Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sita: The Pinak Warrior part 2. Blog Marathon Day 17

The bow had shifted a little from its original place. I had actually managed to budge The Pinak. But, how? How was that possible? I was exhilarated as if I had got some elixir. I started to try lifting the bow again but nothing happened. Now, it was impossible to give up. No way! There must be some secret. Most likely I needed to put my effort at some specific point. But, where?

I was moving my hands over it fervently, scrutinizing that wonder. Observing maniacally, my eyes not leaving Pinak even for a blink. Eureka! My eyes glinted with thrill. The recurve of the lower metallic limb was gleaming inexplicably. I lifted my hands slowly and put my hands on the recurve. After few deep breaths and unfettered heartbeats, I pulled the bow with my utmost strength. It retrieved its former position with a rasping sound. God! That was magical!

Now, I religiously visited the basement every day, as if to carry out a clandestine mission, and tried lifting Pinak. I had managed to budge that colossal creation, but lifting that was still a dream. It was certain that there was a specific way to lift it. That shining recurve at the rear end of the bow. It had to do something with this. 

Days had passed and I was yet to taste the glorious success. If you are determined to not give up, you are destined to be successful. I truly believed in that. One brilliant afternoon, my endeavors shone. I gripped the metallic gleaming portion and gave Pinak a jerk before trying to lift it. Whoa! the bow which belonged to none other than Lord Shiva was in my hand! Oh, the power I experienced! I felt sovereign.

‘Sita!’ the basement echoed my name and Pinak slipped from my hand. I turned to follow the source of the voice, and saw my father standing behind me. His expression was strange. He was panting out of disbelief. Rather horrified. His shocked eyes traveled from me to Pinak and then again to me. He approached me with hasty steps, grabbed my hand, and took me out of the basement. His grip was shaking. I thought he would be proud of me. After all, I had done something no warrior had ever managed to do.  But, he was not. I was disappointed. 

The basement remained abandoned from that day. Even for me. My father didn't bring Pinak in our conversations ever. I buried the secret of Pinak in my heart, perhaps forever. I thought I would never see Pinak. Little did I know!


Thanks to Nilabh Verma (author of Swayamvar) for his inputs.

This is the end of this story (Not end actually. It's probably the beginning), and this Blog Marathon, which I enjoyed. I have managed to write every single day, and it has filled me with a sense of satisfaction. Thank you Blog Chatter. Thank you my readers/fellow bloggers who read and commented on my posts. I hope you liked reading them. I liked reading your posts. Sometimes, I commented, sometimes I could not, but I liked reading them. 


  1. Nice one and congratulation for your book release. Best of Luck and keep writing

  2. Wonderful story to finish the Half marathon campaign. Thanks for sharing these wonderful posts with us! Keep writing! :)

  3. Glad you liked them, Saumy. Thanks for reading. ☺

  4. You focussed on a small part of the Ramayana and made it into a nice post.Requires skill to elaborate it with such imagination.Good job!