Thursday, February 23, 2012

Double standards

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Man and woman are indeed different from each other. Quite different in many aspects. But rules are something that should be applicable to both equally. They both should acquire ethics in their lives.

But SOME PARTS of our society though pretend to be intellectual, give some special freedom to men and cancel the thoughts of women’s freedom.

Nobody raises an eyebrow when a man gets married twice but so many frowns wrinkle at the mere thought of woman’s remarriage.

No one tries to peep through the window of a man who lives alone. Nobody cares who comes to visit him and when. It becomes “HIS business”. But everyone wants to know why a woman is living alone. It surely interests everyone who is coming to visit HER and WHEN.

If a boy is having an affair he dares to stay open as he knows that people will think “It’s quite natural to have an affair at this age” but people lose their elasticity in case of a girl. She has to keep her affair a secret because of this fact “What people will say?”

When a man plays single parent, the society feels proud (Such a caring father he is) but when a woman plays this role the first thing people tend to think “Why her husband left her? Or why is she living alone?” Everyone labors to keep an eye on her every activity. “Is she having an affair with any of her colleagues? But in case of a man it’s either “Who cares” or “His children need a mother”

Families always bother for a well-paid job for their sons but for their daughter-in-law they think “What’s the need of doing a job? We have everything. OR “Who will look after the home and children?” OR “The corporate world is not safe for women.” No one bothers to think that why many things in our society are NOT SAFE for women?

It is absolutely okay when husbands talk or share jokes with other women but when his wife interacts amusingly with other men they tend to join their eyebrow.  

Why SOME PARTS of our society seem to adopt double standards?

Written for: Theme Thursday
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  1. It's a topsy turvy world..largely unbalanced..not often are a group of men called boys (apart from soldiers perhaps to make it easier to explain their loss)..yet women seem always to be 'girls'..grr..great ponderings..Jae

  2. Double standards is a great response to the prompt -- and it is hard to work around double standards. Nicely done ...
    Here is my double!

  3. @ Jae: Thank you!:)

    @ Becca: Thanks!:)

  4. I do remember those attitudes and are sorry that they may still be apparent in your life. Man's weakness is that he cannot bear the thought of women being more useful, caring and important than they are. I am reminded everyday of the omnipotence of women whilst men are merely drones with a bit of brute strength.

  5. Good Article. It happens some time..

  6. Elasticity :))

    Can't help it. Some people tend to raise above the trends and some people just donot want to look beyond.

  7. As long as men continue to treat women as property throughout the world then there will always be a double standard.

    What I find amazing is that so many women think the same way as you have written and honestly I think that is just as much of a problem. Mostly because it is women who raise the boys and somehow teach them that women are property and not their equals.

    Then when you have a whole religion that is based on covering women up as if there is something wrong with them being seen by the rest of the world, there is totally something wrong. But what saddens me most is that so many of these women are brainwashed into believing that these coverings are in their best interest. Also some say it gives them a freedom that uncovered women do not have.

    Sometimes it seems that when women move one step forward in equality, they somehow takes two steps back.

    I think every female owes it to other females to raise their children into adulthood with the belief that everyone is special in their own right and that there is equality amongst everyone, no matter their sex (I mean male or female, not sexuality.) or religious beliefs.

    So if those women want to be covered up then go ahead, but those who do not want to should not have to.

    This is sometimes such a messed up world.

    Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. See you next week.

    God bless.