Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blessing in disguise

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Sometimes we falter on the winding path of life. We generally get frustrated when something negative happens in our lives and our heart screams ‘why me?’  Not all but certain negativity compels us to walk on a blissful and peaceful path as life extracts positivity from the negatives. You can say it ‘blessings in disguise’

A careless, sometimes rude and somewhat indiscipline school boy, ‘A’ was utterly frustrated as his father used to scold him or ask him to organize his life/studies. It of course was for the betterment of the boy but he thought his father was his biggest enemy and did not want him to enjoy his life.

One day, after a furious argument, the boy decided to leave the house and thought to make his own life. Next day, early morning, without telling anyone he left the house. He caught a train, without thinking of any destination. There he found two boys and they became friends. After landing in Mumbai, along with two boys, a horrible truth dawned at ‘A’. He had been kidnapped so easily by those two boys. Those boys were not professional criminals but they wanted to take advantage of A’s innocence.

Later, after the help of police, his father’s endeavour and by his own cleverness, the boy managed to reach his home safely. It was indeed a terrible incident of his life that no one would like to experience but after this incidence ‘A’ learned the gist of life. He realized that his father loved him dearly and whatever he said was for his betterment. He was now a decent and disciplined boy.

Similarly, when ‘S’ casually went to a health camp to have some regular tests, he was shocked to know that his sugar and cholesterol levels were pretty high. He had already gained a lot of weight lately as he never bothered to exercise and had a very irregular style of eating. He was a family man and after visiting to the doctor and getting some warnings, he instantly realized that his life is precious and he had to change his life style and eating habits in order to get the blessing of good health.

He ritually maintained a balanced life style and diet. Within two months, his reports were alright and even doctor was pleasantly surprised when she said ‘Well done! You have postponed your disease.’ Now he maintains restricted eating habits. He exercises religiously.

Initially ‘S’ and his family were of course shocked but that irregular report taught them a lesson of healthy lifestyle and now he is determined to continue this. After all health is happiness.

In order to gain momentary delights people sometimes make wrong choices, forgetting the consequences. Keeping conscience awake is a wise option. Mind it; we won’t get disguised blessings always because we don’t get many chances in life. So, learn to walk smartly and properly on the long and winding road of life.

Monday, May 28, 2012

You were my crush : by Durjoy Datta and Orvana Ghai

Recently finished ‘You were my crush’ by Durjoy Datta and Orvana Ghai. This is my second book by Durjoy Datta.

'You were my crush' is about Binoy, a wealthy careless brat. He misses her mother immensely who died of cancer a year ago. He shares an estranged relationship with his father though he uses all the amenities provided by him. He bribes his professors to get good marks as he doesn’t bother to attend college.

His life changes after he meets Diya who later becomes his best friend. He develops huge crush on Shaina, Diya’s very pretty sister, after having a look on her facebook profile. As he meets Shaina, he realizes that it’s not just a fling but he genuinely loves her. Meanwhile, his relationship with his dad grows positively. But it becomes complicated when Shaina shows interest in him but loves someone else and is ready to marry him.

How much complications he is going to face? Will he get the love of his life? You were my crush is all about that.

The story is very ordinary but I would say it is well executed (As usual, I just have problems with the abusive language he uses in his books). The end is a bit immature. Over all, I won’t consider this a ‘must read types’ but for me it was a simple and okay read.


Image prompt @ The Mag

Elegant attire
Ethnic jewelries
Golden footwear
Gorgeous accessories
Vibrant cosmetics

Palace like home
Lustrous life
Comfortable amenities

All these glamour
Appeals her strongly
But alas! She is just a housekeeper

 Her craving heart
Wants to have these for once
Just once
Her dreamy eyes
Want to decorate her withered life once
Just once
Her fluttering desire
Wants to fall in love with life for once
Just once

Her desires echo
Her dreams reflects
In the grand yet lonely house

Hope emerges
Maybe some day
A prince charming
Will hold her hands
And her life
May glitter
Just like Cinderella


This Image is a Prompt @ Saturday Centus
Wriiten for:  OSI
                             Poets United 

P.S: I truly thank Rahul Biswas from Crash and Burn for giving me 'The Versatile Blogger' Award.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frogs in the well

Frogs in the well should
Expand their vision to float
Freely in the sea

Should dream big and shed
Inhibitions, to savor
The joy of freedom

Written for:      Tackle it Tuesday (Frog)
                           Haiku Heights (Joy)
Shared @ Haiku My Heart

Monday, May 21, 2012

The aura of peace

Symphony of love
Care and harmony create
The aura of peace

Blessing of health, mind
Free of jealousy create
The aura of peace

Moon, peeping through pine
Trees, reflects serenity
The aura of peace

Pining for moments
Lost but precious, gloomy heart
Yearns to have them back

Wriiten for: Haiku Heights
                      Hyde Park Poetry
                      Haiku My Heart

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tomorrow is another day

Image prompt @ Saturday Centus

So what if darkness blanketed the path
And you lost your way
Keep your enthusiasm aflame
Wait for tomorrow
After all, tomorrow is another day

Let your hope shine
With the golden rays of dawn
Go ahead with refreshed energy
There’s always a new way
After all, tomorrow is another day

So what if smoke of despair
Clouded your destination
And compelled you to think
You won’t reach there…ever
Look at the silver ray of hope
Streaking from the smoke
And let it shower on you
If not today then you’ll reach tomorrow
After all, tomorrow is another day

Written for: Carry on Tuesday 
Shared @      Sunday Scribblings

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stubborn hope

I weaved a blissful
Dream, it shattered, shattering
My heart full of hope

Tired hope heaved a sigh
Of frustration, despair gripped
The expectation

Fire may stop blazing
Embers remain, stubborn hope
Rises like phoenix

Written for: Sensational Haiku
                      Hyde Park Poetry

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The art of story telling

As kids, we all have heard and enjoyed bedtime stories from our grandparents. Hearing stories seems a lost thing as we grow up. But I think it can be interesting at any age, if told captivatingly.

One of my aunts used to tell horror stories in such an interesting manner that it used to thrill us. Recently, when travelling in my car, just by chance I got to catch a programme called Mohabattein on 92.7Big FM (At home I generally don’t listen FM), hosted by RJ Pallavi. In this programme, she recites different love stories amidst beautiful old Hindi songs. I was surprised that how beautifully she narrated the story and how interesting it sounded.

My best friend once narrated me the story of two films, Dil Se and Gupt. She told it so convincingly that I did not find any need of watching those movies. I did watch them later and remembered every scene my friend narrated to me some years back.

Same thing applies for a novel. I have at least 8-9 unfinished novels on my bookshelf (Yes, there’s a problem. Although, I’m a voracious reader, it’s difficult for me to complete a novel that I find uninteresting). It’s not that I’ve bought them randomly. I read the blurb before buying and thought I was going to like it. But as the stories progressed (I tried them up to 60-70 pages) they failed to interest me and I put them back.

Recently, I finished two novels by Debbie Macomber (My Favorite author!) The Wyoming Brides (A compilation of two novels: Denim and Diamonds & The Wyoming Kid) and Glad Tidings (Compilation of two novels: There’s something about Christmas & Here comes trouble. So actually I’ve read four books). As usual I liked them especially Denim and Diamond and Here comes Trouble. I love the way Debbie Macomber tells her delightful stories and how beautifully she creates her characters (Especially male characters). Novels by Debbie Macomber are so delightful that they never fail to entertain me.

So, actually story telling is an art. A very simple story, if narrated beautifully, seems very interesting. And sometimes very unique story, not narrated well seems dull. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Delicate beauty

Magnolia blossom
And decorate the vistas
Delicate beauty

Sadness says goodbye
As happiness arrives with
Colours in its lap

Written for: Carry On Tuesday
                      Tackle it Tuesday

It’s possibly the last prompt by Carry on Tuesday due to decreasing number of participants. I’ll be glad if this prompt site continues and some more bloggers participate in it. I really enjoyed writing for Carry on Tuesday!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Lurching heart,
Encircled by deep emotions
Fights tears back
Lips quiver
As it force a wan smile
Eyes frightened to
Reveal the hidden feelings
They know…
A very special emotion
Burgeoned between them
They know…
Memories will haunt
They know…
Missing each other is inevitable
Stubborn enough to admit
A pain strikes hard when
The thought of never seeing each other again
It’s difficult, they know
But, no matter what
Nothing can be changed…
Feelings akin
But destination different
Heart has to understand
It’s time to separate their ways
With aching heart

It’s time to say goodbye

Written for: Carry On Tuesday (Goodbye)
Shared @ Hyde Park Poetry
Sharing with Sky Flower Friday

Carry On Tuesday says that it’s their last prompt due to decreasing participants (Maybe sometimes altering the format (single word or photograph apart from phrases or lines)  can make a difference). I’ll be happy if it continues and many more bloggers participate in Carry on Tuesday prompts. Anyway, I would like to say that it’s been a pleasure writing for Carry on Tuesday.


Saturday, May 12, 2012


Broad smile may mask the
Anguish of heart, but eyes tell
Every tale of pain

Arrogance may mask
The emotions churning in heart
Eyes reveal the love

Wriiten for: Haiku Heights


Friday, May 11, 2012


Sneaking up on the neighbor
Seeking some spicy news
Raising eyebrows
Rolling eyes
Twisted mouth
Floating gossips in the air
Gains attraction fervently
Why can’t people just live and
Let others live peacefully?
Understanding the difference
Between advising and interfering
Just sharing happiness and grief
Lending a helping hand
Standing up in need
Spreading smiles and harmony
Like true neighbors

Written for: Theme Thurday
                      Poets United

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tears, blinding the eyes
Shedding like raindrops, express
Emotional outbreak

Scorched earth soaks in the
Refreshing raindrops and basks
In joy and relief!

Written for: Tackle It Tuesday
          Poetry Jam

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Sirf hangama khada karna mera maksad nahin
Meri Koshish hai ki ye soorat badalni chahiye
Mere sine mein nahin to tere seene mein sahi
Ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye

With these uplifting lines, the much awaited television show of Aamir Khan "Satyamev Jayate" has started this Sunday on Star Plus, in 11 a.m. timeslot.  Aamir Khan has already proved many times that he puts his ultimate effort in whatever he does and whatever he does becomes special and different in its own way. I am pleasantly surprised that unlike other celebrity shows Aamir Khan is not just trying to entertain us by hansi-mazak or drama, but he is focusing on the very serious social issues in order to create awareness and bring blissful/peaceful changes in our society. "Dil pe lagegi tabhi baat banegi." Very well said!

The First episode highlighted the issue of female feoticide and disappointment on the birth of female child which happens even in our so-called intellectual society (According to the facts and figures, it’s more common in urban society than rural areas). Some victims shared their heart-wrenching experiences. Those incredible real-life stories were an emotional eruption. Pity and anger surged at the same time.

It’s not that we haven’t heard people talking about this issue. But it’s much more than we think. And maybe a celebrity voice, like Aamir Khan’s, who reflects reality, pain and positivity through his poignant and sensible films (I have seen Taare Zamee Par and Rang De Basanti many times and every time they touch my heart), can make a difference.

Initially, this show reminded me of “Zindagi Live” on IBN 7. But it is different in its own special way. This programme has much more in its kitty than just sharing painful experiences. Apart from unveiling the filthy and bitter yet truths of our society, it presented some eye-widening facts/figures with enlightened opinions. This show also highlighted the bright side of our society that brings a ray of hope. Moreover, Aamir Khan’s effort to bring some pleasant changes in our society doesn’t halt here only. There will be a programme called “Asar” on Star News, dealing with the after effect of this show.

The first episode ended with awareness and hope and a very poignant song “O ri chiraiya, nanhi si chiriya, angna mein phir aa jaa re”.  I’m really looking forward to watching this show. A very positive step towards awareness and hope through Satyamev Jayate definitely deserves our attention and appreciation.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blessing of nature

Image Prompt @ The Mag

Blessing of nature
Ebbs away the tormenting
Hours of depression

Divine landscapes touch
Hearts, infuse stillness into
The mishmash of mind

For:    Haiku Heights
           One Single Impression
            Haiku My Heart
           Poets United

Friday, May 4, 2012

What’s your Hobby?

Many people might have asked you – “What is your hobby?”  Sometimes this question seems childish, but I think hobbies hold a special place in anyone’s life. In the present scenario when life is hectic for everyone due to time consuming jobs, people get no time for such activities. But still there are many stay-at-home-people in our country like housewives and grandparents of a family.
Madhulika lives in a nuclear family. She generally gets up at 6:00 in the morning. By 9:15 her children and husband leave for their school and office respectively. Her house-helper leaves at 9:30 after finishing her work. She closes the door and exhales a sigh of relief. For every homemaker, morning is like catching a train. Now she has got some time for herself. After taking bath, she sits on the sofa with her breakfast and switches on the television. Until she finished her plate, she browsed through several channels but nothing interesting was coming on TV.
Now, a very clichéd question hit her mind “What to do?” This is a very common question for stay-at-home women. Television is indeed a great mode of entertainment but how long can anyone watch television, or sleep unnecessarily, or talk to their neighbours or friends?
Mr. Sharma is a 64 years old retired government employee. Three years back his wife passed away, and he feels lonely at home. You can’t blame anyone. Her daughter is settled in Canada with her family. Both his son and daughter-in-law work in a multinational company. His grandsons are grown up and always busy in their school, tuition, extracurricular activities and friends.  It becomes really difficult to kill the loneliness for aged people if they are single. They definitely need something for time pass.
Few days back, I met someone who told me that she doesn’t like doing anything at home. She didn’t like cleaning her home because she lived in a rented house. She didn’t like reading. She had no interest in gardening. What she was interested in? And how she managed to pass her days idly? I wondered. Doing nothing is weird. Many women have different causes and circumstances for not going out for jobs, but they must have some interests to make their life creative and interesting.
What is your hobby? This question cannot be clichéd and childish for people like Madhulika and Mr. Sharma. So, it is very important to develop hobbies or learn new things, especially if you are not doing any job.  Apart from watching television and talking to your friends, there are many interesting things in this world.  It’s up to your interest. You will never feel bored.  Staying at home is not so boring.  And if you are not interested in anything, you deserved to be bored.
I feel really good that I never feel bored because I am a voracious reader and writer. The time left after my household duties, flies in reading, writing and blogging. When people ask me what to do in my free time, I wonder, why can’t they just read. Pleasure of reading is something I relish. Power cut, unavailability of cable connection, cancellation of any program of outing, bad mood and loneliness can’t make your day lethargic if you have a good book with you. Books are real friend. You can snuggle in your comfy bed or sofa and get lost to another world of stories. There might be a prince charming or dream girl as a hero/heroin of a book, who create several funny, romantic, problematic or poignant situations which may make you laugh, savor, cry or ponder over them.
 If you have creativity in your mind you can pour it on paper or on your word document. Unlock your imagination and write. Trust me that can engage you every time and everywhere. Everywhere means everywhere. Both reading and writing can keep you busy and you won’t realize how time flew. 
 It is really joyous and satisfactory to see your creation flourish. The person who grows and spends time with plants feels utter delight when it blossoms. Gardening is also a hobby for many people. They don’t get bored spending time with plants. Watching them grow and bloom. It is so nice to see a prospered garden. A home fringed with lush greenery and vibrant flowers. You can also make your home just like that.
Have you ever seen a beautiful oil painting and thought “I wish I could paint”? You must have. It really takes a lot of hard work, imagination and concentration to create a masterpiece. For many people it is a hobby and they do it delightfully and efficiently.  Painting keeps a painter so engrossed that for them time flies in no time. No room to get bored.
Recently, my friend told me that her husband keeps himself busy in composing songs every now and then, apart from his job. So, music is also a beautiful option to keep yourself engage.
So let your creativity, curiosity and interest flow. Let them take a free flight. Think. You must have some interests in your life. First of all, keep a positive attitude towards life. Negativity blocks everything. You will recognize your hobbies and maybe your hidden talents. Life will seem interesting and that treasure inside you is never going to let you think “What to do?”

Shared @ Carry On Tuesday

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silent Promises


A deep silence is stretched in the room. Like every day, Mayank is working on the table, encumbered with laptop, files, phones, pens…. while Vaishali is engrossed in her file with many other files and laptop strewn on the bed, as if they’re alone in the room.

This is the penalty of working in multi-national company and drawing handsome salaries. After returning from their offices, they get scanty chance to talk over dinner, before switching to their respective workload of office. Morning is always hectic. Hasty breakfast, hasty goodbye kisses and racing car rides.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, darkness blankets the room, leaving them bewildered. They live in a posh area of the city and power-cut is unusual.

“What the hell is this?” Mayank mutters out of irritation.

Gradually, temperature of May starts to supersede the coolness of air-conditioned room. Fifteen minutes pass waiting for electricity. No, today it was not going to retrieve in a blink.

Putting the file on the bed, Vaishali reaches her neglected terrace with frustrated steps, not remembering after how many days. They usually don’t get chance to spend time here. Office meetings, official tours, business parties and tremendous work load. Slumber use to claim just after hitting their heads on the pillow.

The aura, bathed in bright moonlight leaves her awe-struck. Enchanting fragrance wafts up from the Plumeria tree, so close to her flat. Cool and crisp night breeze caresses her softly giving her tickles. So many potted plants are dancing in joy. Thank God her maid waters them regularly. Whisper of wind seems like Lullaby. She yearns to soak in the beauty of the night and her heart fills with delight and contentment. Tension seems to melt away. She sits on the swing and sees Mayank approaching her.

How she ignored this delight? She wonders. A smile appears on her glowing face. Mayank lovingly embraces her in his arms. Ah, this feeling! This serene anbience! In the desire of succeeding in their career and chaos of life, they have almost forgotten the joy of being together. Pleasures of family life! The bond they suppose to share. 

Vaishali looks at Mayank. A content smile is playing on his lips. He tightens the grip. No need to say anything. Eyes have exchanged many promises and silent mutual agreement. Promise of love and togetherness. Agreement of savouring this blessing of generous nature every day and filling the emptiness of their family life.

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