Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A familiar face

Again I'm writing for Tea for two and a piece of cake tuesdays! Creative prompt provided by bestselling author Preeti Shenoy. Her third book "Tea for two and a piece of cake" is going to release on 14th Feb.

I survey myself in the mirror and a smile of approval appears on my face.
“You’re beautiful!” is the compliment I get regularly these days. Of course from my husband. On this very day, last month, I got married to Avinash. He is very ordinary looking man but he managed to win my heart by his extremely affectionate and supportive manners.
Yes! I love him. Today he is coming back from his official tour.
The table is set perfectly, for 'tea for two'. (and the piece of cake is ready too).  I am really looking forward to this. I tried to make the ambience romantic by putting vibrant fresh flowers in the vase.
I looked at the clock. There is still a good half an hour left for my guest to arrive as per the text I just got. Suddenly the door bell rings. I feel irritated as I don’t want anyone interrupting this precious time when I’m looking forward to a marvelous evening with my loving husband.
Erasing annoyance from my face, I reach the living room to open the door. My heart skips several beats to see the most pleasant surprise in front of me. Avinash stands there. Smiling as always.  But who is this handsome and familiar face smiling next to him?  I thought as my eyes landed on a very handsome man standing next to him. As our eyes meet, his smile fades instantly. Ignoring that glance I open the door and welcome them inside.
“Charu, meet my childhood friend Aakash Kaushik.” Avinash introduces me with that familiar face. I joinmy hands in a polite namaskar and force a smile. Aakash Kaushik! My doubt ebbs away with this very familiar name.
“You know he always used to challenge me that he would get the most beautiful wife. I caught him today to show that how lucky I am.” Avinash says proudly, putting his warm hands on my shoulders. Aakash forces a wan smile.
I am feeling uneasy. He also looks uncomfortable. Within fifteen minutes, after few formal chats at the tea table, Aakash stands hastily. “Avi, I have to go.”
“Why? Have dinner with us.” Avinash says.
“No Avi, I have an important work, I forgot about. It’s urgent. Some other day.” Aakash says and lifts his bag hastily. He casts a brief glance at me and says “Nice to meet you” and hurries towards the door.
I understand his hurry very well. His face is flashing in my mind as I collect cups and plates. Should I tell Avinash about him? I hesitate at this thought. I keep mulling over this thought as I reach my kitchen. Finally I say “You know Avinash…” Avinash follows me in the kitchen. He always does this after returning from the office. “Before getting married to you…my marriage has been arranged with a man.”
“Really…then…” Avinash says.
“My mother rejected that alliance as the boy didn’t have a permanent job.” I said.
 “Umm…You liked him?” Avinash cannot help asking this.
I sigh. “I saw him just once, when he came to see me but there was no scope of not liking him as he was very handsome and chivalrous.” I confess rubbing my hand lightly on the kitchen slab.
He clears his throat. “Do you feel disappointed to have me as…”
“No!” I can’t let him finish. “I feel so lucky to have you Avinash. I love you.” I say with genuine affection in my voice. I really mean it.
“I love you too Charu…” Avinash’s eyes are brimming with love and admiration. He completely believed my words and my heart fluttered with happiness. “Well…” He continued with a playful grin. “I’m still jealous. I would like to meet him.”
I smile. “You met him already today.” Avinash looks at me. Confused. My smile grows broad. “That boy was your friend. Aakash Kaushik.”

Saturday, January 28, 2012

...crimson with delight

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Morning gazed warmly
Sky turned crimson with delight
Breeze witnessed the love

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Ancient Promises: By Jaishree Misra


The first book I finished this year is Ancient Promises by Jaishree Misra.
Ancient Promises is the story of Janaki (Janu) and her journey from a teenager girl to a traditional wife, daughter-in-law and then mother of a daughter Riya with learning disability.
In her teenage Janu fell in love with Arjun. Her parents opposed this relationship, and in the meantime Arjun left for England. She lost her love over an arranged marriage to a serious Suresh who belonged to a wealthy and traditional family of Kerela. 

Her married life is not very good but it's not very bad either (Her in-laws allow her to continue her studies, make her partner in the family business, allow her to do a job). Her husband is ignorant due to his business and mother-in-law is sharp-tongued. She tries to adjust for ten years (Thinking about Arjun). Tormented, after birth of her mentally challenged daughter Riya, she decides to leave for America for her daughter’s treatment, to pursue her studies, and to escape her marriage.
She coincidentally collides with Arjun in Delhi. Carried away by their old deep emotions, she betrays her husband, and finally decides to go to England (Not America) to be with Arjun, without Riya (As Janu’s husband was not ready for divorce and took Riya with him)!

After spending three and half months with Arjun, she realizes that her daughter is her first priority and she can’t live without her. She came back to India.

So, what's the destination of her relationships (with Arjun or her husband)? What about her daughter? Read this book to know the answers.
Well, I read some really good reviews and learned that this book is high on literary scale. It is, no doubt but I personally didn’t like this book very much. Maybe my expectations were very high. Characters are vague. I found Janu very selfish. Arjun’s character is too good but it has minimal existence. I couldn’t figure out which kind of character Janu’s husband actually was.
Though the narration is crisp, the book is too descriptive (Sometimes unnecessary description makes it boring). There are very few dialogues. I liked a dialogue that Arjun said to Janu “I’ll vanish in your future and wait for you there, however long it takes.”
Long sentences confused me sometimes. This was a nice book, but for me, it was not entertaining. I read it lazily. I was in no hurry to know “What will happen next?” It ended on a positive note yet I found it somewhat incomplete. I won’t consider “Ancient Promises” a must read.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ummeed waali dhoop, sunshine waali aasha!

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Happiness shrivels
In the silhouette of sorrow
Pessimism smiles

So, don't let negativity smile. Gift yourself a pledge of optimistic smile.  Try to be happy and share happiness.

This promotional song of Coca-Cola is spreading happiness, hope and positivity everywhere.

Ummeed waali dhoop
Sunshine waali aasha
Rone ki wajah kum hai
Hasne ke bahaane jyaada

Zid hai muskuraayenge
Khush rehne ka hai waada

Tum dil se agar poochhoge
Wo khush rehna hi chahe
Jab sachche dil se mango
To khul jaati hain raahen
To khul ke khushi lutaao
Ye kya hai aadha-aadha

 It also tells about many bright and positive aspect of our society. Whenever I see or listen to this song my heart fills with hope and positivity.
Really if we ask our heart, it always wants to be happy. It’s the stabs of troubles and pessimism residing somewhere in our mind shrouds our heart with sadness. We all forget how many times life gives us reasons to smile. We always tend to bother about our sorrows  ignoring the small yet sweet packages of happiness presented to us, leading to the road of negativity. We should look at the brighter side of our lives and try to enhance that brightness. If we hold the hands of genuine endeavour and hope, we can reach to the glorious sunshine of success.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tea for two (And a piece of cake) Tuesdays!


This is my response to the creative prompt provided by Preeti Shenoy for ‘Tea for two (And a piece of cake) Tuesdays. She is the author of two national bestsellers. I liked her second book Life is what you make it (Read my thoughts about this book here) a lot and her third book Tea for two and a piece of cake is definitely in my reading list. She knows how to interact with her readers very well. I think this is one of the secrets of her success, of course, apart from her unique stories and smart writing style. I wish her all the best for her new book.
So, if I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be Sachin Tendulkar because…come on, who wouldn’t want to meet and talk to him? I am his huge fan since my school days. I wanted to know the minutest details of his life. So it would be an absolute delight to see and talk to him closely. Maybe I would ask him what went wrong with our Indian Team as they are performing badly in the consecutive series.
New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber because I love the way she creates beautiful love stories. I truly adore the way she conceives lovable and identifiable characters. I totally enjoy reading her books. Also because she is an inspiration for aspiring writers as being dyslexic did not deter the young mother of four from pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming published. Rejection couldn’t shake her dedication. I will ask her how she manages to weave such heartwarming stories.

Okay, Er… before you start frowning at me as how can I invite two people, then let me clear that it would be “Tea for two” only as I don’t drink tea:) (I don’t like it but I make really nice tea). So I’ll just look at them admiringly and talk to them merrily. It would be an absolute pleasure!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Parenting: Making of a good human being

Bringing up children is one of the commonest task, and seems the easiest. Everyone does that? You may think this until you are a parent. Once you become a parent you realize that it is very-very challenging. Personality of a child is usually the reflection of their upbringing. Children are considered as the future of the nation and parents play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their children.

Parenting is raising a happy, well-mannered child which includes the course of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from childhood to maturity. And good parenting is helping the children to shield against the nervousness, depression, loneliness and many types of psychological distress.

Clichéd may seem, but here are some extremely important points which must be adopted when bringing up your children.

Spending quality time with children

Your children need you, in person. No doubt, parents always love and care about their children but many of them in the present scenario, are running after money, career and social status and could not spare much time for them. 

Help your children to learn different things right from the childhood. Concern for children is not just fulfilling duties but it's about expressing love & care, paying attention, sharing and understanding their feelings & dreams and making them disciplined and strong. Spending some quality time with children certainly enriches strengthens the bond of love between parents and children. Prefer not to leave your child on nannies at very early and tender age.

Making them independent

Building confidence is the first and foremost step towards making of an independent personality. Helping them to be independent mainly involves giving your child enough freedom to explore, learn and take their own decision. It promotes the development of rational inquisitiveness, motivation to learn and desire to achieve. In this course parents need to make them feel secure. Encourage them to do their small chores by their own like bathing, dressing up, doing their homework, eating their meals and keeping the used plate in the sink. It will help them to understand their responsibilities. Just give suggestions or opinion and closely observe.

Never say "You won't be able to do this".

Speech therapy at home

Many children hesitate to speak in public. Encourage your child to make eye contact and speak. Speak confidently. Many children have the habit of asking what? Why? When? Don’t get annoyed and discourage them. They must learn in the learning period. Encourage them to participate in speech contest and elocutions at their school so that they can become confident in public speaking.

Even your kitchen can be a learning place for them!

Offer choices 

Be it choosing their own things or some special things for home; give them an opportunity to choose. It will make them feel important.

In the teenage period, encourage your child to take autonomous decisions. Especially regarding their studies and career. A child may feel suffocated when they don’t get desirable freedom to choose what they like to do. Unless they are not going in the wrong direction, (you have to a keep an eye on them) don’t force your choice. Allow Freedom to make choices for their own life. Just make sure that they are safe.

Protect them against depression 

“A 12 year-old boy hanged himself in the school toilet because he had failed some exams.”

“An 11 year old girl, who was a promising dancer and had appeared in a couple of television reality shows, also took her own life perhaps due to rejection.”

These headlines have become very common these days. Keep eyes on your children. Check their behavior. Are they trying to be recluse? Try to comprehend their mental state, their worries or their distress. Make them comfortable not scared so that they feel easy to share their feelings and problems with you. Your soft and friendly approach can prevent children from anti-social behavior, delinquency, and drug and alcohol.
Give them freedom

First of all, you and your children need to understand the real meaning of freedom.

Avoid too many restrictions as in some cases it can instigate them to revolt or they may start
hiding things from their parents.Your independent and confident child won’t get carried away by things just because other kids are doing it, as long as you instil good values in your child. Too many restrictions also tamper the self esteem of the children.

But at the same time, if you give your children too much freedom they may consider themselves a free bird and may misuse the liberty and may make wrong choices.

'I’ll-do-whatever-I-want-to-do' & 'I'm always right' attitudes are not the real meaning of freedom. So, take care of the mindset and self control of your children and keep balance between the freedom and discipline. It's important to be disciplined

Set some rules and limits. 

Be strict when necessary. Punish them if they are wrong but be reasonable. Furthermore make them understand why they are being punished. Enforcing rules, regulations and discipline should start at the early stage. Don’t wait until your children grow up. But, don't be cruel. It won't make things better. 

Don't forget to praise when they perform well.

Preventing your child from sexual abuse   

Sexual abuse of children is a more common (Than it seems), and very upsetting fact or I should say threat to our society. Teach your children about the privacy of body parts. It is very important to understand any striking change in behaviour of your child. Build a compassionate relationship with your children so that they can feel comfortable in sharing any misconduct enforced on them. Pay attention at home as in many cases sexual maltreatment or harassment happens at home.

Check the eating disorders of children 

Keep a watch on the rising obesity in the children; it is the responsibility of parents to check on the eating habits of their children. Instill the good and healthy eating habits in them. Again, right from the childhood. Avoid giving fast food, fried food and too many sweets. If you are controlling the diet of your children, it does not mean you don’t love your child. 

Make them understand the value of relationships

In the present scenario of our society, the family is shrinking. Very few people prefer joint family and try to limit themselves in the nuclear shell. In this process, children tend to forget their roots. Importance of grandparents, uncle, aunts and cousins is diminishing. Keep your children in touch with your family. Make them understand your customs. Teach them to respect their elders.

   Keeping marital harmony between at home

The Child's education is mostly from observation and imitation. Try to keep the atmosphere of your home peaceful. Disharmony and fights between parents affects the children very badly. So, avoid confrontation and arguments in front of the children. Also never imply gender or any kind of discrimination between your children.

On an ending note, being a parent is a very difficult and complex task. There’s no scope for mistakes. So be extremely careful. It’s the question of the development, morality and future of your children.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Future devises
Plans, Curiosity tiptoes
Couldn’t scan anything.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unanswered Questions

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan


Beaming face,
Happy heart
Gleeful giggles,
Contented mind
Peaceful life
Why can’t I have these assets?
She thought, worried, in sleepless night.
Life, like barren tree in murky twilight,
Laughed at her like a devil.
Tired of tireless problems
Annoyed at her tribulations
Chagrined by turbulence
She complained with aching heart …
Why me? Why me? Why me?
Eerie tranquility persists
Some questions hang unanswered

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glorious morning

The sun emerges with rosy hues
The morning appears bright and amused
Trees long to hug the sky
Birds look eager to fly
They sing their usual song
As if nothing is wrong
Spring flowers blossoms shyly
Oblivious of any melancholy
Soft breeze gives lovely vibes
The dawn beams at new lives
Mirth and melody spread all over
Nature shines with vibrant colors
Every morning discards gloominess
And pledges to share happiness
Pursue this spirit in life
Allow amity and reject strife

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Choices we make

We often find ourselves
Standing in front of
A bifurcated path
Sometimes in dilemma
Which way to go?
Faced with difficult choice
Nagging at our conscience
Struggling to make correct decisions
To have a smooth journey of life
As life is the reflection of
Choices we make.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fear of failure

We always hope to win the game of life. We always want to achieve success. We always wish to fulfill our desire but many of us hesitate to do something substantial because we are scared of failure. The one question whirls in the mind “What if I fail?” Struggling and fighting with this big question mark, some people hesitate to even make an attempt and sometimes they attack their desire brutally and stay sullenly restless.

Just think, if we try to succeed, there are two options. One, you may fail or you may succeed but if you don’t even try, there is only one option. You fail. You accept the defeat. Without even trying. Which option is better? Needless to say.

Fear of failure inhibits the success and hesitating to make an endeavour is a kind of weakness. So, don't let the fear of failure conquer the pleasure of participating. We should trust our ability and develop our confidence. Success and failure are two aspects of life. You never know what you’re going to receive. But the one thing you must know that you can make every attempt to succeed with invincible faith and unbeatable determination.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Tears are expression of sorrow (I wonder how tears can be expression of happiness also as people say “Khushi ke aansoo or tears of happiness”)
Tears. They seem a symbol of weakness. People couldn’t control their tears only when they feel weak inside and couldn’t control their emotions. But it seems really irritating to me when some people cry for trivial or every small reasons. Many people cry while watching emotional scenes in any movie or reading emotional sequence of a book. An adult know that a film or fiction is not reality and crying over a fabricated sequence is really childish, still they cry over them. Why? Because they feel extremely moved and are unable to control their emotions. Some people cry for every disappointment in their life. Because they feel weak inside and think that life is hopeless. This attitude definitely is a weakness.
But, in life, there can be some extreme critical issues and situations that can make even a strong person cry and that is absolutely normal and justified.
How you feel after crying your heart out? Light. Relaxed. Tears might be the symbol of weakness but sometimes after crying alone, without any interruption can lighten your worries and give you strength. Shedding every bit of your tears over a nuisance can make you understand that – it’s no use crying over spilt milk and finding a new way is the better option.
People often say “Don’t cry” and try to convince a person even in a very serious situation. I prefer to let them cry. If your heart is in deep sorrow, you should not stifle your emotions. It will only enhance your pain. Cry your heart out. Shed every bit of your tears leaving no room for further sadness. Tears can cleanse your eyes and your soul. It can lighten your mind so that you can see a new path ahead.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pages of life


Every page of life
Full of exciting stories
Says come fly with me

Says inhale the gist
Experience and cherish me
Learn lessons of life

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amusing naughtiness

Aisha teaches the small kids of U.Kg. Handling such small kids is really difficult task. Making noise endlessly or frequently asking “May I go to the toilet?” “May I drink water?”  Or regular complaints like “He slapped me” “She snatched my designer pencil” are enough to harass a teacher.
One day during drawing period Aniket came to her with his drawing book. Aisha was drinking water from her bottle.
“Miss, you too bring water-bottle like us?” Suddenly Aniket asked innocently looking at her water-bottle.
Aisha smiled. “Yes, I too feel thirsty sometimes.” Aisha tenderly and playfully brushed the bottle over Aniket’s chubby cheek.
“Ahh, it’s still so cool.” Aniket was surprised and all the kids were looking at them curiously. She used to take an iced bottle of water with her in summer so that water could remain chilled till afternoon. Aniket presented his right cheek expecting her to repeat the act. Aisha didn’t disappoint the child. Aniket was at the zenith of thrill and delight.
Suddenly, entire class stood there in a queue. Everyone wanted to feel the touch of the chilled bottle. Everyone wanted to experience the fondness of their teacher. ‘How come just Aniket can act playfully with the teacher?” One by one they all presented their chubby, rosy cheeks and Aisha had to repeat the act again and again. The entire class filled with clamor and those excited chuckles were not irritating for Aisha.
Children are very social. They are great imitators. Actually they grow up imitating peculiar acts and learning from them (so beware of how you act in front of them). They are naughty. They know all the tactics to appeal the attention. But sometimes their naughtiness seems amusing.