Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love @ Facebook: By Nikita Singh

Recently, I ordered some books from flipkart (Got it within two days, including Sunday!) and the first book I picked to read was Love@ Facebook by Nikita Singh.  Nikita Singh originally hails from Patna, Bihar but spent most of her life in Indore. She is just nineteen! (Commendable job as an author)

When I flipped the pages before reading (As I do every time I am going to read any book) I thought I was not going to like it as a large portion of the novel is in the form of chats on Facebook. But I really liked it.

This story is about Vatsala Rathore, a teenager who gets smitten by a drop-dead-gorgeous Ronit Oberoi, a VJ, on Facebook. She regularly posts comments on his profile to get his attention, and finally, he responds positively. She is overwhelmed that a celebrity is now friends with her and they start chatting quite often. Her interest gradually turns into love and then obsession.

Ankit Rai, her best friend, also a very handsome guy, loves her unconditionally. Vatsala knows very well about his feelings and sometimes oddly finds herself drawn towards him but doesn’t take it seriously and prefer to cherish the hope that Ronit likes her and someday soon she would make him fall in love with her.

Will she ever be able to recognize her true love and decide who the one for her is? Ankit or Ronit?

This story instantly reminded me of a very famous Hindi movie ‘Guddi’ and seemed a modern version of it. As a debutante Nikita has done a great job as she, very skillfully, made this novel so engrossing that for me, it was hard to put that down. It is a kind of book that makes you flip pages with keen interest. You may finish in just one sitting. I liked the character of Ankit Rai. The incidents and feelings of a teenager are quite identifiable. Language is simple yet nice. Overall, for me, it was an interesting and pleasant read.

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