Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Move on!

Move on!

Opportunities are waiting for you.
So what, if this chance
Slipped from your hand
New horizons are standing
With open arms.

Move on!

Happiness is waiting for you
So what if grief
Knocked your heart
New joy is ready
To embrace you

Move on!

Amity is waiting for you
So what, if you
Couldn’t bond with someone
New camaraderie is
Extending hands for you

Move on!

Creativity is waiting for you
So what, if you
Lost your muse for once
New vision is
Taking shape for you.

Move on!

Life is waiting for you
So what if, darkness
Is suffused all over
New dawn is
About to rise very soon.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Anger management


I know it is a very stereotyped topic, talked quite often; still, I want to point out some tricks.

Many a times, we come across several issues in our life, which instigates our anger. It could be a hard argument with someone, difference of opinion, mismanagement of home, any unfulfilled wish, any kind of failure or it could be any misconduct of your children, etc.

If you feel angry or hyper that you could have an outburst or spill some inappropriate words in counterattack (remember, anger goes away but the hard words you say in anger stay), then:

     Get away from that place immediately. It can break the discussion and prevent further attacks of words. You can talk later with a calm and composed mind. That would be fruitful. Things will seem more reasonable. You can think before you want to say something.

Drink a glass of chilled water.

Think about consequences like:
Our outburst can lead to a serious fight, causing a destroyed harmony of your   
home or relationship. Remember you’re not going to be this angry always. It’s just a momentary rage.

It is very-very hard though, but you can try...Sing your favorite song. It can divert your mind. If possible, plug in your ear phone and engage yourself in some household work to avoid further chiding.

You can avoid those situations which can make you angry or promotes argument and can disturb the peace of your home. Anger is generally unavoidable and hard to control but it is destructive.         
So try to keep yourself calm and compose to fill peace in your life. Control your anger now and you will be thankful later. 


Sunday, August 28, 2011



Celebration of hope. Hope of eradication of corruption from our country. Corruption, which is making our country weak from many years, and we are vulnerable to endure everything. But we are not. This “Fight against corruption movement” for which Anna Hazare, his team and the entire nation is raising a voice, proved it.

Finally, we people have partly attained the success in the battle against corruption. We have advanced a step forward towards the path of triumph and “Corruption free India. Today, Anna Hzaare ended his fast as the parliament passed the resolution accepting the demands of Jan Lokpal Bill.

Hats off to Anna and his team. Hats off to the Indian people. Without their support, this movement wouldn’t have succeeded like this. Indian people have really created a history by their tremendous support towards this historical movement. Their zest, maintaining the peacefulness is splendid indeed! Though, there are few people who considered it over dramatized.  Some tried to put hurdles on the way. However nothing matters now. It is the beautiful and striking example of the strength of Indian Democracy and Integrity. Role of media truly deserves an applaud for connecting us with this movement closely and thoroughly

We always heard of freedom fight and JP movement, but it is that incredible movement which we witnessed. This generation should be proud that they got the privilege to be part of it.  As Anna said, it is a partial success, it is, but let’s hope for the best. And people should be determined to change themselves and our society to support the success of this movement further. India is rising and it will be shining.

Congratulations India!!   Jai Hind.

Love is like a river

Love is like a river
Never bind it in the terms
Let it flow freely

 If the emotions are
Real and true,
Nothing matters at all
It will be all yours!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Enemies of peace

Peace is the best asset in life. Nothing is better than peace to make your life blissful. However, certain things can breakdown your peace, making your life disheveled.


Anger is the greatest enemy of peace. Controlling anger is the toughest task. It may be very difficult to control your anger at times, but once you overcome, it can sustain harmony. So try to control it. Otherwise it can lead to a fight, disharmony of your home or surroundings and eventually can tamper a good relationship. It is very likely that you may hurt your near and dear ones in the momentary rage of anger.


It is the key factor of ruining a relationship and finally peace of your life. Jealousy, though a very common and natural feeling, is a weak point of a personality. It indicates low confidence because the person who is jealous does not have trust on his potential. People keep thinking about other’s achievements and get jealous and lose their grip on their own perspective. So don’t get jealous with others and trust your ability.


A major factor to promote anger, depression and frustration. Everything in life takes its own time to accomplish. So learn to have patience, trust your ability and wait for the right time for the right thing.

Bad health:

It is the most common factor to annihilate peace from your life. It is said health is wealth and it’s completely true. You can face and tackle all the problems of your life if, at least, you are hale and hearty. Circumstances of Running to the hospitals regularly can disturb you mentally, physically and financially. So please take care of your health so that you can take care of your dear ones and fill peace in your home and life.


Positive attitude towards your life is the best way to enhance the chances of success. Negativity can fill your life with uncertainty, mental disturbance and uproar. So be optimistic and try to get rid of negativity and have peace of life. There’s always a ray of hope, you can discover in life.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The aura of dusk

The sky turned rosy
Waves of breeze is doing waltz
Dusk draped the aura

Flocks of vivid birds
Breath of freedom they inhale
Going back to their home

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For the sake of humanity

Children are real gem of life. A child fills the home with mirth and melody and makes the life blissful. A child makes his parents feel complete. Couples without children suffer with certain agony, which can’t be described. They yearn for them and feel tormented.

And the couple who lose their child by any means….

Sabina was crying, and her husband was consoling her. “How many times I have to face this. I can’t take it anymore.” She said. “I want to kill myself.” Her cries turned into hiccups.

“Please Sabina! Never say it again. Have faith on God. He will definitely bless us with the fortune to have a baby someday.” He tried to console her but his own heart was bleeding with pain.

“Have patience bhabhi, God will shower his blessings on you.” Nirmala, their maid servant said and gave Prasad to Sabina.

The couple was yearning for a child. Every time the woman conceived, it turned out to be either a miscarriage or birth of a dead baby. It was really tormenting for them. One fine day Sabina gave birth to a baby boy and the couple was overwhelmed and that was the happiest day in their life.

Four to five days passed by. Sabina and her husband were enjoying their life with their new- born baby. They named him ‘Ibaadat’ as for them; he was a gift of God.

On the other hand, on the same day when Ibaadat was born, another couple in the hospital was in great grievance as someone stole their new- born baby. The couple was spending their days in anguish and searching for their child with the help of police. Meanwhile, Nirmala the maid asked for a leave saying that her mother was seriously ill.

The victim couple had published an advertisement in papers appealing to return their child, whosoever had stolen him. They also proposed money of 5 Lakhs and promised the identity a secret.

It’s been seven days when Sabina’s husband saw that advertisement and he got worried and tried to hide that from his wife. But eventually the Woman saw that advertisement and asked her husband the truth.

“Did I give birth to Ibaadat?” Sabina asked directly looking at her husband.

“Ibaadat is our son.” The man said fumbling and avoiding eye contact.

“He of course is, and he will be, but did I give birth to him? I have seen three dead babies of my own. I can endure the truth. Please tell me.” She said. Her eyes welled up.

“This time also you gave birth to a dead baby.” His voice choked with agony. “I couldn’t muster courage to tell you the truth. Nirmala said that she had arranged a baby from an orphanage, and it will cost 2 lakhs. But it seems…” He could not say anymore.

Here, the other couple was still in agony. The hospital found that a couple whose baby was born dead took a baby with them, and that was a matter of suspicion. The tormented couple, along with the police went to the home of Sabina but they found a big lock on their door. Their neighbor refused to accept that they could do any kind of forgery. The couple lost their hope.

When they returned home, harassed with their lost hope Sabina and her husband was waiting there with the child. It was so hard for them, but they could understand their pain. They put the baby in the lap of his real mother. She was so happy to find her son, as if she had got the entire world. Sabina refused to take the offered money saying that “Hamen sharminda mat kijiye. In aath dinon mein hame jo khushiyan mili hain, hum uske sahare hi zindagi kaat lenge.” (We have got loads of happiness in these eight days. That is enough for our entire life)

Now Sabina and her husband use to come to see Ibaadat (Yes, his real parent kept the same name) every week. Nirmala was arrested from her village as she stole the child and took two lakhs from Sabina’s husband in the name of orphanage.

The parents, who lost their child, were fortunate to get their baby back. What if Sabina, out of her developed emotion, would not have decided to handover the baby to his real mother?  In many cases, the lost baby could not be traced.

 This is a real story I watched in Crime Patrol on Sony Entertainment television.

Monday, August 22, 2011

It’s time to say goodbye

Yesterday I saw a movie “Anjaana Anjaani” Starring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. (I love the song 'Tujhe Bhula Diya') After watching that movie I realized that how complicated a relationship can be. How difficult it is to know a person. How peculiar feelings can be.

It’s strange that sometimes, people can’t understand people in even long time relationships and sometimes it’s inexplicably easy to connect with someone profoundly. But unfortunately, sometimes despite all the ‘made-for-each-other’ type vibes, they are not destined to be together.

It’s time to say goodbye
It’s all over
They met in life
Just as a stranger

Their eyes met
And it connected someway
Lips showed a hint of smile
And they became friends from that day

A strong connection
That never felt before
Started to bond gradually
And emotions peeped from the core

They shared their sorrows
They both were in pain
Pain turned bliss with their amity
And they were able to laugh again.

They shared their happiness
Memories of early good times
When they enjoyed their life
Mirth resonated like chimes

They talked about their obsessions
And their hatred
How agony assailed them
And they felt like cheated

Life for them was like shipwreck
Gradually it became like a cozy nest
Their camaraderie taught them the gist of life
And they decided to give it their best

Their destination arrived, they didn’t realize
Their heart heaved a sigh
Their togetherness was about to end
And it was time to say goodbye!

(Though in the movie they met forever but I preferred to end this on a final goodbye.)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Lullaby you hum
The sweetest tune in the world
Makes me sleep peacefully

It takes all my pain
Sends me to the land of dreams
Melody echoes

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Lesson of life

Published in Aama Odisha: A quarterly published, bilingual (Odia & English) e-magazine

She was watching television. Every news channel was raging with the fight against corruption. She changed the channel and started to watch songs and tried to search some good films. But her mind was stuck to the news channels. She returned back to them. The entire nation was supporting the anti corruption campaign to make the country corruption free.

Her throat choked to see the energy of youths. Even old age people and children were participating. They were lighting candles in support.

One part of her heart wanted to go and light candles in support but how could she?

Her husband was an ordinary but honest government employee. But she was not happy. She always compared her life with high society people. Their lifestyle fascinated her immensely but her monthly income was not enough to add luxuries in their life.

“Many people are earning so much money and making their lives better. They have all the luxuries of life and fulfill all the desires of their children but we…?”

“Doesn’t matter what other people are doing. We can have our daily meals. We are educating our children. We have the peace of mind. What else do you want?” Her husband would say.

“Huh! Peace of mind. Just eating and sending our child in government school is not life. Just see around you. How people live lavishly. Madhu always displays her new jewelries to me. Neena is going for a long vacation with her family to Goa.” She said rolling her eyes. “And we are always stuffed in this small old house. I haven’t bought a single earring after marriage.” Her tone turned nagging and it became a daily business. Everyday her husband would returned to home, exhausted and she would start nagging at her high volume.

After a year her husband started to do what she wanted. Their life became plentiful gradually. Her nagging stopped. After three years she had everything in her life to show off. Her face beamed with happiness and pride. But one day her husband got arrested because of taking bribe and some scam in his department.

How could she take part in anti corruption movement when she herself is corrupt and forced her honest husband in the quagmire of corruption? 

“So what once she held the hands of dishonesty? It has made her learn the lesson of life.” Her inner voice suggested. “In the greed of gaining the luxuries in life she has made her husband lose his dignity. She lost peace. Her children felt bad in the society.” Her eyes filled with tears and heart with grief and regret. “But now she knows the gist of life. Honesty is the best asset one can have in his life. She too will extend her hand of support in this movement!” She thought resolutely.

 Written for: Thursday Tales

Friday, August 19, 2011

My world!

You honored me
With the beautiful word in the world
You’re joy of my life…My son

Tears sprout in my eyes
Heart churns with agony
To see your pain

My eyes shine with bliss
To hear your mesmerizing
Chuckle  and laughter.

Peace and emotion
Envelop me when
I hold you in my arms.

The world is pure with you
My world revolves around you
And you’re my world!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beauty of nature unveiled!

The field is dancing
With the melody of mellow breeze
The Beauty of nature unveiled.

Their hard work flourished finally
In the form of golden crop
She chuckles with delight

‘You can beat the poverty’
 Her heart assured her blissfully
 It will bring prosperity.

Mother will beam with contentment
Father won’t have to stoop
Burden of debt will be released.

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The rickshaw puller

“God! It seems that entire town has arrived for shopping.” Vidya gasped and finally came out from the crowd of the hectic market. She was walking hastily encumbered with some packets.

“You took almost four hours to buy few things.” Saurav said in fake irritating tone.

It takes time when you’re shopping for clothes.” She said nonchalantly. Saurav smiled.

They asked for many pulling rickshaw but no one was empty or ready to go to their destination. Finally they got some empty rickshaw and Saurabh approached a rickshawala who was very old. He immediately agreed to go.

“Would you able to tow us?” Vidya asked seeing at his age and health.

“Yes, yes.” He put in hurriedly. They got up on the rickshaw and it proceeded in their destination. On the way they spotted an ice cream parlour and in that hot weather Vidya immensely wanted to have that. She requested the rickshaw puller to stop aside for few minutes. He mutely stopped the rickshaw at the roadside. They went to the parlour to take ice cream and came to know that it a restaurant also. Vidya asked Saurav to get something packed for the dinner as after this hectic marketing she was in no mood to cook. They ordered paneer dosa. It took some time and Vidya was feeling guilty as outside rickshaw puller was waiting.

“Saurav, give him some money and tell him that it will take time and he can leave.” Vidya licked the melting ice cream. “He is so old. I’m feeling guilty that he is pulling such weight.”

Saurav went outside and returned after few minutes. “He says, he can wait.”

After some more minutes they came out and the rickshaw puller was waiting patiently. They continued their journey. After reaching home Saurav paid him his wage and after a quick thought he gave him some more money for making him wait.

A smile flashed on his face. “You know this is my first wage today. People often think to see my age that I am not viable to pull weight and refuse to take my rickshaw. But you know there is no one to take care of me and my wife so I have to work. If everyone would think like that, how will I manage to earn money?” Rickshaw puller said and departed from there in search of some more passengers, leaving them emotionally perplexed.

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