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A new phase of life!

Meeting over tea
She plans to know him better
A new phase of life!

Do you know about 'Umwelt'? Read my article HERE  for a contest Project100, Please comment if you like/dislike or if you have to say something about it. Well, actually comments are important for this contest :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Softness of flower

How can I explain
What I feel for you,
It’s like softness of flower

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Have you heard the word Umwelt? Read my article HERE. Please comment if you like or dislike or if you have something to say on it! I would like to know your view.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Project100: Umwelt!!

Recently, I've participated in a contest for Project100. 
The word I received as a prompt was Umwelt!!

Read my article HERE 

I'm glad I could write few words on it as initially it seemed a strange word.
Please comment on it if you like or dislike or if you have something to say on it. I would like to know your view.

Thank you!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Rose Grower: by Michelle de Kretser

Finished reading "The Rose Grower" by Michelle de Kretser. 

This beautiful is set in the years of French revolution, when Sophie and her family Her father, elder sister Claire, her kid sister Mathaldi and a dog Brutus) struggle to survive the terrors of revolution.

An American balloonist Stephen, lands in their life. Sophie nurtures a special feeling for Stephen but he instantly falls in love with Claire, who is married and has a son. A doctor Joshep, secretly loves Sophie. And Sophie cherish a dream, a passion to create a repeat-flowering crimson rose.

On a cloudless summer afternoon in 1789, labourers working in the fields around Montsignac, a village in Gascony, saw a man fall of the sky.....

The farm workers straightening up one by one, shaded their eyes against the dazzle of sun on crimson and blue silk........

Then there was thunder and fire, and a man plummeting earthwards. It was the 14th of July. The world was about to change.

Lovely imagery and a beautiful start. The writing style is beautiful and lyrical! I liked the lovely and tender touch of romance in this book.

A gust of wind brought a handful of white blossom whirling in from the orchard. A wet petal clung to the back of her (Sophie's) head. He (Joseph) thought, I could just put out my hand, very gently, and take that petal on my finger and she wouldn't know I'd touched her.

I would say it's a beautiful book, especially for the readers who like reading classics (Like Jane Austen or Bronte sisters) and historical fiction. For me, it was a nice read!

I received this book from Random House India for an honest review. Thanks Random Reads!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paying for your friends!!

I always like to read Sonal Kalra's column The calmer you in HT City. Today's column Kyonki Koi Koi Friend Kanjoos Hota hai reminded of me some incidents.

We often used to eat chaat, golguppa, bhelpuri and ice-creams at the thelas near our college gate.

"Let's have chaat/ice-cream/...?" I would say.

"No, I don't want to (Who doesn't want to have chatpata chaat, bhelpuri or ice-creams?). It's okay. You eat." The other girl with me would say. Maybe, some people doesn't want to waste money in these things or so...

How can you eat, making the other stand, just looking at you or others!!

For me, it was absolutely okay to pay for my friends (I have very limited friends;)) sometimes, in order to enjoy the brunch.

"Who is your best friend?" One day I asked one of my cousin uncles, who was just two years senior to me.

"There are three-four." He said.

Three-four best friends!! I had a concept of having just one best friend.

"Do you guys eat out?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Who pays?" I asked just like that.

"What do you mean by who pays?" He was surprised. "We pay individually."

"But what if anyone in your group doesn't want to spend money. You make them stand, just looking at you?"

"No. If any guy in our group doesn't want to spend money, we all cancel the brunch. But nobody pays for anyone."

Obviously, I was looking at him with great surprise. But now I always smile when I think of this.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Why I Write

I write to, settle the eddy of thoughts whirling in my always occupied mind
To give my ideas a definite contour
I write because I love to paint my imagination
Because I love romancing with those dancing beautiful words
Because I like to craft adorable characters and situations
I write because I want to spread the inspiration that I find from life
I write because the magnificence of nature fills me with admiration and bliss
I write when feelings starts brimming, breaking its periphery
I write because I just love my blog and want to embellish it with myriads of emotions

I write because….I simply love to write and I’m glad that I could write few words 

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I still remember that pleasant rain...

I still remember
That pleasant rain, which witnessed
Our first meeting

It was the magic of
Charismatic aura…perhaps

Charged with attraction

Every untouched drop
Represented my tender heart
That skipped a beat to see you

My eyes, like dark clouds,
Inexplicably, could not
Stand your intent gaze

Lightening dazzled
And ignited a strange spark
Between two distant souls

With flowing silky breeze,
I carried the memories with me
Which stay with me till date

It’s raining today...again
 Evoked the feeling of nostalgia
Oh, I still remember…

Written for: Sunday Scribblings
         Poets United 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Count your blessings

Harassed by the slaps of misfortunes
I decide to count my blessings for a change
Have I got a single blossom of happiness?
I'm surprised, pleasantly though
I find myself surrounded by 
Some pretty flowers of...bliss!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

When fiction meets reality!

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Can books and stories about characters and events that are not real teach us anything useful?

Well, “Five point someone”, a novel, then by a first time author, created a rage among the youth. Youngsters liked the essence of friendship in that book and it became an instant bestseller.

Scarlet O’Hara is the epitome of courage, hope and determination.

A bestselling novel “Life is what you make it” by Preeti Shenoy reflects the power of willpower and hope and how you can evolve with these virtues.

Read “Legacy” by Danielle Steel and you couldn't resist getting impressed by the bravery, strength and warmth of Wachiwi.

I think fiction and reality meet quite often and when anyone writes, he/she can't avoid taking inspiration from real life characters and incidents. We all like, no matter in fiction or reality, happy, courageous, intelligent, hopeful, overall, substantial characters not the wimpy one.

You must have read some children’s books like Amar Chitra Katha, Champak, Suman Saurabh, or even some baseless comics, they always teach good things. Browse through the children's English or Hindi text books. They are full of motivational stories. Characters are brave, sharp, honest and kind, because we want our children to learn and adopt the goodness of life and books are the best medium.

So, characters embellished with various attributes, sprinkling tidbits of niceness, attract and impress. They impel us to get drowned in their world. They make us smile, cry, feel good and LEARN.

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