Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Moon, floating in rhythm
Slipped out of the veil of clouds
Moonlight bliss sprinkled

Rhythm of melody
Ushers the angst out of mind
Enlivens the soul

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you a misfit?

“Who am I?” Ask yourself. You will realize that your name, beauty, height or your oddness (If any) is not going to make any difference. It is your knowledge, skill, efficiency, originality and humanity, which makes you special.

I read this insightful article by Sonal Kalra, in ‘A calmer you’ section of Hindustan Times. I want to share a brief excerpt from that article which brought a smile on my face.

“Raise your left hand if you’ve ever felt like a misfit- in school, college, workplace social gathering. Now raise the other hand if you’ve killed yourself (Not literally, Einstein) trying to change yourself because it made you feel inferior. If both your hands are up then GOOD. At least for the next few minutes this should be your punishment for being so stupidly harsh on yourself.”

Many a times, people feel unfit in many different situations maybe due to lack of knowledge, ordinary looks or short height, etc.

I remember, once there was a discussion going on some topic. Everyone in the group was giving their views and bits of information about that topic, but I was bound to ‘Just listen’ because, unfortunately, I didn’t know much about that topic and really felt misfit in that group. How it feels good to take part in any discussion proficiently, I realized.

When you’re confident, then there are fewer chances of feeling misfit and confidence comes with knowledge and skill. Everything, outer appearance, short height or anything else diminishes.

There is no guarantee that you can be an expert in every field. Don’t fill yourself with nausea thinking that how misfit you are. Generally, there is always a talent hidden in your persona. You just have to recognize your potential and work on it rather than repenting on what you don’t have.

Many of you might have seen a movie ‘Wake up Sid’ (I love this movie). In this movie Sid played by Ranbir Kapoor seems and behaves like a hopeless brat. He even couldn’t pass his exam but finally when he met Ayesha played by Konkana Sen Sharma, an independent and hardworking girl, he realizes his futility and recognizes a great photographer in him and finds a new horizon in his life.

Similarly, in the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ (One of my favourite movies) the main protagonist Ishaan, a child suffering with Dyslexia, was actually misfit if compared to other children around him. Then a drawing teacher played by Aamir Khan, helps him in studies and discovers a great artist in Ishaan. Eventually, Ishaan paints a master piece and wins a drawing competition.

You may find someone in your life who can guide you or can lead you to a new direction, if not, then be your own torch, search for a new path and destination for you and proceed.

There are varieties of talent in this world. All can’t be possessed by everyone. But there must be something inside you. Discover, recognize, polish and cherish your hidden talent. Stop feeling that you’re a misfit. No one is perfect, and everyone can’t be similar.

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Charming winter

Charming winter is
Approaching with bright colours
Welcome it warmly

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Woman of substance

Unwavering poise
Empowered to hit the hurdles
Woman of substance

A teacher within
And passionate learner from heart
Woman of substance

Not just a home maker
Exhibits immense talent
Woman of substance

The shining glory
In the realm of achievement
Woman of substance

         Magpie Tales

Monday, September 26, 2011


Phoenix, blazed in fire
Reborn from its own ashes
It’s an enigma!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sometimes it’s bitter
Truth is unavoidable
Let’s learn to face it

Fear evaporates
Suspicion melts away from
Unsure heart and mind

To amuse a lie
Quest for more fibs are wanted
Jumbles rear its head.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

All and Nothing: By Raksha Bharadia

When I read the synopsis of this novel, I thought I won’t like it but then I read some good reviews of this book and finally ordered this with great expectations. But I think I was right earlier.

Back cover of the novel says:

All and Nothing tells the tale of five individuals. Tina is a talented artist, desperately in love with Aditya. But he cannot let go of his past. Their marriage sours and Tina teeters on the edge. Kriya is a fashion designer, chic and successful – but tormented; Poorvi, is a socialite and feminist – but discontented; Manas is a struggling copy writer, besotted with Gayatri – but plagued; Upasna is a willing victim of domestic violence.

Then one day, Tina summons her friends to share their stories from the beginning.

As the story proceeds, I didn’t understand anything about anyone except Tina. So many unnecessary and insignificant characters (as I think Tina’s friends who are told to be the main characters as Tina, hold no significance in the story OR they are not developed as they should be) make it very confusing and the story completely seems scattered. I didn’t understand the point of view of this novel as it keeps wandering. Characters are weakly developed and it was like hearing a story, which lacks synchronization.

I think it tells the tale of only Tina, the main protagonist and the opening character of this novel, and her insecure husband Aditya. Tina loves him madly but Aditya could not forget Antara, his first wife, though she had betrayed him. Then Tina met Rohit (weakly defined character again) on the internet and only then she understood that there was no life of her foisted marriage and finally she freed herself and Aditya as well.  It is the best part of the novel as the Hurdles in their married life is well defined.

There is a very brief description of Tina’s friend initially, and their problems and stories have been elaborated at the end through the letters which Tina wrote to their friends. At the end, once Tina’s story is almost finished, I did not want to know about her friends. The end of the novel is abrupt. Also I didn’t like the dull book cover. Honestly, I did not enjoy this novel. I think it could have been a very good novel if written from a steady point of view, unfolding every character at the right time and in correct proportion.


Hatred, envy, greed
And insensitive disputes
Harmony is lost!

         Haiku My Heart

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shower of water

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Parched soil, urgently
Soaks the shower of water
Withered Plants flourish.

A Promising new day!

Dark clouds washed away.
Howling downpour subsided.
And a radiant day…
emerged as a winner.

Trembling plush green leaves,
Dazzled in sunshine
Vibrant flowers brightened
To see humming bumble-bee
Hovering around

White pieces of clouds
Sprinkled in azure sky
Lingering raindrops on the leaves
Lost in the arms of air

The entire nature welcomed
The warmth of sunbeams
Promising a bright and hopeful
New day!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Arjun within

Target on bull’s eye
Focus steady, motivate
The Arjun within

(Arjun was a legendary hero, one of  the greatest warrior on earth, who is considered as the greatest archer ever and a central character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Soap bubbles
Float up in the sky
Oh the joy!

Dancing with rhythm
They Capture the exotic
Colors of nature.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feather of dreams

Feather touch of hope
Instigates the hidden dreams
Let it fly freely

Silk feather of dreams
Makes unrestricted voyage
Fastest in the world!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Or special ability
Strong will power makes it.

They must get a chance
To polish their different skills
Help them, support them.

They need love and care
Not pity and ignorance
Make them feel special.

A cart-puller hurried with his cart towards a furniture shop. He was attacked by polio, and his legs were defected. “Would you able to pull the cart laden with this furniture?” A man asked who had bought some furniture from the shop and wanted a cart to carry them to his home.

“Yes sir. Give me your address” The cart puller said and put the furniture to his cart one by one.

There are so many people in our society deprived of physical or mental fitness. But their dreams, zest and will power is absolutely fit.

Sometimes they have some special skills in them, which need to be polished. But unfortunately, they have to struggle a lot to adjust in the mainstream. People do not concede them easily.

Many children born mentally or physically retarded or “abnormal” (As they say) face ignorance and frustration. At some point even their parents gets frustrated and finally console themselves that their abnormal child is just like this and nothing much can be done. It’s better to concentrate on other ‘Normal’ children. They think.

Never think like this. After all, those abnormal children are not guilty. It’s some medical abnormalities or sometimes their cruel fate. They need love, care, support and acceptance. Some of them possess different special skills. I’ve seen so many “Differently-Abled” people, doing great jobs in various fields. They are always full of enthusiasm (Of course pain resides in their heart), never ready to give up easily and want to achieve something in life. There are so many organizations, working for the welfare of such people. They teach them to make their life easier and help them to be a part of mainstream society.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Cold misty mornings
The nature shrouded in fog
Comfy warm quilts  

Sparkling dew on leaves
Butterflies dancing around
 Flowers, in its full bloom.

Green vegetables
Fragrance of coriander leaves
And fresh green chilies

Colorful sweaters
Plumes of steam rising from tea
And puff chapattis.

Delight of snowball
Joy of Christmas and New Year
Essence of winter.

       Haiku My Heart
        Poets United 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy

Yesterday, I finished this novel “Life is what you make it” by Preeti Shenoy, and I really liked it! It is a well crafted and synchronized novel, in which emotions are intensely described.

It is a story of love (Initially it seems a pure love story but it is much more than that), challenges in life, determination, pride, acceptance, and support, which make anyone stronger.

This story is about Ankita Sharma, a young, smart, intelligent and vibrant girl. This novel is about her successful progression in life. Suddenly, something happens in her life and depression traps her completely. It is about her terrible torment leading to “Bipolar Disease”. It is about her endeavor to conquer the dreadful tribulation.

The prologue of this novel is good and clear. It evokes interest to proceed further and peer into the flashback.

It is a very engrossing read; you can complete it in just one sitting. The language is simple yet stylish and mature. The pace and flow of the story is very good, and you won’t feel like putting it down. Over all it has a unique storyline written wonderfully. The highlight of this story, for me, is that the pain and turbulence of Ankita are expressed brilliantly.

I would like to congratulate the author for writing such a poignant, interesting, smart and gripping story. No wonder it has been declared a national bestseller. A must read novel!

Wind chimes

Pure, mesmerizing
jingle of dancing wind chimes
evokes nostalgia.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Assets in life

Patience and friends are
great assets in life; tested
in adversity

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elixir of life

A stain free heart is
Elixir of happiness
Don’t let envy pass

A ray of hope
Is the elixir of life
Ban pessimism

Trust and hard work is
The elixir of success
Don’t ever give up

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a liberty!

Making your own choice
Taking your own decision
What a liberty!

Doing what you want
Flying high up in the sky
What a liberty!

Turning the dreams true
Achieving the aim of life
What a liberty!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Trapped wings, open sky…still I want to fly high: By Nisha Arppit

Well, I’ve finished this novel "Trapped wings, open sky…still I want to fly high!": By Nisha Arppit today (The name of the novel rhymes well:) It is her first novel.

I've read some very good reviews and ratings of this novel so I picked this. But "I'm" not very impressed. There are few things which I didn’t like; Language and structure of the sentences are immature and very ordinary sometimes. Moreover, there are so many mistakes in this novel (The editor shouldn’t have ignored it!) If you can ignore these things, then it is an average & very quick read of just 153 pages.

This is a story of a small-town, hardworking, ordinary girl ‘Preet’ with extra-ordinary zest and ambitions. She works in an MNC and the story deals with her management and fight of survival with the difficulties and darker aspect of the corporate world.

The novel starts with two short stories before the main story; that is “Aman & Shreya” And “Komal & Karthik” (Which creates confusion. I didn’t like this style to start a novel)

I liked the character of “Aman”, later, love interest of Preet, who supports and helps her coping up with the difficulties of the office.

There are so many characters and frivolous incidents which create confusion and due to which the story seems scattered sometimes. I personally think that story of “Komal & Karthik” before the main story was not required. Also, although, the novel is written in first person, the author has used multiple points of view making the storyline distracting.

Though the plot of this novel is very common & familiar, yet the pace of the story is good, so it's not boring.