Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbow of joy!

I embellished my life
With some dreams
Nourished them with patience and hope
Tried to strengthen them
With efforts and determination
Despite all my efforts
Some of my dreams shattered
Leaving me distressed
 Someone knocked the door of my life
As I sat encircled with gloom and despair
I opened the door and felt a fresh air of bliss
A new happiness was  smiling at me
I welcomed it heartily
Embraced it merrily
Anguish vanished somewhere
Heart danced with delight
Peace calmed the disturbed mind
Again hope chimed sweetly
That life will be filled with rainbow of joy...again!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Cry

World rejoiced at her
 Arrival, battle of life
Begins with first cry

Written for: Haiku Heights
                   Poets United

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inspiration in life

I have known some people who struggled and succeeded in their careers despite deplorable financial and other difficult conditions. Many children are fortunate enough to get innumerable facilities. Some succeed using those amenities. Some just waste them. But some people do not depend on facilities for success. They are so focused, dedicated, bright and hopeful that success can’t refuse to embrace them. And these people set example in the society and can play inspiration for many struggling youngsters.

Many times we get inspired by some positive/inspiring words and thoughts. These words touch our hearts and help us to rejuvenate.

Loneliness gripped Vartika as she got married. Her husband was a busy man and usually seemed ignorant. In the course of fighting the boredom she discovered something new, hidden within. A desire to do something evolved as she recognized her writing ability. She wrote many poems, stories and articles and sent them to several magazines.

Her joy evaporated when her creations got rejected one by one. Disheartened, she started to lose zest and her interest in writing.

One day, when she was sad as she had just received a rejection letter, a ray of inspiration enlightened her. And that ray of inspiration was her husband. He patted her cheek and said “Don’t get disheartened. So what if some of your creations have got rejected? Don’t let anything discourage you. Don’t listen to anyone. Not even me, if I ever try to discourage you. Just trust your talent and never give up. Keep trying and keep writing. I’m sure one day your talent will flourish with flying colours.”

These affectionate words of inspiration touched Vartika’s heart and she started writing with refreshed energy. And her husband was right. One fine day, she saw her creations in a very prestigious magazine.
Life is full of inspirations and many times it gives you the opportunities to get inspired. You never know where you can get your inspiration from. Lots of creativity, positive attitude, inspiring words, inspiring incidents that make you more experienced, and much more…

But words of inspiration or inspiring incidents affect you when you have the courage and determination to get inspired. Above all, it’s your own experiences, positive thinking, hope, your courage to think that “Yes I can succeed”, your tendency to apply genuine effort make you a successful person.

This is my entry for Theme Thursday 

We writers can hugely get inspired by some really interesting prompt sites (Listed in the side bar of my blog), that help us to unlock our imagination and stir our thoughts. They provide us vision to think and write :)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Showers of rain

Freshness adorned the
Nature, as showers of rain
Sprinkled its blessing

Nature smiled with new
Charm, life proceeded with new
Vigor and prospect 

Written for: The Mag
Poets United
Tackle it Tuesday

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Balm of forgiveness

Balm of forgiveness
Heals an aching heart that feels
Genuinely sorry

Written for: Poetry Jam

Monday, July 2, 2012


Welcoming embrace
Of home, where true happiness
And peace resonate

Written for: Haiku Heights
                          Haiku My Heart
                          Poets United

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can love happen twice?: by Ravinder Singh

Yesterday I finished “Can love happen twice?” It is the much awaited sequel to “I too had a love story”

The story starts with a romantic chat show on Valentine’s Day. Ravin and his three friends (Real life characters of “I too had a love story”) are invited as guests to talk about Ravin’s love story (Prolonged and uninteresting event). Everyone arrives but Ravin is nowhere. His friends inform that Ravin is in mental asylum and then they start to narrate the unpublished second novel of Ravin.

After Khushi's (Ravin’s first girlfriend from the novel “I too had a love story) death, and after writing his first bestselling novel, dedicated to Khushi, Ravin moves to Belgium to cope with his mental trauma. There he meets a girl Simar, who evokes love in his heart. After reading his first book, Simar also starts to feel deeply for him. Finally they are very much in love with each other.

What went wrong in this new relationship? Why Ravin is in mental asylum? This book tells all about this.

This book is a big disappointment for me. Unnecessary detailed description makes it boring. You’ll hardly find any interesting event or dialogue that keep the readers hooked. Some insignificant incidents are too much stretched that you can easily flip some pages without reading. I did so, and unfortunately, it did not affect the flow of story.

Moreover, there is a time-span problem. The author says that “Ravin lands on the metro rail (In Delhi, after returning from Belgium) for the first time which had recently started playing in the city.” In Delhi, Metro Rail had started in 2002-2004. In this book, Ravin is already the author of bestselling novel “I too had a love story” (Which released in 2009, so I guess this story is set in 2010).