Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lover's Cove Challenge!

I’m participating for the first time. I found this concept really interesting and creative! Participants have to continue the tale. My continuation after Swarnali’s line:

Strain, that gripped her heart and body, melted away. “Feelings don’t have switch on and off buttons. They need time to grow and blossom.” She thought.

Bonds and Relationships

 Bond Of Love

Affection cannot
Flourish forcibly, it blooms
With understanding

A boy loved a girl. The girl did not love him. He kept stalking her but could not evoke any feelings in her heart. She did not love him and she made it very clear.

After sometime, the girl happily married a man of her and her parents’ choice. She was happy. But this happiness could not last more than twenty four hours. Out of jealousy, the boy killed her husband. How shocking! And unfortunate. And weird.

What did that boy think? I mean did he expect that after unexpected and unfortunate death of her husband, she would run into his waiting arms? I think it’s a kind of mental imbalance. A normal person must know to control his/her emotions. Nurturing a feeling for someone is a matter of choice. And if you claim to love someone you can’t be so cruel. You simply cannot tend to snatch his/her happiness. How can you even think of destroying your loved one’s life when once you’ve built affectionate emotions for him/her? And if you do so, your claim is utterly hypothetical.

Tendency of ruining someone’s life, if your admiration is not accepted, is absolutely not normal. Now, that girl can have only one feeling for that boy and that is hatred.

Love or liking is a self developed feeling. You can’t force anyone to love or like you back. A connection clicks. A feeling of admiration burgeons gradually. A bond develops. It blossoms and strengthens. Sometimes, you can’t have any such feelings even after you know someone for long time and sometimes you feel very strong connection in very short time span. And all depends on choice and how you connect with each other.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Declined confidence
Depressed mind and downcast heart
Need moral support

Most precious support
Smiles at you, when everyone
Withdraws approval

A hand of support
A glance full of warmth and trust
Evokes assurance

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                      Haiku My Heart

Friday, June 22, 2012


Lost …
In the labyrinth of life
Searching for a dream
That may give a theme
Gaining conscience
To understand
The gist of life
Meeting opportunities
That life gifts
Seeking courage
To tackle fear, failure, grieves and hurdles
And exploring
Happiness and peace
Looking for reasons to smile
Savoring the blessing of
The love of life
That may stretch
A rainbow
Learning the value of time
Developing determination
To succeed
And finally
Finding the correct path
And emerging from the labyrinth
As a winner

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Receive the message
From the postcard of mistakes
Don’t fear, learn from them

Making mistakes in life is expected, more or less...small or big. Mistake seems a negative term but we can get some positivity from it by learning from our mistakes. They yield experience. And we learn from our experiences, gained from our mistakes as they teach us and make us more proficient. Actually learning is a progressive process which can be accomplished successfully with the help of mistakes.

If there is no fall how could we learn to rise?  The desire to rise again, after every fall, evokes multiple feelings like determination, courage, hope and confidence. They make us understand the difference of right and wrong. They instill conscience.

Pooja’s husband was on his business tour and there he needed some documents urgently. He told her to scan the papers and send that to his e-mail Id. Pooja was not confident about the procedure of scanning so; he instructed her over the phone. She tried to perform the task, understanding the urgency, but as she was novice in that field she made a mistake and a paper jammed in the scanner.

When Pooja tried to release that paper, she got a torn piece in her hand and rest of the page left trapped in it. Her husband was calling again and again as he was waiting for the mail. She was in great panic. Suddenly power cut occured . It is absurd but she really felt relieved on outage. She immediately called her husband, told him about power cut and headed for the internet café (though before her departure, the electricity had retrieved but that was of no use and she could not muster courage to tell him about the mess she’d created).

 She had all the facilities at home and she was wandering and paying for her work done. She was feeling so stupid. Anyway, the work was done but what about that destroyed paper?

She got back and tried again. She clicked help and got the option where it showed that how to clear paper jams. She succeeded to follow the instructions, and she did it. She was delighted. At least the printer and scanner were safe. But she was still worried about that crushed paper. She kept that carefully.

When her husband returned, she told him everything. Fortunately, that paper was not so important. Now, whenever Pooja scan any document she always remembers that incident. What if that paper was important? But that incident made her learn something new.

Fear of making mistakes can keep you away from learning and growing. So, avoid the fear of failure. You never know your mistakes can lead you to the path of success. And it will definitely teach you something new. It will definitely hone your skill. It will give you confidence and experience. So, try to extract positivity from your mistakes as it can help you never making that mistake again. (But if you make same mistakes again and again then mistake is indeed a negative word for you and you need help L)

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Human behaviour

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A bright smile spreads bliss
Discard envy, grab every
Chance to be happy

There’s a dialogue in a very famous movie 3 Idiots:

"Human behaviour ke baare me uss din humne kuch jaana, Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai, lekin dost first aa jaye toh jyada dukh hota hai. (We learnt something about human behaviour that day, it feels bad when a friend fails, but it feels even worse when he comes first)

Well, this is the problem of a friend whose best friend stood first and he came last. Feeling bad is a bit justified but sometimes, people forget to feel happy for their success as they keep themselves busy in mourning for someone else’s success.

The house was suffused with delighted clamour. Priya has cleared her P.O exams. Namrata, a very ordinary girl. Far from the rising glamour of the society. She lacked beauty but got intelligence in abundance. Her beautiful cousin Priya was also not behind as she also cleared the same exam but she is not happy. Instead, she was feeling bad for Namrata’s success. Such a folly!

If life has given you a golden chance to be happy you must grab it delightfully. People may feel bad when someone has got everything in abundance and you lack basic things. But if life has given you the same happiness as others then why should you waste your time in mourning for others instead of enjoying your achievements?

Life is not always smooth. It may offer you some jagged path in the form of hurdles. So, try to fight the hurdles and embrace every small opportunity to smile and be happy. Discard jagged thoughts that give birth to jealousy. Learn to be happy for others. Try. Sometimes it gives a nice feeling and at least it gives you a reason to smile.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Voice and style of conversation

Nice voice and smart style
Of conversation, reflect
Your grace and wisdom

Just imagine, you are in a party. Your wandering eyes land on a very good-looking person, wearing nice outfit and beautiful smile. Someone introduces you to that attractive person and you feel good as you get a chance to talk to him/her. But as he/she opens his/her mouth you seem to face a googly.  Poorly accented, (I mean improper/absurd pronunciation) loud voice! A big put off! His/her outer appearance fades.

Have you ever got impressed by someone's voice and style of speaking; someone whom you haven’t seen? A nice voice and smart style of conversation impress.

Recently, I saw a nice woman talking over the phone as she came out of her house and started sauntering on the road. She was talking so loudly that the entire surrounding must have heard what she was talking about.

Style of conversation are one of the most striking traits anyone can have among all the good things in their personality. The way you speak defines your level of confidence. 

Some people have a habit to twist their mouth and wave their hands too much while talking. It is distracting. Check your volume and body language while speaking. Fidgeting and expressing your point in a loud voice is not going to make your point powerful and impressive. You can express impressively in a confident and composed voice. Your style of conversation reflects your personality and knowledge. To build a good communication skill, we must learn to use correct pronunciation, natural accent and appropriate words while conversing.

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Monday, June 11, 2012


Walking on the long twisted path
In the quest of my dreams
Wanting to reach my desired destination
In the light of courage and hope.

Sometimes, some negative shadows
Stride wobbles
As a hint of failure frightens
Sometimes, patience sighs in tiredness

But, eyes, focused on the target
Refuse to waver
Dedication declines to accept defeat
 Wait but don’t give up
My inner voice says
 Determination rears its head again
And I move my steps ahead
Full of zest
Now I can see clearly
The long-awaited, shining destination
Smiling at me profoundly
My heart, laden with emotions
Feels a sense of contentment
And Victory
It sings a song of

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paint your life

Anxieties in life
A universal fact, heart
Needs an unstressed break

Don’t hesitate to
Paint your black and white life with
Bright colours of joy

Clear the mist of gloom
Expose your heart to bliss and
Welcome smile heartily

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Monday, June 4, 2012

My creations published in Woman's Era and Alive Magazine!

Short Story “The Rain” published in Woman’s Era Magazine!

An article “Superstitions: Do they really work?” published in Alive magazine.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Lock the negative
thoughts, let the soothing breeze of
Optimism flow

Fickle principles
Blur the clarity of thoughts
Prefer steadiness

Not only in our
Dreams, but success should bloom in
the garden of life

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Saturday, June 2, 2012


How do you feel when you don’t have anything to do? I think bored. How would you feel if you have to depend on someone for your basic needs? Helpless I guess. How would you feel when you try but don’t get anything in life? Pathetic for sure.

Some people do try but fail. It evokes sympathy. Some people just want to do something in life but they don’t apply any effort. Instead they whine. It evokes irritation. And some people choose to be idle. They don’t want to do anything. Instead, they ask for. If they are crippled, then it’s okay but what if they are healthy and fit? It evokes anger. doing nothing is folly.

Today I saw a young healthy man on television whose family business was begging and of course they did not find any need of education. How begging can be a business? How anyone can lead his/her life with things provided by someone if he/she is perfectly capable to work? You can see many fit babas moving door to door asking for money.

You’ll be surprised to know that once I had met a highly educated, law graduate and married man who preferred not to do anything.  He was dependent on various people for everything. He left practicing law because he thought the society is filled with corruption.

‘Why don’t you use your skill and try to change the society? Why don’t you move a step ahead to spread loyalty and try to diminish corruption? After all you’re a lawyer.’ I thought. He cursed the system and society continuously. Moreover, he called himself ‘Social worker’. How can you lend a helping hand when your own hands need help? When you’re dependent.

I have seen many people who work despite their physical limitations emitting rays of inspiration. But I have seen some unfortunate people leading a dependent (Dependent for their basic needs) life due to their severe physical inabilities and helplessness. It is painful. But sometimes they are left with zero option.

You are privileged if you have abilities. Utilize your capability. We get only one life. You won’t get anything by just whimpering and cursing. People dream of achieving success. They work hard to achieve a substantial status in life. It’s a pleasure to achieve goals in life. Doing something substantial gives confidence. Doing your own work without depending on someone gives contentment. It reflects your strength, ability and independence. Independence is precious that offers happiness and fulfillment.