Sunday, June 19, 2011


Faith is a feeling
Emerges from a reverent heart
Blind faith is folly.

Written for: Haiku Heights

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Bricks of a home should be cemented with love, peace and care. Our home is just like that and our baby would fill it with mirth and melody.” Priya’s emotion and excitement laden voice resonated in his ears as he cosseted his new born baby girl. She was the reflection of her mother.

Varun remembered how Priya always planned everything for their baby. Everything was going fine until she suffered from an urgent labor pains. He immediately hurried to his home from his office and then to the hospital.

Her cries were unbearable and heart wrenching for him. Few hours passed like an era. Then his painful heart fluttered to hear the wails of his baby. After that, everything went silent. “I’m sorry; we couldn’t save your wife.” The doctor declared this life shattering news.

He took his pink, soft baby girl in his trembling hands. They both lost their happiness. All the love, peace and care were lost! Lost forever.

Written for: Thursday Tales
                       Theme Thursday

Thread of true love

Music floats in life
When someone belongs to you
Making life full of love

Thread of true love is
Very delicate to handle
Hold the grip softly

Prefer the happiness
Of the person you adore
A rule of real love

Wealth of emotions
Treasured in special kinships
Makes the life blissful

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We will meet again…

I cherish the memories…
when we walked together in life.
I remember the chats…
which we rambled.
I miss the laughter...
which we shared.
I hum the tune…
which we sang together.
I regret the conflicts…
which occurred without any reason.
I hate your forgiveness…
which you implied when I was wrong.
I love you more than before…
when you’re not around me.
Still, I hope we will meet again…

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh Rain!

Whiskers of wind
Turned chilly from scorching
And trees started to dance
With their whispery tune

Vigorous sunrays
Became soft
Making the whole aura
Fresh like dew

Heaps of dark cloud
Veiled the sun
Suppressing its intensity
Creating a different hue

Oh Rain! you’re coming
 Shower your blessings
And reprieve us from the
Torture of summer.

Written for: Short Story Slam
                        Magpie Tales 
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Despite all the fight
Sometimes, Slavery of fate
Is unavoidable

Is slipping through my fingers
The future seems bleak


My next step will be
One more endeavor for sure
Triumph can’t escape.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Do It!

Jaunty approach
Ultimate endeavor
Sovereign optimism
True passion

Don’t be afraid
Of hurdles

It will be
Trashed absolutely

Just Do It!

Written for: Acrostic Only

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

                                        Perfect companion
                                        Enters in life and bonds well
                                        Tenderly attached.   

Richard Gere is one of my favorite actors and I’ve seen quite a few movies starring RG. But honestly I’ve never wanted to watch “Hachi: A dog’s story”

Last night I accidentally watched this movie and I’m glad I did so. “Hachi” is such a wonderful movie. Very touching!

It is a story of a dog named ‘Hachi’ and his master ‘Parker Wilson’ a professor played by ‘Richard Gere’. Parker took Hachi as his pet and in few days they bonded quite well and developed deep feelings for each other. The dog used to follow him to the train station in the morning where he leaves for his work and waited patiently for him outside the station in the evening. At the train station Hachi attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the train station had seen Hachi and Professor Parker together everyday.

One day, suddenly, his master died due to cerebral hemorrhage. Hachi did not know that his master was not returning back ever. He religiously waited outside the station everyday for nine long years. His loyalty is profiled in the local newspaper. Hachi, now old and achy, died outside the station loyally waiting for his master. After his death he had visions of his master and they finally reunite fondly.

Richard Gere is stunning as ever and the dog who played ‘Hachi’ acted, yeah acted really well.

Actually this film is based on real story of a dog ‘Hachiko’ who was born in Odate in 1923. After the death of his owner in 1925, Hachiko returned to the Shibuya train station the next day and every day after that for the next nine years. The real Hachiko died in 1935. In April 1934, a bronze statue in his likeness was erected at Shibuya Station.
Original Hachiko

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Ray of Hope

As usual, I was home on Saturday night. Mummy prepared fish curry for me. She always tries to feed me my favorite foods in the weekends.

“You know di, today I saw Sarita didi.” Mini said suddenly.

“Oh, really! Sarita is here? Why you did not tell me?” I looked at maa. “After long time I’ll be seeing her.” I was excited.

“You can meet her anytime. She is here, perhaps for ever.” Mummy was serious.

“For ever? What do you mean?” I asked in great confusion.

“Her husband is in jail.” Mummy informed me.

“It was supposed to happen, sooner or later.” Dadi maa said before I could say anything.

After finishing my meal, I went to bed. I could not wait to meet Sarita but it was late.  Mini was reading today’s newspaper which I brought with me.

“It’s good to see your picture and articles in the newspaper.” Mini chuckled. “You are enjoying your work. Aren’t you? However you know I miss you a lot didi.” She said fondly.

“I miss you too sweetheart, but what to do?  My job is important too”.

“I also want to become a journalist like you. You know I have written a poem, shall I show you.” She said excitingly.

“Oh, really! That’s great but I’m a bit tired, you know. I’ll see it in the morning. okay?” I said.

“Ok, good night.” She kissed me on my cheek, and I reciprocated.

I tried to sleep but it refused to claim me. I could not resist thinking about Sarita.

Sarita was my childhood friend and neighbor.  She was a bright student. Everything was going fine until her father died in an accident.  We were in 9th std. then. It is said that time is the cure for every wound. She too gradually adapted herself in the swing of things.

Now there was no significant source of income in her house.  Her mother anyhow tried to run house by stitching clothes for others and by rent from their two tenants.  Her brother was 7 years older than her but was good for nothing. They possessed some pieces of land which her mother kept that for Sarita’s and her younger sister Sunita’s marriage.  Though her brother was unemployed, yet he married.  Meanwhile we passed our board exams.

According to my interest, I took science in 12th Std. and Sarita took commerce. Due to different stream, our interaction abated.

We both did well in 12th Std. One day she came to me in despair. She told me that she was said to leave her studies.  I encouraged her to fight against this unfairness.

“What will she do by studying more? We should now search for a suitable boy and get her married.” her bhabhi was saying.

“I want to study further,” Sarita said resolutely.

“Who will pay your fees?” Her bhabhi widened her eyes.

“You don’t worry, I’ll manage.” Sarita was determined.

“Her well wisher friend is speaking through her mouth.  She agitated her for sure.” Her bhabhi declared finally.

Sarita started to take tuition and continued her studies. But before she could complete her first year, her bhabhi searched an incongruous man for her.  He was only 10th pass and 14 years older than Sarita. The most excruciating thing was that Sarita had to leave her studies. I was shocked to know this.

“How could you do this aunty?”  I asked in astonishment.

“What to do beta? This is her destiny.” She told frailly.

“Throwing off in a well intentionally is not called destiny.” I fumed.

“Look Shruti, you don’t interfere in our personal matters always.” Bhabhi said furiously.

“But that man…”

“Shruti beta, please. Marrying a girl is not an easy thing. I have one more daughter to marry off.” Aunty pleaded and I had to keep quite.

Finally, she was married to the so called “suitable man” at the age of just 18, and left to her so called ‘destiny’. The situation completely altered for her.

After few months, we heard that Sarita’s husband was involved in some antisocial kind of things.  Within a year Sarita delivered a baby girl.

 “My in-laws were expecting a baby boy. They are not happy.”  She told me when I visited to see her new born baby.

“And you?”

“This is my first child Shruti, I am very happy. She is precious to me.” She fondled her baby girl, and a sweet smile lingered on her upset face.

I completed my graduation and enrolled myself in an institute of mass communication and creative writing in Kolkata.  I had always been fascinated by the personality of a journalist since my childhood. After few months, I got a job in a prestigious newspaper as apprenticeship training. 

Spattering of water interrupted my train of thought.  It must be dadi maa. A glance at the clock told me that it was 4 am already.  I closed my eyes and I did not know when I slipped into slumber. Mini woke me up in the morning at ten. After having breakfast, I rushed out.  Nobody asked me anything as they knew where I was going.

As I entered Sarita’s house, I heard a harsh voice of her bhabhi.

“We spent lots of money in her marriage, and now she is back with her three children. I can’t bear this burden.”

Three children in 5 years? It’s disgusting. I thought.

“You were the one who was so desperate to marry her off.” I couldn’t control my anger.  “And with the guy who was 14 years older than her, possessed no education and who had criminal records.”  I continued, ignoring that I was so loud.

“Here she is. Look shruti, I have told you not to...”

“…to interfere in your family matters. Isn’t it? But this is the matter of my friend’s ruined life. Who is responsible for that? She needs your love and support right now, not your cheap annotations.” I was seething with fury. Suddenly, Sarita appeared there. She had become so frail. I stomped out from there.  After a while, we were sitting in her room. 

“How many times I’ve told him to leave these antisocial things, but all in vain. Now my in-laws say that I am an ineffective wife and failed to control my husband and bore only girls for them. What will I do Shruti? My life is finished.” She was crying.

“Not finished, it’s a new beginning. A real test, Sarita. Every cloud has a silver lining. Pick up your life where it was left. Complete your studies. Start taking tuitions again. Don’t turn out to be ‘burden’ on anyone.”  I emphasized the word burden loudly. 'Do you remember how you managed your studies when nobody supported you?'

Her face relaxed as if something significant had dawned.

“Definitely, you will get a decent job at the earliest. These girls are your responsibility and motive of your life. Don’t do the same thing with them that you had gone through. Education and financial independence are very important for girls in the present scenario.” Sarita seemed encouraged by my words. “And yes…” I continued.  “Always remember, your friend is with you whenever you need her and I really mean it.”

I returned with a heavy heart.  But I was glad to see tranquility and a ray of hope in her eyes, which was welled up with tears.


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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Golden morning

                                              Image @ Poets United

My heart blossoms like
Roses in a porcelain vase
To see you smiling.

Your innocent smile
Do wonders like warm sunshine
In misty morning.

Your affection is like
Sprinkle of rain on parched earth
Evoking aroma of soil

Twinkle in eyes is
Like glow in a dark night
Spreading light all over

Tender touch gives hope
Of new, fresh golden morning
With vibrant rainbow

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                            Poets United

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A pleasant surprise

In the hustle bustle of market, stations and some other public place sometimes, we come across some people who look quite different from what they are and leave us amazed.

Asha struggled to enter the metro rail. Though the train was crowded, as usual, she managed to occupy a seat. In front of her seat, a flock of so-called new generation boys,  flaunting absurd clothes and  eccentric hairstyles, were sitting. They all were luminously energized. They were patting and pushing each other and almost shouting.

Asha got irritated by their erratic behavior. “They did not have sense of behaving in public place as many people including girls and women were traveling with them.” She thought.

When the train stopped at a station, an old couple entered the train and was searching for seats. As train was full they did not find one. In train, announcers always preach that one should vacate the seats for senior citizens, handicapped and women but no one seemed to follow the preach. To see the old couple standing Asha got up from her seat to offer them her seat but a boy of that very group beckoned her to sit and two of them vacated two seats for the old couple.

Asha was pleasantly surprised by their unexpected demeanor. In these changing times, it is good to see that some youngsters hold respect and manners for elders. Even though they try to look modern and tend to be stylish according to the fashion but they have not forgotten their etiquette. It seemed a good omen for cultured upcoming generation.

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