Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little bit country: By Debbie Macomber

This book is compilation of two novels(Actually named "Country Brides"). The first one is “A little bit country” and the second one is “Country brides” (A kind of sequel as they are interconnected)

I liked the first book “A little bit country” so much that I finished it in one go.

A little bit country:  

Rorie Campbel is a librarian, aspiring writer, engaged to Dan and happy in her life. One vacation, on her way to a writer’s conference her car broke down in Oregon country road. Clay Franklin, an intelligent and handsome rancher comes to her rescue and Rorie had to spend six days in his house. In these six days she nurtured and finally discovered her deep feelings for Clay who also feels the same way but has no right to reciprocate because he is engaged to his neighbor and childhood friend Kate Logan.

With heavy and aching heart Rorie returned to her city but both Clay and Rorie realized that it was difficult to forget and ignore their love for each other.

Kate, though hurt and devastated by this broken relationship with Clay, understands their feelings and brings them together and finally Rorie and Clay gets married.

Very well written novel and the feelings of love are well expressed. Dialogues and some situations are interesting and identifiable. Nice and delightful read!

Friday, April 29, 2011


She was standing on the threshold of her old and shabby home. Waiting for her son. Her eyes were wet, as if on the verge of releasing a drop of tears.

Her husband died in an accident. Vishu, her son was just ten. Since then she was struggling alone to survive in this difficult world.

She had worked as a cook, stitched clothes to fulfill all the necessity, dreams and desires of his son, hoping that he will be her support. A very common hope of a parent. But waiting has become her destiny. Vishu had gone to get a nice job.

“I’ll take you with me when I get a nice job and place to live in.” He said to her mother.

Hope, pride and happiness aroused in her heart. But she got only wait. Her son returned after two years with a very simple looking woman and introduced her as his wife. Something broke inside her. He didn’t bother to ask or even inform her about such an important decision of his life.

 It’s been two years after that. A letter came after a year informing that she has become grandmother of a baby boy and they will come after few months. Her heart fluttered with happiness but yearned to see and embrace her grandson. She imagined the face and the activities of the child. She always prayed for their welfare.

But again she had got wait and only wait.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bond of love

Vikas was busy in some office works when suddenly, his glance diverted from his file to Riya who was cuddled in the arms of Megha. He felt overwhelmed to see his daughter happy and being loved immensely but he felt pity for Megha.

Megha was his wife. His second wife. She was beautiful, caring and good natured but could not create any special place in Vikas’s heart as he could not forget his first wife Anuradha. She died while delivering his second child. Unfortunately his baby boy also died within a day. That was so painful. He lost his desire to live. How God could be  so merciless? Hadn’t he thought about those two little creatures? How could a six year old girl live without her mother? His friends and relatives suggested him several times to get married again just for Riya but he refused vehemently. How could he ever love another woman?

But loneliness and vulnerability of his daughter and constant pressures from his family compelled him to get married to Megha. She belonged to a poor family. An orphan. His uncle and aunt immediately married this burden when they hadn’t asked for a dowry. No matter he was 14 years older than her, was a widower and father of a seven year old girl.

He was worried about this relationship as he believed that rapport of a child and a step mother can never be healthy. But Megha ebbed away all his worries and blessed this house with a bliss and peace. But what he has done for her? What is her fault? She hasn’t come here by herself. He properly married her to look after her daughter and this home and she did a fantastic job without any error. The soul of Anuradha must be feeling content and delighted to see her daughter happy. What a man could ask for?

A sharp giggle broke his train of thoughts. Megha and Riya were laughing over something. Their blissful faces shimmered in the light of lamp. Perhaps Megha was reciting some funny story from her story book. It was a pleasant surprise for him that Riya relished the camaraderie of her step mother.

Every girl wants and deserves a happy married life. He was foolish not to understand the qualities of Megha. So imprudent not to understand the desires of that woman who loved her daughter like her own mother and cared for him without complaining about his feeling less neutral demeanor. She must get the love, care and her rights which she deserves. Suddenly, Vikas felt a deep urge to be with Megha and Riya. To relish the enjoyment together. To share love and happiness. He closed his file and proceeded towards his family with a new enthusiasm.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This matter of marriage: By Debbie Macomber

The first book of this author, I picked up to read was “This matter of marriage”. Before that, I did not know about this author. But now I’m glad, truly glad that I got the opportunity to read her delightful tales.

Every novel is a new, enjoyable romantic tale and, every character is charming and identifiable.

“This matter of Marriage” is a very mild and fluttering romantic comedy.  Story of Hallie, an organized, nice and simple woman, who is 30 years old but still there is no marriage prospects in sight. She kept herself busy in her work all those years but now; she wants to give her a chance to find a suitable husband.

And story of Steve, separated to his wife, with two nice and smart kids. His wife is planning to get married with someone else but Steve still loves his wife and tries to get her back.

Both Steve and Hallie become neighbors and their various encounter leads to a sparkling, unexpected and pleasant love story.

The incidents in this novel, are very interesting and keep you engrossed. Several times I found myself giggling during Hallie’s disastrous & funny dates.

Yeah, it’s true that there are not so many twists and turns and the story is quite predictable but still I found it totally gripping and delightful read that I read it twice in just one go.

Monday, April 25, 2011


                                  Deep muse of moments
                                  Music of art hums smoothly
                                  Poetry is born.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Someone Special!

When the one whose hand you’re holding,
Is the one who holds your heart
Life seems elating.

When the one who you yearn to have a glimpse of,
Is the one who could not take his eyes off you
Life seems thrilling.

When the one who you desire to cosset in your arms,
Is the one who protect you in his warm embrace
Life seems pleasing.

When the one whose thoughts never leaves you,
Is the one who keeps thinking about you
Life seems exciting.

When the one who you trust immensely,
Is the one who bears indelible faith on you
Life seems enlivening.

When the one whose absence makes you vulnerable
Is the one who can’t bear to see you cry
Life seems shining.

When the one who you want to be with always,
Is the one who becomes yours forever
Life seems a blessing.

Written for: Carry on tuesday

Feelings born for you

Feelings born for you
Bloom steadily in my heart
Now, you dwell in it.

 Written for: Haiku Heights

Thursday, April 21, 2011


                                Image Prompt@: Monday's Child

Donald was excited about the drama competition,
He was ready and practicing for the action.
He was supposed to play an angel,
Excitement was making him chuckle.
His mother ironed his designer costume,
Giving him tips to be groomed.
He cleansed himself thoroughly,
He was trying to be arty.
He was thrilled and nervous as well
Mother kneaded his hands in assurance…
…and encouraged him to excel.
Donald went to the school to participate,
Magnificence he wanted to create.
The hall was full of chaos and clamor,
The aura was glittering with glamour.
Delicacies were decorated on the table,
Colorful frothy cold drinks drizzled.
Refreshments were only for the participants,
That enhanced Donald’s excitement.
His enthusiasm instantly melted,
As he saw participants list, his name was deleted.
A blaring sound diverted his attention,
He was in utter confusion.
He was lying on his cozy bed,
The clock was screaming near his head.
He dreamt a dream!
But what can it mean?

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                       Magpie Tales
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Monday, April 11, 2011

'Obey your elders'

Image prompt@: Monday's Child

Mini, Tulu and Nikki bid goodbye to their parents then closed the door. Chilly wind was blowing outside. All of them desperately wanted to be outside. To play and to enjoy the weather.

“Staying at home is so boring. Isn’t it?” Tulu said crinkling her nose.

“Yeah, but mom and dad strictly instructed us not to go outside. Weather is not good you know.” Mini grew thoughtful.

“But I don’t think that weather is bad.” Nikki curled her lips. “See outside,” She continued. “It is so calm and cool. It would be so exciting to be out in such a fine weather.”  She chuckled looked outside with tantalizing eyes.

Mini was quite. “Let’s go outside to play.” Tulu announced. “What do you say Mini?”

“I don’t think so.” Mini looked befuddled. “Mom and dad said not to go outside. What if they come and don’t find us?”

“Oho Grand ma, we’ll be back in just an hour. Mom and dad are not going to return before three-four hours. We’ll be back by then.” Tulu said.

“Yeah, it will be a great fun.” Nikki sang in the same tune rising from the bed in excitement.

Mini was still apprehensive. Anyhow, her sisters managed to persuade her and cried in thrill. Before leaving Mini took her hat, locked the door and handed the key to Tulu instructing her to put it in the pocket of her jeans. They came out and let the velvety breeze stroke their faces.

They chuckled, ran and played cheerfully oblivious of everything.

Suddenly, the wind grew aggressive. It started to squall. The trees stirred fervently and gush of air and dust particles assailed their nostrils and eyes. Mini’s hat flew down by the pressure of wind. The wind was whipping their hairs back. They could not stand it and they all sat on the ground which was covered with dry leaves. It was the prelude to a heavy storm.  Their excitement evaporated.

“I told you not to get out but you all didn’t give a damn!” Mini shouted. “Now what we’re going to do?” Her sisters have no answer.

“Just sitting here is not the solution.” Mini said in commanding voice. “Let’s go and try to get home before mom and dad, otherwise we are going to face a tough time.” She suggested. Obeying her suggestion seemed a wise and only option.

Anyhow they stood, entwined their hands and advanced towards their home. But which way? They were utterly befuddled. They didn’t realize how far they came in excitement and how long it had been. They roamed here and there. It was getting dark and terror was clearly written on their faces.

“Where is the key?” Tulu shouted.

“What are you saying? I gave it to you.” Mini screamed back.

“It’s not in my pocket.” They exchanged a dismal glance. They all were on the verge of crying.

“We should obey the instructions of our elders.” Nikki said finally. “They told us that the weather is not good. Even Mini expounded.” Nikki was saying in bewilderment. Her voice unfettered.  Fat drops of tears rolled down her cheek.

Suddenly, a light flashed. They peered around and their face instantly lit with relief and happiness. All the fear vanished as they saw their parents coming out of the car. They ran and cuddled up to them. “Where have you been kids?” Their mother’s voice quivered.

“We are sorry mom.” They echoed together.

“We are really sorry. We dared to avoid your instructions and got our lesson.” Mini said wiping off the tears which strolled down her mother’s face.

Written for: Monday's Child
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A big round of applause to Anna!


Finally the movement against corruption turned fruitful and Anna hazare along with his many supporters ended their fast leading to the victory of the people of India.

Yesterday, on a news channel, a small girl, along with a huge crowd near Jantar-Mantar was holding a hoarding which read “We don’t want to live in corruption.”  We certainly don’t want to.

People generally curse the leaders and corruption by just sitting at home. Very few people take any initiative, but we all want a corruption free society.

Veteran social activist Anna Hazare began a fast-unto-death in the capital demanding enactment of an inclusive  Jan Lokpal Bill  to give wider powers to Ombudsman to check corruption. His one substantial step has created a rage in the country. Personalities like Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh, Arvind Kejriwal, Shanti Bhushan and Medha Patkar along with the entire nation supported him immensely and stood by him.

 Eventually, today the Government had to give in by accepting his all the five demands. People of India really appreciate the respect which the government has shown for these revolutionaries. A grand salute to Anna Hazare and his team!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharing Happiness!

                                Image prompt @: Thurday Tales

Pia’s mind was devastated as if a cyclone had gone through it. Just now Rashi cheerfully announced something which made her troubled.

“Pia, I want to share something special.” Rashi's face was beaming with happiness and excitement. “The moment I realized I thought to share with you. Who could be a better person to share my happiness?” She said in downright exhilaration and Pia was growing perplexed.

“You know Pia, I’m in love with Manav.”

This piece of news shattered Pia’s life yet she managed to fabricate a smile. Rashi loved him!

After describing her emotions, Rashi departed leaving Pia shocked and distressed. She laid on her bed, constantly watching at the ceiling. She remembered how in their childhood Rashi and she shared everything with her. Shared their happiness, their grieves and their excitement. But sharing love is something different. Even a child feels hurt when he realizes that his mother loves his sibling more. Even her mother loved her more than Rashi but she never felt jealous.

‘She can’t let this happen. She can’t lose Manav over her. She knew, many a times she felt that Manav admired her.’  She thought. ‘How can she get such a handsome like Manav though she was more beautiful than her?’ Her heart was adamant.

Suddenly an incident flashed in her mind when a girl snatched her Barbie doll and she could not do anything but cry. “What happened Pia? Why are you crying?” Rashi’s voice was filled with genuine concern. She explained her everything and there was a flush of anger in Rashi’s eyes. She resolutely left from there. After few minutes she returned with the Barbie doll and handed it to her.

“I can’t bear to see you cry Pia.” Rashi said in emotion filled voice. Suddenly Pia’s heart filled with guilt. Such incidents happened several times. Many a times Rashi fought for her. Many a times she taught her to stand up for herself. Apparently it was Rashi who made her so confident.  The past reeled in her mind.

“Won’t Rashi’s heart cry when she would lose Manav? The man she loved so much. How will she bear to see her elder sister unhappy? How could she feel in such a peculiar way for her own sister? Where her love for her sister vanished? Just for a boy?” She asked her inner voice. She was feeling small.

“No problem Pia. You’re smart, beautiful and intelligent. You’ll get many Manav’s.” She said to herself and a bright smile flashed on her face. Her heart was feeling light. Genuinely happy for her sister.

Written for: Thursday Tales
                       Theme Thursday
                       3WW (Fabricate, Adamant and Peculiar)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream World

Darkness enveloped the day,
And an eerie silence stretched all over.
She went to her cozy bed,
Eyes grew heavy, giving slumber a way.

Some interesting visions tried to take shape,
She was flying in the waves of clouds
The rainbow was mesmerizing
Making a beautiful landscape

The place was fringed with lush greenery
Dancing with the lullaby of breeze
The gorgeous moon winked at her
Like a messenger of charm & beauty.

‘My bed is a boat’ she chuckled
It sails me to a new dream world
The vibes were exciting & thrilling,
By this amazing sight, her heart dazzled.

Written for: Monday's Child
                     Sunday Scribblings
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Solitude opened the skylight…
… Of the past,
And the veiled reminiscences…
… Tiptoed silently.
Sunshine of warmth
Velvet Breeze of smiles
Drizzles of tears.
Gush of laughter.
Made the heart…
… Brimming with nostalgia.
A vague contour…
 …tried to take shape.
A forgotten feeling…
…contrived to burgeon.
Emotions residing…
…in a corner of heart
Struggled to peep.
Memories quiescent…
…somewhere in mind
Emerged quietly.
Bygone never elapsed,
Just stayed dormant.
Loneliness evoked it
Yet again.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Master Stroke!

MS Dhoni struck the glorious six declaring the triumph. Team India hits the bull’s-eye. Yes, we won the Cricket World Cup 2011!!!!

India beat Srilanka by 6 wickets. It is a glorious moment. A historic moment. Now the shining glory is in India!

When Srilanka won the toss and decided to bat first, it was troublesome as in nine world cup finals, only two teams won after chasing.

Despite of controlled bowling and crisp fielding, Srilanka managed to score 274 runs. When Virendra Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar got out early, they left everyone stunned. But Gautam Gambhir (97) and the captain MS Dhoni (91) played an extremely responsible innings and gripped the match. They made the country proud. The emotions erupted and oozed out from the eyes of Indian players in the form of tears. It is really an emotional moment.

Many –Many congratulations to Team India and of course to the entire nation for such a glorious achievement. A special congratulation to the Master, Sachin Tendulkar who tried and waited for six World Cup and 21 long years to achieve this victory. That was a touching and spectacular moment when the youngsters lifted him on their shoulders and walked around the field. He will definitely treasure and cherish this moment all his life.

Well Done Team India, now the WORLD CHAMPIONS. Thank you so much for making this dream come true. We are very proud of you!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Positive attitude
Offers confidence
Self confidence offers
Trust on your ability
Implants the seeds of progress
Void shrinks
Enhancing the flavor of life

Written for  Acrostic Only


Energy of optimism
Blows out the flames of
Burgeoning despair.

Success is a matter of fulfillment,
Pleasure and pride.
At first you may not succeed,
But with growing zest and effort,
You can take the success in your stride.

The taste of success is sweet,
Rich in delight and contentment.
You may face trouble at first,
But with growing confidence,
It persuades the luck in new direction.

You’re not going to give up,
Make it loud and clear.
You may have to take pain in making attempts,
But with growing determination,
Success gives you the opportunity to cheer.

Prompt@:      Acrostic Only
                        Carry on tuesday
                        3WW  (Loud, riches and Persuasive)