Thursday, February 21, 2013


Night of confessions
I've poured my heart out
C'mon, now it's your turn


Courage to face and
Tell the truth in life makes it
Less complicated


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A bright ray of hope

A bright ray of hope
Illuminates from heart, lifts
The sinking spirit

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hatred and envy
Steal the solace of calm mind
Wisdom vanishes

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Gatecrasher: by Madeleine Wickham

Shakespeare said "What's in a name?" recently I have seen a big difference when the name changes. Finished reading "The Gatecrashers by Madeleine Wickham" (Original name of very famous, witty and bestselling author Sophie Kinsella).

This book is of different genre. Quite different from Sophie Kinsella novels.

Fleur Daxeny is forty, beautiful, smart and mother of a teenager. She gatecrashes funerals and memorials to spot rich widower men. She exhibits her ultimate charm to seduce them cleverly, in order to get an easy access to their money.

Her recent target is Richard Favour. She wastes no time in getting very friendly. Richard is a bit uncomfortable in getting close initially but Fleur finally manages to get a secure place in his home though his son and his wife's sister (Who looked after Emily, Richard's late wife, in her illness and still takes care of home) are feeling uneasy.

Gradually, as Fleur extends her stay, some secrets start to open up and she finds her life in a complete disarray. To know more, you'll have to read the book.

The name of Sophie Kinsella attracted my attention of course. The writing is undoubtedly 'clean and crisp' but style is vastly varied and not kinsella...ish. To my utter disappointment, it lacked the wit and humour that grace Sophie Kinsella novels. Honestly, I didn't find this book gripping enough to keep the pages turning with utmost interest. For me, it was an average read and now onwards, I would like to stick to the Sophie Kinsella books only.

I received this book by Random House India (Random Reads)


Saturday, February 16, 2013

A lethal fusion

Sugar-coated talks
Jealousy burning inside
A lethal fusion
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Oh, dear happiness!

Oh, dear happiness!
Ring the bell of my door, smile
Just like a baby
Fill me with warmth like
Sunshine in misty mornings
I greet you gladly
Share song of joy and
Mirth with me like friends, promise
Affection and care
Kiss me softly like
Soothing velvet breeze, Sprinkle
Blessings in my life
        Carpe Diem
   Poets United

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Writing Honest Book Reviews

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Reading a good book is something I enjoy immensely but unfortunately, I cannot finish a book that doesn't interest me, though I do try my level best to finish it by just flipping some pages, hoping that it might become interesting later.

We all buy books or decide to read a book according to the blurb on the back cover or reviews we find online. We want to get absorbed in the story and writing style.  An interesting book is that that grips you thoroughly, irrespective of the pages it contains. Recently, I have finished a book I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella (I received this book from the publisher (Random House India) for an unbiased review, and enjoyed it immensely, though it was a huge book with almost 400 pages.

Recently, I have been reading a lot of books. It happened many a times that after finding an interesting blurb & reading book reviews very carefully (On some popular book review sites or on some personal blogs), I bought some (Sometimes a lot of) greatly praised books, sometimes by really famous, bestselling and award winning authors but when I started to read them, I was greatly disappointed and oddly surprised. According to me, those were not up to the mark as they were mentioned everywhere.

Eventually and unfortunately, so many books, although they have interesting excerpts on the back cover,  are stacked on my bookshelf UNFINISHED (As I said I cannot finish a book if, for me, they are not gripping).

I feel really irritated when I read some good reviews of a book, decide to read it enthusiastically and it turns out to be a bore.

A person who writes book reviews on their blogs or sites should write what they actually feel about that book. I know people have different tastes, but few things are common that we seek or expect as a reader.

Do highlight good points (It's the genuine right of a writer who has worked so hard on his/her book) but honestly try to put the negatives (If any) no matter who the author is. One should not confuse the readers in order to please the author.

I'm not in favour of being harsh or blunt or rude especially when the author is a first timer because it takes a lot of effort, patience, dedication, hard work and energy to write a book and finally getting a right publisher. Criticizing is easy, but being honest in writing a book review is the best thing we can do for readers and the author as well.

So, I appeal to all the people who do book reviews online, please don't be biased just because the author is a big name or your favourite or your friend. Write an honest review. Clearly mention the genre and writing style so that readers can decide easily whether they want to read it or not. After all, we invest money and time, and expectations, so, we definitely deserve to read an interesting, entertaining and gripping book.

A blooming garden


 Paradise of scent,
Striking beauty and colours
A blooming garden
For: Theme Thursday
           Haiku My Heart


Monday, February 11, 2013

Let me be with you...

Hugging myself tightly
I struggle to fight the pain
Melancholy possess my heart
And it shriveled with congestion
Clogged throat tries to swallow the hurt pride
But it's painful
A friendly voice echoes from within
And reassures
"Let me be with you...
I can't promise to ebb away your anguish
But I'll soak it and lighten your heart" it says
Finally, I keep my stubbornness aside
And I set that voice free....
It pricks my eyes and appears
And warm rivulet of tears keeps its words
Twinge in my heart melts away....slowly

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Red flames of anger

Red flames of anger
Few steps go utterly wrong
Heart repents later
                     One Single Impression
            Haiku My Heart 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mellow Morning

Crimson hues
Kiss the sky
Delicate sunshine casts glow
Golden and smooth, eradicates darkness
Vivid colours emerge, smiling with glory
Gentle breeze seems a touch of feather
Tender melody of mellow morning fills with tranquility!


 For: Poets United (An interesting poetry form where first line has to be of two words, second three, third four and so on...)


Will you please keep Quiet?!!


You might have liked Kareena Kapoor as Geet in Jab We Met. Or a boy in a Vodafone Ad who talks a lot and says "Ladkiyaan Kitnaaaa Baat Kartin Hain Yaar!". Or Rj's on FM radio, whose job is to talk non stop. Or many other people in your surrounding who are very talkative.

BUT imagine...I mean JUST IMAGINE, you are sitting in a hospital for long hours.  Disturbed. Or tired. Or tensed. Or maybe in a normal mood. Desperately waiting for your turn. Maybe your appointment number is far behind as the doctor has arrived late.

AND Someone standing or sitting beside you is blabbering & blabbering & blabbering...just non-stop!! Talking just nonsense in high tone. Laughing stupidly at some irrelevant talks at regular intervals. Fidgeting a lot that it seems he/she may collide with you any time.  How would you feel? Wouldn't you want to ask her/him to just shut up?

Hospital is a place where, generally, most of the people are tensed or disturbed, tired or maybe in pain. You don't know about anyone's condition. Maybe, anyone can be feeling dizzy with happiness. Maybe anyone take high pleasure in talking and laughing nonstop, or couldn't resist/wait pouring his/her heart out, but don't you think one has to be careful about the environment around them and should check their behavior? Jabbering and laughing out loud at a place like hospital seems very-very irritating. Doesn't it?


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It is said that:
Fear not for the past
Weep not for the future
You better live in the present


Layered within the sheets of life
Some locked
Some stare mysteriously
Almost ready to leap out, anytime
To shock us or sometimes surprise us pleasantly
You never know
What life can present you with...

Fearing and weeping is totally worthless. True! But, I think we should remember our past to learn from our faults. We can extract wisdom from it so that they prevent us from repeating them. We become experienced. And wiser. We can walk in life with 'minimum' mistakes onward.

And no matter what, but we tend to plan our future. At some point of time we definitely need to do some planning. Actually, we do try to take wise decisions in present, being learnt from the past and to make our future better.

So, try to gain from the flaws of past as much as you can and be prepared for the shots of future.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shopaholic Abroad: by Sophie Kinsella

Yesterday, I finished reading Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella. I received this book from Random House India (Random Reads) for an honest review.

This book tells a jiggling tale of Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky), who lives with her friend Suze, has a nice career as a finance expert (A television personality), and leads a smooth love life with Luke. Her characteristic feature is that she is a shopping addict. She moves to New York with her boyfriend in hope of a bright life and career but her obsessive shopping traps her into debt and then innumerable problems, including her ruined career and love life.

How she settles everything is something interesting to know in this book. Honestly, initially I felt that the book is going nowhere. The protagonist is just shopping and shopping and shopping. It lacked the structure but later on the charm of Sophie Kinsella was back. The very familiar humour was back. And the pleasure of reading was back. It got interesting and engrossing.

I so like the writing style of the author. Becky is like every other (Troublesome & always in trouble) heroine of Kinsella yet she is interesting and adorable. Some situations are very humourous. Overall, I would say, it's not like "I've got your number" (I loved this!) and not even "Twenties Girl  but for me it was a nice read!


An exceptional skill
Path of joyful achievement
Evokes sense of pride!

When excessive pride
Tends to demean emotions
It deserves a drop

For: Haiku Heights
          Poets United

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Phone Call

Navya returns from her office. Exhausted. It was a hot and hectic day. She flops her bag and herself on the bed. Suddenly, she realizes that her stomach is churning with appetite. She hasn't eaten anything whole day.  Today is Thursday and she is on fast.

She is left with no energy to make something so, cancels the idea of cooking and decides to order something from a restaurant nearby. She calls her friend residing in a  flat downstairs, who frequently orders from that restaurant, to ask for the number. Her friend gives her the number and she hastily dials it.

"Hello" A male voice says.

"Hello, is this Jayaka restaurant?" Navya asks in well modulated English tone.


"Can you tell me about your menu?"

"What do you want to have?" Comes a reply.

"Tell me what you have in your menu for dinner?" Navya says.

"We have everything in our menu. You tell me what would you like to have?" The male voice says in a professional tone.

Navya sighs in irritation. "Do you have Veg Munchurian or Chilly paneer and veg fried rice?"

"Yes. We have all these things. What would you like to order?"

"Okay. Send me a plate of veg munchurian and veg fried rice."

"Okay. Tell me your address."

Navya recites the address. "How much time will it take?" She asks as she can feel her stomach growling.

"Just half an hour."

"Okay, thanks." Navya disconnects the phone and heads towards the bathroom to have a shower. After taking shower, she performs puja and eagerly waits for the delicious meal.

Even after forty minutes her dinner has not arrived. She waited some more though she badly wanted to gobble something but today she can have just one meal. An hour passes by and there's no trace of her dinner. She redials the number of the restaurant.

"Hello." The same male voice says.

"It's been an hour but my dinner hasn't arrived yet. How long it will take?" Navya is unable to hide her irritation.

"What dinner?" The voice says nonchalantly.

"What do you mean by what dinner? I've ordered a veg munchurian and veg fried rice an hour ago. How could  you be so irresponsible? Someone is hungry and you do not care?" Navya is now getting seriously annoyed.

There's a pause. "Hello, this is Jayaka restaurant na?" Navya asks.

"Oh that" The male voice says as if recalling something.  "That was a wrong number. This is not any restaurant or something."

It angers Navya to no extent. "Then why did you...."

"I talked to you just for fun. By the way your voice is cute." Navya can sense amusement in his voice. Her planning to have a tasty meal after tired starving day has backfired embarrassingly & foolishly.

 "It's fun for you? At least you shou..." Before Navya can vent out her anger and embarrassment, the phone starts to beep with the dial tone.