Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sita: The Pinak Warrior Part 1. Blog Marathon Day 16

One fine afternoon, we went out for a walk. My father and I. This was unlike our regular post-dinner walks when I learnt significant life lessons from my father. I was a little girl, maybe eight or nine. We were walking through long and wide corridors that led to the extreme corner of our palace. Excitement washed over me as I got the idea where were we going. 

We entered the large basement, a place restricted for others. That day I saw Pinak for the first time. I couldn’t take my eyes off that! It was a gigantic, magnificent bow, resting on an elevated surface.

“You know Bhoomi, this is Lord Shiva’s bow,” my father said, touching it softly. “No warrior has ever managed to budge this marvel, let alone bridging the bowstring,” father said in a tone that was an amalgam of grace, pride and awe.

“Really? No one?” I asked innocently, still awestruck.

“Unhuh,” he said. Then, he looked at me and smiled. “And, whoever does that ever, I would marry off my Bhoomi to that extraordinary warrior.” His smile widened. 

This was enough to make me happy. Nobody would ever budge this bow, and I’d stay in the loving embrace of my father all my life. I smiled at this childish thought. Little did I know!

From that very day, spending time with Pinak had become a ritual for me. My solitude had become my comfort. I would analyze it every day, and everyday a new mystery would unfold. That bow was exceptional. None other than Lord Brahma could create this masterpiece. I was sure of it. When I touched it for the first time, I was terrified of its rigidity. However, the appeal it exhibited was so strong that it made me immensely inquisitive.

“Pinak” was ancient, and it looked grubby. It was unbearable for my little heart to see Pinak in such a condition. I decided to clean it.

The next day, I went to the basement, with a mulberry cloth. My tiny hands were moving gingerly over the bow when I noticed a peculiarity in the bow nock and the limbs. In a casual glance, it looked perfectly normal, but, there was something unusual about it.

This piqued my curiosity. I analyzed it closely. The upper limb was perfectly normal, made of extremely rigid wood. But, the lower limb was different. There was a metallic glint in the material. Moreover, the length and angle of both the limbs did not seem same. The difference was odd. Strange! The measurement of a perfect bow should be accurate. It had to be, to keep a bow balanced.

While observing the uniqueness of the bow, a quirky thought struck me. I knew it was stupid but that day I decided to give it a try. I tried to lift it from every possible angle, putting my ultimate strength. The result was fruitless as expected. Then, I thought to lift it from the rear end. It was foolish and funny. Nobody does that. Lifting the bow from its rear end. But, who was there to witness my stupidity? I tried but all in vain.

It was annoying. Out of irritation, I stomped out off the place. My feet tangled up in my long skirt. I tried to balance but couldn’t stop myself from falling…on the bow. I was not hurt but confused as the basement resonated with a rasping sound. I turned and my eyes protruded in utter surprise. Jaw dropped in shock!

To be continued...

Sita: The Pinak Warrior Part 2

Thanks to Nilabh Verma (author of Swayamvar) for his inputs.

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  1. An interesting take!

    I would wait for the next part of this story.

    I hope you have done your proper research on this topic.

    When is your book being launched? Please do keep me posted. I will read that.

  2. Glad you find it interesting. It's a fictional take on a widely known fact of Ramayana.

    My book is releasing tomorrow. Good to know that you want to read that. I hope you like it. Would like to know your views on my book. Thank you so much!

  3. I surely shall feel honoured to share my opinions with you after my read. I tried pre ordering just now but they are not offering COD in the payment menu.

    I did got the idea of Fiction in this write of yours. Had it have been till Sita, I wouldn't have suggested about research but as soon as I noticed "Pinaka", I did.

    When you will delve into Pinaka, you would come to know that it in itself is more than an Epic.

    Limitation is that the details your could only find in ancient text and one would need to be well versed with sanskrit :)

    May I request your read of my short story (The New Dawn) on my blog (All parts, though it consists only 2556 words) and your review.

  4. Have you confirmed your pin code? Pustak Mandi does have COD.

    I understand what you said about Pinak. Mine is a short write up. I hope you don't find anything odd in the next part :)

    I will try to read all the parts of your story :)

  5. Yes! I have confirmed my Pin Code and I have raised concerns with them too.

    I am sure I won't be disappointed. You have a nice story telling skills. :)

    Thanks in advance for your coming up reads:) and hope it doesn't becomes mundane to you :D

  6. Made an interesting read!Waiting for the next one

  7. Glad you like it, Subha. Thanks!

  8. Glad you like it, Subha. Thanks!