It is true that rejection should be taken in a good spirit. In fact, I believe that "Rejection is a tool that sculpts your skill." It makes you concentrate on your mistakes and then you may learn to fix them.

But, yes, there should be a limitation. Sometimes, too many rejections dishearten. You start to doubt your ability. And a long series of rejections makes you feel that your efforts are useless. You lose your zest.

So, yes, everyone should get a chance. Everyone deserves an opportunity. It, as my friend said, encourages. Encourages to perform well. To prove her/himself. And once you get a chance, make sure you don't waste it. Be the best version of you. You cannot be sure about getting another chance.

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