Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Innovative Prompt!

I came to know from Janaki's blog about this very interesting, innovative and creative prompt provided by Corrinne, who blogs @ Everyday Gyan. So, I thought to give it a try. It's called 7x7x7x7 writing prompt. We just have to go to our bookshelf. Pick the 7th book. Open the 7th page. Pick the 7th line and starting with that line, compose a poem of just 7 lines.

On my bookshelf, the 7th book was A thing beyond forever by Novoneel Chakraborthy. Seventh line on the seventh page was "Time to wait for or search one"

So here goes my attempt:

Time to wait for or search one
Opportunities seldom look back, once gone
Sometimes they keep you waiting & waiting
Going ahead to search one, becomes booming
If got an golden opportunity
No matter waited or searched one
Making the most of it is a wise option

Time is precious and it waits for none. It's a very cliched line but true. Life gives many opportunities and it depends on us how prudently we grab it. They don't hesitate to slip like sand. Sometimes, we just have to wait for the correct time but when it keeps us dragging for long, we should prompt us to search for one.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A confused soul

Trapped in the whirl of
Uncertainty, a confused
Soul shrieks...rescue me!

Time is running fast
Prospects are slipping, yearns for
words of assurance

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I wish I could touch...

Dull and drab, vision I get
Whenever my distressed eyes scan life
I wish I could touch the rainbow
And paint my life with handful of vibrant colours!

My confidence is sinking
Hope is getting trapped
I wish I touch the sovereignty of sky
And let my soul fly high with verve!

As misfortune killed the zeal
Life became parched
I wish I could touch the clouds
And sprinkle some rain of freshness on it!

Happiness is plunged into darkness
Bleakness gripped the heart
I wish I could touch the serenity of dawn
And hug it tightly to infuse sparkle!

Misfortune invited the pungent aura
Harshly embittered my innocent dreams
I wish I could touch the fragrance of flowers
And fill my life with sweetness!

Life seems numb
Grief erased the melody
I wish I could touch the voice of lark
And greet the rhythm of new song!

Loneliness scratched the emotion
Camaraderie left me in the lurch without caring
I wish I could touch the softness of warmth
And embrace it to soak affection!

This post is in response to the creative prompt "Wish List Wednesdays" provided by Preeti Shenoy, whose fourth book "The Secret Wish List" has been released recently and getting nice reviews. This week's prompt is "I wish I could touch...."

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perseverance in extreme adversity

We all want to walk on a correct path and lead a peaceful life. But some people fail to think rationally when life gives them a huge jerk.

A man's wife was suffering from Schizophrenia.  She could not do the household chores nor she could take care of her children. Due to her mental status, her house was a complete mess. The man was so frustrated with her behaviour of madness that he tried to kill his children and himself. He survived but lost both his children.

A woman was suffering from a perfect crime everyday and that perfect crime was her husband's domestic violence and adultery. Her husband threatened her to kill. He did not want to give any share of the business.  She cared for her children and did not want to lose her business that she worked hard to establish as her husband did not bother to take care of anything except different women. She chose to kill her husband to get rid of her problems.

There are countless such real life cases. Is destroying everything really the only way to gain peace? It is very important to find a way rationally when life becomes unfair.   It may be difficult to find sometimes but there must be some key to solve your problems. You can't just escape. Escaping is the easiest way and life is not so easy. It is completely understandable that those who go through difficult phase know better but  I often think is it really impossible to find a sensible way out of the troubles? We can at least try to shape our life a bit differently by putting some logical efforts in it.

Never lose your conscience: Conscience is something that people tend to lose when life pours innumerable troubles but keeping it intact is a difficult yet wise thing we can do in our lives. It can prevent us to go on a wrong path. It reminds us to do correct thing no matter how difficult the situations are.

Comparing yourself with others is silly: We all have our own lives. Different from each other. People tend to compare themselves with others without knowing fully that what they're going through. They tend to see the outer picture. Maybe others are having a fabulous time but you have got your own share, better than many other people. Try to enjoy that and try to be content with what you have.

Recognize and trust your capabilities: Many people keep tolerating troubles and injustice without fighting. They think they are not capable enough to do something substantial against the odds, accepting them as their fate. At least try. Guarantee of eradicating the pain is perhaps beyond reach but trying is absolutely within your reach. Remember, if you are capable enough to tolerate them you can fight as well.

Patience & Hope: These are the keys for success. Always hold the hands of patience and hope to follow the three previous points. They can make you waiting. Sometimes you may get irritated but they can do wonders too. They can keep you going, keeping you level-headed.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai: by Rishi Vohra

Finished reading Rishi Vohra's debut novel "Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai" by Jaico Books. Initially, I was not sure about reading this book but then I read some really nice Reviews and so chose to read this book.

The protagonist of the story Babloo (Balwant Srivastav (Once his family has been addressed as Yadavs)) is an autistic, though he reasonably understands everything, lives in railway colony of Mumbai and wanders here and there all day.  He is mentally slow thus no one cares for him except Vandana whom he secretly loves. Vandana is a decent girl who works as a receptionist and dreams of going to America one day. There's a bad guy Sikander, who just tends to exploit innocent girls, including Vandana.

The story revolves around Babloo, Vandana, their families in railway colony, Sikander and The Rail Man, a kind of super hero who protects people in trouble.

To know more about this 'multifaceted' story, about Babloo, his love interest and The Rail Man, you'll have to read this book.

Actually, I had a lot of expectations with this book but sometimes I found this book a bit distracting. Few initial pages are too descriptive. I did not like 'too much detailing' of 'Sikander' episode as I found it a bit lengthy and sometimes insignificant. The Rail Man portion reminded me of Shaktimaan.

The most disturbing thing, for me, was the point of view of the story. I did not understand the idea of writing this novel in first person when the narration covers the point of view of almost every character.  I think it takes away the essence of the story. Some portions are of course engrossing but through multiple point of views we get to know everything before it is supposed to be revealed.

But as a first time author, Rishi Vohra has done a nice job. The lives of middle class railway colony has been described really well. Settings are well described and the characters are sketched skillfully.

Overall, this novel is very filmy as it has every masala a typical bollywood film should have. Drama, love story, action, abuses, sexual exploitation, effect of law & order and so on. If you like a distinctive Mumbai style story, you'll like this book. For me it was an average read.

Thanks to Rishi Vohra as I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The veil of dusk

The veil of dusk falls
Night sleeps in arms of twinkling
Stars, bright dawn awaits...

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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Lost Girl: by Sangu Mandanna

Finished reading "The Lost Girl" by Sangu Mandanna. I received this book from the publisher "Random House" (Random Reads, official blog of RHI), for an unbiased review.

The lost girl is a Teen Fantasy Fiction, completely different from my expectation and imagination when I chose this book to read.

Eva is an echo, a creation made by weavers. Her life is not her own. She lives for Amarra, a girl her age whom she is supposed to replace, if she ever dies.

She is not yet prepared even after fifteen years of learning and copying everything about Amarra. But her time has come. Amarra dies in a car accident and now Eva has to leave her guardian and Sean, whom she admires deeply and live with Amarra's family and friends. She has to pretend that SHE is Amarra!

The lost girl is an interesting journey of Eva. Her difficulties and discomfort while treating Amarra's family and friends and Ray, Amarra's boyfriend, like her own. Her emotions towards Sean. And her unexpected battle of survival!

This book is very well written. Language is clean and crisp and the story managed to grip my attention though I'm not very interested in young adult fiction. Some situations are really engaging but I found the end a bit lengthy and I was eager to know the end just by flipping some last pages.

The author has crafted the characters well. I liked the character of Sean. He always managed to generate emotion despite being less expressive. I particularly liked the portion when Eva leaves and Sean comes to see her off and when he calls Eva on her birthday. Overall, for me it was a nice, different and interesting read!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Proceed, like hard-working ants,
Taking up responsibilities, 
sometimes more than your capacity
With indelible determination
Focusing on the target
Adopting togetherness
And amity!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Secret Wish List: by Preeti Shenoy

I regularly read Preeti Shenoy's blog and I really like her writing style. Hence I've picked her books "Life is what you make it" and "Tea for two and a piece of cake" (National Bestsellers) to read and enjoyed them. Her latest book "The Secret Wish List" has been released recently and is getting nice reviews like her previous books.

I received this copy from the publisher, as my entry has been chosen in the Wishlist Wednesday, a prompt post being conducted on her blog. I would like to thank Preeti Shenoy and Westland!

The back cover says: Does true love really exist or is it just a cliche? Can a kiss change your life? The book unveils these questions.

Preeti Shenoy's latest book tells about following your heart and fulfilling your wishes. Diksha is a simple homemaker, a dutiful wife to an insensitive man, a caring mother of an intelligent son and a nice daughter-in-law of an understanding woman. In her fifteen years of forced and unexciting marriage she has done everything except glancing towards her own desires.

Nudged by her cousin Vibha, who prompts her to chase her own desires, Diksha creates her Secret Wishlist (!!). But she folds & puts that in an imaginary jar, thinking that that's just a list and her 'secret' wishes are never going to be fulfilled though she yearns to break the monotony of her life.

An unexpected encounter with her childhood best friend and her long lost teenage love, stir her teenage memories and upend her life entirely. She is overwhelmed as many pleasant and thrilling surprises are waiting to greet her like a breath of fresh air!

Is her secret wishlist going to fill her life with excitement & bliss? Is she confident enough to embrace them for lifetime? For this you'll have to read the book.

This book is an interesting blend of teenage crush, tolerance, desires, friendship, love and self-discovery.

Like her other books, The Secret Wishlist was a smooth and entertaining read. I particularly like her easy and crisp narration, the way she defines her characters and situations, so lifelike. An interesting and gripping read, undoubtedly!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Script of Life...

I try to read the
Script of life, the gist hidden
Within the pages

I seek happiness
But get anguish quite often
Still, hope for a smile

I search for victory
Find disappointment teasing
Try my level best

I want some solace
Meet with irksome disturbance
Expect harmony

I wait for good luck
But find myself trapped in jinx
Dream to hug fortune

I hear lullaby
Oh, it's a scolding from life
Yearn for affection

There's a place, full of
Bliss, hope and peace, in my heart
Where I go always

And As,

I stay positive
I know, someday I'll get these
Life just can't refuse!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love your family, work and environment...

This post is again for Wish List Wednesdays, a creative prompt provided by Preeti Shenoy. Her fourth book The Secret Wish List by Westland has been released and doing really good.

Today's prompt is: I wish everyone loved....

You might have seen many cases on news channels or sometimes in your society when people don't care about their parents or sometimes they even discard them when they become old. Those parents who were so loving and caring. Who preferred their children's smiles and happiness to their own convenience. It's strange that even some siblings tends to lose the innocent bond of love when they grow up!

Some husbands don't care for their wives,those who sacrifice a lot to be with their life partner. Sometimes they're even careless towards their children.

Some family (members) don't bother to think lovingly or sensibly for a new girl who comes to mingle with them affectionately with lots of expectation, but they expect from her a lot.   A man who thinks his wife must care for his family with pure dedication but doesn't give any importance to his wife's family. Sometimes it's vice versa.

I wish everyone loved their families. Everyone must return the expected love, care and importance.

What about living in a clean and peaceful environment, surrounded by lush greenery? It's a bliss and we all love it. But to create such environment we should love our environment.  But you might have seen many people who don't care where they are throwing the garbage. They just want to clean their houses. Planting lots of trees and keeping your surrounding neat & clean is a nice way to make our environment blissful.

It is said that 'love what you do and do what you really love'. Whatever you say, overall, everyone should love their work. Work is an integral part of anyone's life. It needs discipline and it often fills people with frustration and tensions on daily basis. If you enjoy what you do, then work doesn't feel like botheration rather it gives you pleasure. It leads you to the road of success. It never makes you anxious, though you may have to work really hard. You seldom lose your composure while working and save yourself from bombarding people with anger and irritation. And being happy and spreading happiness is one of the best things you can do in your life!

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