Thursday, January 27, 2011

Driving Force

I was an avid reader since my childhood,
Tried to write poems and…
…wondered if I could.
As I grew older,
My love for books grew deeper.
Writing styles of various author…
…fascinated me.
Those were them…
…I desperately wanted to be.
I wanted to read creative writing…
… To polish my writing skill,
I was sure I can and, I will.

Papa opposed my desire
But “You” read all my creations…
…and truly admired.
One fine day, you advised me…
… to send them to some magazine,
One of them got published,
which was my dream.
I got delighted…
… and your eyes gleamed.
Papa showed indignation,
As my friends busied themselves…
… In engineering preparation.
He could not comprehend my feelings,
Whereas I needed his blessings.

Unwillingly, I killed my…
… Urge of reading &writing.
But, I descended in my studies.

“Have you written any new story?”
You asked one day.
“No” I said gloomily.
“Why?” You were surprised.
“Few of my stories got rejected
Writing is not my future I surmise.”
You scented out the grim
You knew…
… Becoming a writer was my dream.

“Don’t get distracted and never give up
Follow your target and…
…the success will definitely turn up.
Rejection will make you proficient,
Someday soon, you’ll do something radiant.
I could see the spark in your creations,
You’re not progressing in the wrong direction.”

Your encouraging words rejuvenated me.
Now I could see my destination clearly.
Your trust for me was eternal,
For my passion, it was ample.
You made papa understand that…
…future of a writer is not bleak.
And my talent was unique.
Today I woke up to know that...
…my debut novel is a huge success.
I’m feeling like blessed.
This is only because of you.
You always supported and…
… believed in me.
You’re my driving force indeed…
…and you always will be.

Written for sunday scribblings

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tranquility scooches and, conniption
…finds a way in the mind.
Distinction between right and wrong…
…Becomes intricate to find.
 The conscience turns janky
And it may obliterate…
…the Amity, Ability and opportunity.

Try controlling your anger.
Kill the hatred...
... and develop harmony.
Spread peace and love everywhere,
The whole world will be…
…basking in the glory.

Prompt @: 3WW

Happy Republic Day.

देश एवं देशवासियों को गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.
शहीदों को शत शत नमन.

A grand salute to the National Heroes who risk their life for the security of our country. Be proud to be an Indian and May our Nation flourish day by day.

Happy Republic Day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Life seemed marooned
No love and care for her.
Loneliness crept in her life,
And lost its color.

Breaking the rules of the wedlock,
She dared to walk on the path of betrayal.
Her heart drawn inexplicably…
…towards a stranger,
This novel feeling was giving her jitters.

Unlike her hubby,
He showed a great affection and heed.
A friend, and companion,
She positively need.

He entered in her life,
Like a dream.
Scourge of solitude…
Transformed into gleam.

 Laughter echoed,
And bliss shrouded like golden rays.
Night became dreamy and…
…charming are the days.

… she wondered,
What will she get from this emotion?
She was walking on an endless path,
Which might’ve no destination.

Prompt@: Magpie Tales
                    Jingle poetry
                   One Single Impression


Try, try and try
Never give up.
Your endeavor will bloom like a boon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Cherished

The sound of phone caught Naina at the middle of her dream. She lifted her phone from the side table and looked at it with great difficulty in opening her eyes. An unknown number was flashing on the screen.  It was raining heavily outside. Howling, literally. She wondered who could be remembering her at this wee hour.

“Hello” She said groggily.

“Naina” The connection was not good. Some cluttering and hissing sound was disturbing the line.

“Naina, it’s Aryan.”

Her heart kicked into double time and her lethargy gone astray.

“Hello Naina, can you hear me?”


“Yeah, how’re you?”

“Good. And you?”

“It’s good to hear you again after such a long time.” Aryan avoided her question. “Are you coming for Diya’s wedding?” He darted an instant and unexpected question.

“Er… I...I'm not sure.” Naina trembled. A lump was formed in her throat which nearly blocked her vocal chord.

“I hoped to see you ag....”

“Hello. Hello.” The phone disconnected making Naina restless. She called back but she could not connect. Every time she tried the call was out of coverage area.

She could not comprehend the gist of Aryan’s call. Chill of night was giving her goose bumps. Or was it something else? She stretched the coverlet up to her chin and closed her eyes but slumber refused to claim her. She lifted the wedding card of Diya resting on the table. Frankly, a hope of meeting him again popped in her heart as she received this card.

Her mind traveled three years back, in her college days when she first met Aryan. He was the cousin of Diya, her best friend. She always observed something special in his eyes every time her eyes met them. Many a times, she noticed him staring at her from any corner of the college. Crossed leg, arms folded and leaning at the wall. Whenever she looked at him, he always drifted his glance immediately. She remembered how he dragged his friend when he was about to collide with her once. a cute smile appeared on her face.

He never tried to talk to her candidly, even if he was with Diya. Always greeted her with a faint and fake smile. She felt herself mesmerized by his tall, handsome and manly figure.

Many a times, Naina wanted to talk to him but his neutral behavior and her feminine vanity prevented her. They passed the whole two years in looking at each other.  Perhaps both understood the untold feelings but could not express and thus nothing burgeoned between them. She could clearly remember the painful expression in Aryan’s eyes on the last day of the college, but he uttered a simple bye and she reciprocated.

It is true that all these three years she missed him like hell. Always cherished the untold feelings. Those eyes which carried so many unfathomable expressions but never tried to contact him. Again her hurt pride and feminine vanity. “If he felt something about her, can’t he contact her while Contacting was easy through Diya?” she thought quite often but shrugged always like she did not care. But she did, though she hated to accept it.

But what happened to him today? Why? Are the feelings were there yet? Her heart was racing faster with a new hope. A hope to see him again or... something more than that...

Prompt@: Carry on tuesday
Also submitted to Sunday Scribblings &
                                   Thursday Tales


Dear... (Oops! I forgot to ask your name)

In my life, now, I’m well and sure,
Not shirking my responsibilities like before.
The reason of this transformation is you,
When you bade me the final adieu.
I can’t forget the day I met you first,
My mood was at its worst.
Sick of restrictions implied by my parents.
Now I understand that those restrictions…

… Were their obligation.
My dad lost his job due to recession.
Got an ordinary one after…
…Flying off at the tangent.
My spree with friends conked out,
I had to lessen my hang outs.
I had no money to squander,
I thought my status is shattered.
That day I collided with you,
I was in mood to argue.
You groped for the stick…
… Which knocked around,
Then actually I realized that…
…you were blind.
“Why don’t you keep someone with you…
…to hold your hands?”
“I don’t like anyone’s pity and support…
…And I love my independence.”
Your eyes beamed with self confidence,
My heart filled with reverence.
Your beautiful eyes were…
… filled with dreams,.
How could such eyes lack vision?
That was a tyranny of fate I deemed.
I tagged along with you,
I liked you and I really do.
You told me that you taught music,
Your melodious voice…
…completely justified it.

I startled to see how easily…
… you tracked your path,
That seemed an incredible art.
Our small time togetherness…
… came to an end.
 You said you’re home and…
…I felt like losing a friend.
My heart skipped a beat…
…as I saw you enter an orphanage,
I felt so agonized and…
…My mind was in complete haze.
I felt ashamed of my demeanor,
As I found you a great fighter.
In spite of all your struggles,
You were independent and full of life
And I was aimlessly wasting my time.
Not understanding my duties…
…and indulged in the boisterous parties.
Suddenly, I felt rejuvenated,
You really inspired me and…
… made me grounded.
I never met you again,
But always remembered you…
…every now and then.
You came like an angel and…
…gone astray like dew,
But you are a paragon and…
…I really want to thank you.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love at first sight

Jai was roaming in the market to fetch some cheapest stuff for him. Life had never been easy for him. His shoulders held the responsibilities of his family at the very tender age after the sudden death of his father. Sick mother, a young sister and a brother. He could not afford to think about himself. It’s been ten years fulfilling all his responsibilities. It was difficult to survive in a big city with his ordinary salary. Anyhow, he managed to marry off his sister. His brother too settled as well as the circumstances allowed him and shifted to another city. Two years back his mother left this world creating a void in his life.

Now, he wanted some time exclusively for him. He was sick of his loneliness and needed a companion to with, he could share his feelings. Suddenly, a melodious giggle caught his attention. His heart did a flip as his eyes rested on the most beautiful face he had ever seen in his life. A divine face. Supple glowing skin and perfect features. Her big and deep eyes were suffused with innocence. Long lustrous hair rested carefully at her waist. A sunglass held her curls. This sight seemed surreal. She was supervising a leather bag. She chose a perfect piece and took out a thousand rupee note from her already nice bag. After that, she headed towards a stall which carried some silk stoles. Jai inexplicably followed her. He could not take his eyes off her. It seemed “love at first sight” for him. His lonely heart started to weave a dream.

The girl groped in her bag and took out an expensive blackberry mobile.  Suddenly, Jai felt an urge to change his mobile. Her pink lips moved beautifully as she talked over the phone. The chat seemed to continue longer as she tilted her head to support her mobile and again searched something in her bag. She took out another thousand rupee note and collected some beautiful stoles. Jai’s courage descended to the bedrock level. Encumbered with so many packets, she walked forward. Jai could not resist following. She stopped in front of a big, black luxury car and hopped in and her friends joined her.

Something broke inside. His broken lonely heart whispered “Having this angel in your life is surreal. Kill your emotions and descend from the path of love. At least for now.”
A painful smile lingered on his face, and he headed towards his second hand bike.

Prompt@: 3WW (Descend, Kill, Surreal), Theme Thursday (Flip).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friends forever

My first day in the boarding school.
Papa left me there...
... to follow so many rules.
How could he leave me there alone?
Had his heart become stone?

My timid heart felt...
... that was not fair,
I uttered a cry of despair.
Fat tears strolled down my cheek,
I badly missed my parents and felt weak.

“They” arrived and wiped my tears,
Squeezed my hands in assurance and…
Made me understand…
…there was nothing to fear.

When my parents could not come...
... to meet me,
To see my fellow cuddling...
 ...with their parents I felt pity.
A pang of isolation crept inside me,
I found solace in their amity.

We grew up together
Pitched into the group of teenagers.
Shared beautiful moments
Jumped with elation...
... on our achievements.

We always stood beside each other,
And babbled making a circle.
We shared secrets of each other and…
…talked in the language...
... of signs and symbols.

When I was ill and needed...
... a touch of affection
Their camaraderie provided me...
... a feel of satisfaction.
They cared for me...
... with utter keenness,
I can’t thank them enough...
... for their kindness.

Now, when in my life I’m established
Memories of my friends I still cherish.
Maybe the love and care is now invisible
But the bond of friendship is loyal.
They are indeed the real gem,
That’s how I remember them…….

Prompts@: Theme Thursday (Jump)
Carry on tuesday (That's how I remember them)
Sunday scribblings (Invisible)
Also Linked to: One Single Impression

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Silhouette of triumph.


   Play date was a dream for her
   Longed to run with her friends
   Absorbing the fragrance of the park.
   Yearned a joyous life,
   Disability to just saunter
   Abandoned her to have a spree
   Totally woebegone by her misfortune, yet
    Envisaged a…
Silhouette of triumph


Friday, January 14, 2011

No looking back

                    Bygones are just bygones
                   Agonizing for them
                   Creates a fuss in heart & mind
                   Knitting the past & the present and…
               …Beholding back
                   Offers a jumble sometimes
                   Niggling worries
                   Ensues a chaos.

(Go ahead with refreshed energy. You can’t undo anything.
  What you can do is to rectify)

Prompt@: Acrostic only

Oops! I fell in love: By Harsh Snehanshu

Today I finished this novel, “Oops! I fell in love” by Harsh Snehanshu. Harsh Snehanshu is an IITian (Delhi), and this is his debut novel.

Thankfully, this novel is nothing to do with IIT. It’s just the background of the hero. It is a simple love story of Kanav, an IITian and a very shy and reserved guy and Tanya, an extremely beautiful, normal college going girl.

They get separated from each other after their first date, due to some unfavorable circumstances. But, true love won’t allow the fate to play its bad joke. The end is indeed somewhat unpredictable.

Some situations & conversations between the protagonists are interesting. Especially, some romantic encounters (Of their first and last date) are very interesting as they are not at all romantic but very funny, funny enough to burst into laughter. But sometimes, fun barged in the emotional situations which suppressed the sentiment and pain. 

Writing style of the author reflects his novice standing. The narration seems a bit immature (like “The task of choosing between two utterly difficult words – yes and no both having one vowel each. She finally chose the one with more consonants and “Neetika turned to the other side and tried to impose discipline on her tear gland, etc.).  

Overall, the novel is an average, humorous read. You can give it a read if you like light reads.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Song of hope


  Sing the song of hope
                   Overcast future will be
                                     Shimmering like pearls.

Prompt@: Acrostic Only
Also submitted to Sensational Haiku

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Rainy season was approaching and Geeta was worried about her clay tiled roof. Last season, it was leaking from many sides. She anyhow managed many years but this time it has to be revived. In the market, laborers were charging too much that they could not afford. So, Dinoo, Geeta’s husband, decided to do it himself.

Dinoo brought some new tiles as some of them were broken. It was a bright sunny day. He climbed on the roof anyhow, handling his scrawny body with much difficulty. He was panting and few drops of sweat trickled down his temples. Geeta was watching shading her eyes with her hands. 

Dinoo started to disarray the old tiles and cleaned the thatches inserted within. Suddenly, his hand felt a moist surface. He yelped to see a filthy snake struggling to set out.

“What happened?” Geeta asked anxiously.

“S..s..snake!” Dinoo stammered.

The harmless snake slithered off and Dinoo fainted over there.

With the help of some villagers Dinoo was brought down. Alas! Geeta cried bitterly to find him dead. He died of heart attack perhaps.

(Unfortunately, many people die due to fear and shock of the snake, not the actual bite.)

Prompt@: 3WW (Harmless, moist, yelp)