Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghost of fear

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The ghost of fear
Rears its head in the darkness
Light up the courage

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Power of journalism

Potential of effective writing
Not just figments of imaginations
But Emerges from
 Rational thoughts and outlook
Truth, knowledge,
Alertness and dedication
It covers all the areas
Around the globe
It Creates awareness
 In sometimes vulnerable society
Causing the breach of blind faith
Stretched across in the
Orthodox civilization
Makes us cognizant about
Some unfortunate, surprising,
Interesting or pleasant incidents
Across the world.
Suggests and endorses
Innovative ideas for
The welfare of society

It should Not be inclined
Towards rubbish like
Snakes, reincarnation, ghosts and
Pseudo existence of
So called black magic
Promoting effects of zodiac signs
Astrology, numerology and Tarot cards
Sometimes, peeping unnecessarily
Through someone’s personal life
Trespassing the private lives

Power of writing
Triggered by considerate and
Substantial thoughts
Can create revolution
Can shrink the corruption
Generated by the system
It is the power of journalism

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Be careful!

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Sky looks like fountains of colourful lights. It seems that stars have come to visit the earth. Mirth and melody are omnipresent in this pious festival. Crackers and sweets are the essence of Diwali. But be careful! Few people are trying to make our festival sour just to make their pocket full of money.  They are using artificial mawa in sweet making. In some places, rotten and contaminated sweets are also in the market, to infect our body. Read this article.

Eating sweets in festivals is unavoidable, so be careful when you choose your sweets and sweet shop. Make sure that they only add sweetness to your celebration. Make sure that these kinds of adulteration in the Festival of light and bliss may not darken or sadden the festivity and health. After all Health is happiness.

“Don’t burst crackers as they create air and noise pollution” is a clichéd statement. At least children won’t listen to this preaching. So be careful and be there with your children while they burst crackers. Tell them about the safety.

Enjoy your festival! Wish you all a very safe, prosperous and happy Diwali:)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Solitude is a friend!

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Sitting alone
Listening to the silence
Silky breeze
Whispers something
Golden sunrays
Reflect warmth
Colors of nature
Paint my heart with bliss
Dancing butterflies bring
Smiles on my lips
Gleaming dews
On delicate flowers
Give freshness to my eyes
Fluttering streams of river
Say goodbyes
Vibrant birds limber up
To fly in limitless horizon
Wide azure sky
Instills a sense of freedom
This serene aura says
I’m not alone
It seems as if
Solitude is a friend!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011


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Chasing ardently
Follows wherever I go
That is my shadow

Seldom leaves me alone
It’s with me like an angel
Helpless in darkness

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Teenage suicide

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An MBA final student of an institute of management studies, jumped off a third floor window because she was allegedly caught cheating in an examination. What she achieved from this dreadful step? Multiple fractures in her face and body. If she had the nerves of cheating in the examination, then why she could not face the consequences? After all, even she must have known that she was doing wrong. In past few decades we have heard of many teenage suicide or suicidal attempts.

Suicide is the intentional and premeditated killing of oneself. Most noticeably, adolescents and young adults are more prone to self homicide. In fact, suicide is the most rapidly growing cause of death among youth between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four.

Why teenagers assimilate this concept? This is an extremely difficult question to answer. The growth of suicide among students can be for various reasons.

I. Depression

I was startled to know that a girl, aged 18-19 was suffering from depression. What could be the reason? The main reason could be the new environment of College and incapability to adapt that. Initially, college life can be a complicated transition period in which students may feel astray, stressed, forlorn, perplexed and nervous. And these problems may lead to depression, and an untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide.Death could be chosen when suffering becomes unbearable. When future seem bleak. Most of the teen suicidal attempts are consequences of improper dealing with depression.

Sadness, Negative approach towards life, Statements and jokes about death and suicide, Loss of interest in fun and recreation, not responding to praise, Social withdrawal and staying aloof most of the time, Insomnia and sleep disorders, Bad temper and Irritability etc. are some symptoms of depression.

II. Disharmony in the family:

Marital disharmony between parents, inferiority complex due to Sibling rivalry, etc. can lead to frustration. Sometimes, poverty and hardship can make a teenage disheartened. Perhaps, they get impressed by the aristocracy of their friends and thus a feeling of “Why can’t I have those luxuries in my life” brews. 
Few decades back, the joint family system ruled utmost in the Indian society and a child upset about anything, usually came back home to sympathetic grandparents, uncles, and cousins who were always willing to lend a hand of support. But now, in nuclear family parents are running after money, comfort & social status and don’t have much time to understand the psychology and internal distress of their children.

III. Poor academic performance, Fear and pressure:

 Many cases are recorded where teenagers commit or attempt suicide due to their poor academic performance. Now days every student is vying vastly to compete in various fields and in the present scenario, there is no scope for the diffident scholars.

A student really gets depressed when he is not able to secure good marks in the examination. Along with the feeling of shame, he has to bear in front of his classmates and teachers; there is a constant pressure from his family to perform well. They loose their self confidence and reliance on their family and society. When this pressure becomes unbearable to a student, last way out for him is suicide. Social structure has to be molded.

IV. Unhealthy or abusive relationship and break-up:

This too is one of the most common causes for teenage suicide. Personality of a teenage is very fragile, and they could easily get affected by an emotional setback. Teenagers have to understand that betrayal in a relationship and break-up is not the end of life. Something special might be waiting for them ahead.

Parents Take:

Parents should make sure they give their child, depressed or not, plenty of attention. Taking care is not only fulfilling their duty. It’s about spending time with them. Understanding and sharing their feelings and dreams. Finding out what’s going in their hearts. Sharing their ramblings. Making them disciplined and strong. They should make their child comfortable so that their children feel free to share their problems with them. They should notice the activities of their children.

Don’t forget to embrace and express your emotions and feelings
Nurture your bond with occasional picnics and family trips        

Make your child understand the gist of life and help them to be capable of facing   and tackling the problems of life.

         Observe the behaviour of your child because suicide is not an instant decision. Usually it is premeditated and expressed in some way or other. Something must
          be killing them inside.

          If you think your child is depressed, visit a psychiatrist or counselor immediately.

Most teen suicides can be prevented by effective communication and psychotherapy. Parents need to look out for the warning signs and differentiate them from the normal teen anxiety.
Life is precious. Committing suicide cannot be the solution to any problem in life. It is the sign of cowardice. There is a solution to every problem. So, one must find out and face the problems courageously.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Revolution 2020: By Chetan Bhagat

People were waiting for this novel so desperately that it has become the fastest selling book and already sold five lakh prints on the day of its release.

This story is about three friends Gopal (It seems that Mr. Bhagat is a great fan and follower of Lord Krishna as the names of his characters are always Hari, Shyam, Govind, Gopal, Raghav:)), Raghav and Aarti. They all have different ambitions and aspirations in their life.

Gopal, the narrator, belongs to a poor family, tries his hands in engineering (Chetan Bhagat’s patent topic) but fails and eventually becomes frustrated. He wants to become rich and in order to get money and success get himself involved in the quagmire of corruption generated by the system.

Raghav despite his success in IIT-JEE, he wants to bring revolution in the country, determined to fight against corruption and joins journalism to pursue his dream.

Aarti, a carefree girl (best friend of Gopal and love interest of Raghav) seemed a bit confused to me and keeps oscillating between Raghav and Gopal.

In the beginning I found it a bit humorous but unlike CB’s other novels, this one is serious. No need to say that writing style is crisp and the pace of the novel is good. But unlike “2 States” sometimes, I found myself flipping few pages without reading especially unnecessarily detailed description and dialogues of politics and corruption segment of this novel.

Over all for me it was a nice one time read but nothing exceptional as expected from Chetan Bhagat (Especially after reading 2 States anyone can feel so)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Breach of promise

Breach of promise
Hurts the
Innocent feelings
Agony brews
Inside a tentative heart
Wiping off
All the memories
Is not easy
The embers of emotion
Are still alight.

Fear of failure Causes
Breach of confidence
Misery creeps
Inside a tentative mind
Accepting defeat
Is dreadful
Ultimate effort
Is the only hope
The embers of trust
Are still alight.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

What’s your complexion?

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Shyamli is masters in mathematics and takes tuition up to graduation level. She is a great cook and a very good natured 29 years old girl. Despite all these qualities, her parents are worried about her marriage. The reason is simple. She has a dusky complexion.

She has been rejected several times because of the colour of her skin. All her attributes have shrouded behind the desire to get a fair complexioned woman.

Sometimes, she had been displayed in front of few prospective alliance and “so called judge” of her beauty. Some of them even asked for a vast dowry to compensate her complexion. Disgusting! It's perfectly okay if the boy is ugly. His wife has to be an angel. 

There are so many families, where in-laws prefer and give more importance to a better-looking, fair-skinned bahu. I’ve known some families who rejected some qualified girls to get a fair complexioned bahu.

Unfortunately, in our country, there are lots of Shyamlis. Some part of our society needs to change its perception.

You might have seen so many fairness cream advertisements in which they display that no matter what quality a girl has, but she has to be fair to get confidence and success. In an advertisement, a girl sings like a cuckoo, but she has no confidence of singing because she is not fair. I don’t understand what fairness or beauty has to do with your singing ability. Beauty of a singer is her/his voice. Beauty of a writer is her/his words. Beauty of an artist is her/his art. An amazing talent is a beauty itself. I think confidence comes with knowledge, efficiency, talent and skill.

One has to recognize and work hard to chisel the hidden talents. Confidence and success are inevitable. Mannerism, pleasant nature, style of conversation and talent are actual beauty no matter which complexion anyone owns.

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Friday, October 14, 2011


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Pangs of Hunger assailed
 “Leaving his home
 Was not a good decision”
He thought.
Vision of kicks of his cruel father
Appeared as a dragon
Assault of belt on his back
Eyes shimmered in agony
Shrugging off the dreadful memories
He roamed in the hunt for food
In the inky blackness of night
“Anything would do” he thought.
A Shimmering house
Beaming with pleasure
Resonating with
Ecstatic voices of elation
Aroma of delicacies wafted
Hit his nostrils
Stomach started churning
He tried to enter
Got a shot of abuses
“How ruthless” he thought
Eyes landed on the leftovers
Strewn carelessly
Feast-day for dogs
He drooled
Unable to control hunger
He headed towards it.


Smart observations
Intelligent perceptions
Graceful attitude
Novel thoughts
Articulated beliefs
Temperament composed
Urbane manners
Resolute will-power
Ethics unwavering

Written for: Acrostic Only

Thursday, October 13, 2011

That thing called…Love

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Pieces of heart
Shreds of emotion
Strewn like broken shards
No courage left to collect
Bitterness replaced the admiration
Memory still follows
Up-ended the calm life
That thing called…

For: 3WW

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When life’s gonna smile again

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Happiness rarely
Smiles warmly, flickering hope
Keeps blinking always

Eavesdrops behind the scene
Ready to emerge

Failure winks wickedly
Hard to comprehend, When life’s
Gonna smile again

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Listen to me

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Call me, whenever you need.
Ask me, whatever you want.
I reside in you.
I lead you to the truthful path,
Helping you,
To make the right decisions.
I teach you the ethics.
I preach you,
The spirit of life.
I give you courage.
I fill you with strength,
To face the challenges.
I light,
Your inner beauty.
There are so many distractions.
Listening to me seems,
Obtuse sometimes.
 Not materialistic.
But that’s honesty not folly.
Listening to me,
Would give you peacefulness.
You adore me, don’t you?
Just trust me, won’t you?
You’ll find so many options.
But I’m the right choice.
Listen to me,
I’m your inner voice.

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